orthopaedic surgery


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      aAarlan Aarlan [translate] 
      a一本好字典应定期增补新内容 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a2004年雅典奥运会中国运动健儿更上一层楼,获得32枚金牌,超越俄罗斯名列金牌榜次席,直逼美国。刘翔实现了中国男子短跑运动员在奥运会上金牌零的突破,以12秒91平世界记录的成绩获得男子110米栏冠军,举世震惊,举国欢腾,刘翔在一年之后的洛桑大奖赛上一飞冲天以12秒88的成绩刷新世界纪录。 In 2004 on Athens Olympic Games China movement young hero a yet higher goal, obtains 32 gold medals, surmounted the Russian being placed gold bulletin board inferior mat, presses up to US.Liu flew in circles has realized the Chinese man sprinter at the Olympic Games the gold medal zero breakthrough, [translate] 
      a你们应该知道我是一个温州人 you should be aware that I am a Wenzhou; [translate] 
      aexistential 存在主义 [translate] 
      aavoid a 避免 [translate] 
      a在平等互利的基础上 In equality and mutual benefit foundation [translate] 
      aactually my english is so poor i just know sth easy 实际上我的英国是,因此我知道sth容易的贫寒 [translate] 
      aLIGHT CURTAIN. 30 mm Résolution, Range 0.3 to 18 M . 24 Vcc. withe connector M12 Hight = 1.120 m 轻的帷幕。 30毫米Résolution,排列0.3到18 M。 24 Vcc。 用连接器M12 Hight = 1.120 m [translate] 
      aThis girl she didn't send me photos for I ordered scaves. [translate] 
      aI was bron in 1992. 1992年I来源,是。 [translate] 
      a万泉河路68号紫金大厦2楼 Wanquan River road 68 purple gold building 2 buildings [translate] 
      a为了帮助贫困学生上学 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a以居住地附近的地形、地貌为姓 Take the inhabited area nearby terrain, the landform as surnames [translate] 
      a每个科目的满分为100分 Each subject perfect score is 100 minutes [translate] 
      a本文通过对中小企业的广告策划进行分析 This article through carries on the analysis to the small and medium-sized enterprise advertisement plan [translate] 
      aI wish I could find someone who would feel my paineven though I'm saying OK with a smile. 我祝愿我可能找到感到的人我paineven我虽则说好以微笑。 [translate] 
      afor its ease of preparation and highly effective sulphur removal, 为准备和高度有效的硫磺撤除它的舒适, [translate] 
      aLIQUIDATED DAMAGES [translate] 
      a只有当人们相互宽容才会社会和谐 Only then works as the people tolerant only then corporation can be harmonious mutually [translate] 
      a她是幸福的 She is happy [translate] 
      aI'll take care of you [translate] 
      aAnd the parties over' just don't forget me [translate] 
      aOne time' been in love one time [translate] 
      aYou hate the fact that you bought the dream [translate] 
      a不符合项 Does not conform to the item [translate] 
      aturn a blind eye to 转动一只盲人眼睛 [translate] 
      a真的爱你 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      aorthopaedic surgery 矫形手术 [translate]