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      aplace an upper limit on R2,and R must be large enough compared with the signal source resistance for the latter to be ignored. 安置一个上限在R2,并且R一定是足够大比较信号来源抵抗为了能将被忽略的后者。 [translate] 
      aI want to say goodbye to the single I want to say goodbye to the single [translate] 
      a我惊讶的收到一封笔友3年前寄给我的信。 I surprised receive pen pal for 3 years ago to send for mine letter. [translate] 
      athe UN study also blames for its descrption of certain drug incidents which encourages rather than prevents drag abuse 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a昨天那里 Yesterday there [translate] 
      aWhen You are Gone ? " i don't know,i just want to try.Because you are different with understand what i need.I'm not young,i want to marry after 4~5years.So,i need money,Social reality is too 您何时去? “我不知道,我想要尝试。由于您是不同的与me.you了解什么我需要。我不是年轻的,我想要在4~5years以后结婚。如此,我需要金钱,社会现实也是 [translate] 
      a脚手架搭设基本要求 The scaffold puts up the basic request [translate] 
      aThe student organizations seem to be effective in 学生组织似乎是有效的 [translate] 
      ateice a week 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a对不起,你的八达通余额不足 Sorry, you eight reach pass the remaining sum to be insufficient [translate] 
      aoffering you without engagement the following. 提供您,不用订婚以下。 [translate] 
      aDestroy the remaining enemies and victory will be yours! 毁坏剩余的敌人,并且胜利将是你的! [translate] 
      a看到大象一家过着幸福的生活,它也渴望有自己的小孩 Saw an elephant happy life, it had also been longing for has own child [translate] 
      awe sales of dress,daily electrical and 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      asee you;honey 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a长城是有史以来唯一在太空中可看到的三度空见建筑物。 The Great Wall is only may see throughout history in the outer space three degrees see the building spatially. [translate] 
      apick up the diary for me 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      adirector of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,in Dubna ,Russia,led the international team that created the new element. 核反应Flerov实验室的主任在联合学院为核研究,对Dubna,俄国,带领了创造新的元素的国际队。 [translate] 
      a保持种群体的多样性 Maintenance population body multiplicity [translate] 
      a你不说话我走了哦 You did not speak I to walk oh [translate] 
      aThese containers must be marked according to the international transport law 必须根据国际运输法律标记这些容器 [translate] 
      acarrots beets celery apples lemons 红萝卜甜菜 芹菜 苹果 柠檬 [translate] 
      athere is a lot of to do to look after our environment 有很多做照看我们的环境 [translate] 
      aPlease use English to talk to me! 请使用英语与我谈话! [translate] 
      aI think that you are in my life seen so many different people and I think that you are very well versed in humans. 我认为您到在看的我的生活之内许多另外人和我认为您很好是熟练的在人。 [translate] 
      asuch as poorer 例如贫寒 [translate] 
      aWe're giving away one fully loaded iPad 2, with all the bells and whistles Apple offers, including: 我们给一充分地被装载的iPad 2,当所有有吸引力的附加功能苹果计算机公司提议,包括: [translate] 
      a姚明作为一名杰出的篮球运动员而出名的。 Yao Ming took an outstanding basketball athlete becomes famous. [translate] 
      a环境污染已经成为当今世界上最大的问题。水是生命之源,但如今水资源污染严重。饮用水也因此在减少。我觉得我们应该保护和在利用水。对此我希望政府能积极采取行动保护水资源。但更重要的是我们要从身边做起珍惜每一滴水。 The environmental pollution already becomes now in the world the most major problem.The water is a origin of life, but the present water resources pollution is serious.Therefore the tap water is also reducing.I thought we should protect and in the use water.Regarding this I hoped the government can [translate] 
      aAccelerated degree 加速的程度 [translate] 
      a他正在修理的那辆汽车很漂亮 His under repair that automobile is being very attractive [translate] 
      aI won't be able to make both day of the conference I won't be able to make both day of the conference [translate] 
      a我将会在这周周末加你的QQ 我的网名是Gina Green I will be able to add your QQ in this week weekend my net name will be Gina Green [translate] 
      aus on a tour of the biggest museum in the world 我们在最大的博物馆的游览中在世界上 [translate] 
      a父母不让他们做家务 The parents do not let them do the housework [translate] 
      aI‘m your English teacher I `m您的英语老师 [translate] 
      aEnlivening Grace 有精神雍容 [translate] 
      a生成物 Resultant [translate] 
      a500LIQUID SOFTGELS 500LIQUID SOFTGELS [translate] 
      a【关键词】 无偿献血 不合格率 献血招募 低危人群 [translate] 
      aill follow back 不适跟随 [translate] 
      a你可以选择各种各样的夹子 You may choose various clip [translate] 
      a高强度训练 High strength training [translate] 
      a它能锻炼一个人的意志力 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a2-Describe the nonconformance 2描述不服从 [translate] 
      acomic mask 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a人那,修行得靠自己,光靠别人那是瞎说。 Human that, leads a pious life depends on oneself, the light depends on others that is talks nonsense. [translate] 
      aupon users is not perceived as ‘fair’ as poor motorists pay the same toll as richer [translate] 
      a请输入您需要翻译的文本!减少消耗 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      asome other policy aimed at returning part of the revenues to lower income motor- [translate] 
      ato what 对什么 [translate] 
      a(specially in Singapore, where high ownership taxes are in place). By paying [translate] 
      a随着社会的发展,越开越多的野生动物濒临灭绝,我知道我们必须为了拯救它们马上行动。 Along with society's development, more opens more wild animals to border on exterminates, I know us to have in order to save them to move immediately. [translate] 
      atransport, which predominantly benefits those on lower incomes. [translate] 
      a我敢说你从没见过如此豪华的宾馆,它里面有很多现代化的设备 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      astool sample 粪便抽样 [translate]