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      aembrassed embrassed [translate] 
      a 2008年10月22日,沃尔玛全球可持续发展高峰会议在北京召开,会议邀请了超过900名的官员和供应商代表,探讨全球变暖条件下的节能减排、减少包装的环保新举措。  On October 22, 2008, the Wal-Mart whole world sustainable development peak conference convenes in Beijing, the conference invited to surpass 900 officials and supplier representatives, discussed the whole world to change under the warm condition the energy conservation to reduce the platoon, the re [translate] 
      aclinical affairs 临床事理 [translate] 
      a将来会呦 较少的汽车和污染 Future will meet yo the few automobiles and the pollution [translate] 
      a手摇应急灯 Hand operated emergency light [translate] 
      aYour login credentials for uploading your paper for the conference «ICMEA 2012» are : 您的注册证件为上装您的纸为会议“ICMEA 2012年”是: [translate] 
      a请确认这个新的电路还有没有问题. Please confirm this new electric circuit also does have the question. [translate] 
      aextension date 引伸日期 [translate] 
      athere is no possibility that bob can the first prize in the match . 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a下辈子再还 Next gerneration again also [translate] 
      a加强和扩充现有网络 Enhancement and expansion existing network [translate] 
      a前空翻 Forward somersault in the air [translate] 
      a近年来,低碳经济逐渐成为今后世界经济发展的主流 In recent years, the low-carbon economy gradually will become the next world economics development the mainstream [translate] 
      aSome issues is self---provoking 有些问题是自已---挑衅 [translate] 
      a妳流了好多汗 妳 has flowed many perspirations [translate] 
      awhy not go for a walk 为什么不去散步 [translate] 
      aruling lizard 支配的蜥蜴 [translate] 
      a由于工作量的增加导致加班 Because the work load increase causes working overtime [translate] 
      a因为我们酒店今天已经客满了 Because our hotel today already sold out [translate] 
      a所有的辩解都已经结束 All arguments all already ended [translate] 
      adebt- laden 债务装载 [translate] 
      aほっとけない過去、私だけの場所で 解除了那里过去是没有(ke),在我的地方 [translate] 
      asuffering from exposure to debt- laden Greece 遭受从暴露到债务装载希腊 [translate] 
      a만성 기관지염이나 폐기종 또는 慢性支气管炎或气肿或者 [translate] 
      aO yeah, you were supposed to explain to me Chinese tradition. O呀,您应该解释对我中国传统。 [translate] 
      aRuth Handler 露丝经理 [translate] 
      aare you intereted? 您intereted ? [translate] 
      anetwork connection is failed and User ID initialization failed Reitart this app 网络连接是不合格和用户ID初始化出故障的Reitart这app [translate] 
      aVendor Name: 供营商名字: [translate]