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      snack 是什么意思

      音标:[ snæk ]  

      过去式:snacked   过去分词:snacked   名词复数:snacks   现在分词:snacking   


      go snacks 〔口语〕均分,分派,摊分。 Snacks! 平均分呀!

      a light informal meal
      同义词:bite, collation,

      eat a snack; eat lightly; "She never loses weight because she snacks between meals"

      A snack is a small portion of food eaten between meals. The food might be snack food?items like potato chips or baby carrots?but could also simply be a smaller amount of any food item.


      We only had a little snack at lunchtime .

      I am not very hungry -- a small snack is fine for me .

      Snack bar is the place where fast-food service is available .

      He is just fixing a snack .

      We were in a hurry so we had to make do with a quick snack .

      Mr. ley often used to come and have a snack with my father .

      No , i am going to the snack bar to get a doughnut and some milk .

      We built a big snack bar, and a recreation area behind the shop .

      Waiters and waitresses work in restaurants, hotels, cafe and snack bars .

      I'm going to get a few crackers or cookies first billy likes a little snack when he gets home from school .