iPinYou's Data Driven Marketing Solutions


      Core Competencies

  •       Intelligent Optimization

          Automatically monitors and optimizes campaigns strategies and details with transparency to enhance campaign performance

  •       Cross-Screen & Cross-Channel Delivery

          Consolidates domestic and overseas premium media resources to enable cross-media, cross-device, and cross-platform advertising solutions

  •       Data Cloud

          Integrates with cloud storage, cloud data analysis, data mining tools, sales lead management tools, business collaboration tools etc

  •       Integrated DMP

          Integrates reputable 3rd party data and iPinYou's enormous user data accumulated in ten years, to create a customized DMP for brand

  •       Unique Advantages

          Intelligent bidding algorithms that makes 400,000 bid per second. The first to build a Hadoop cloud computing platform. Proprietary audience profiling technology: DAAT

  •       API Integration

          Standard API interface to allow real-time campaign data feedback

  •       Anti-Fraud System

          Based on 10 years of campaign data and exclusive mobile data, iPinYou has developed and implemented robust pre-bid anti-fraud algorithms for campaign operations in Optimus Prime. Third-party verification companies such as IAS, Grapeshot are integrated with Optimus Prime to ensure brand safety, viewability, and content relevance

      Our Solutions

  •       PC

          ● Media Coverage: 200,000+ websites in China including Sina.com, QQ.com, Sohu.com

          ● Traffic: Over 12 billion daily impressions

          ● Audience Data: Over 6,000 audience labels in iPinYou's profiling technology (DAAT)

  •       Mobile

          ● Media Coverage: 500,000+ premium mobile apps in China that cover 90% of China mobile users

          ● Traffic: Over 8 billion daily impressions

          ● Audience Data: Mobile audience labels from major Chinese mabile carriers utilized to cover mobile audience on an extensive scale

          ● Targeting Strategy: Location based services, geo-fencing technology enables advertisers to target mobile users in or frequently visiting specific geographic locations

  •       Social

          ● Reach 680 million Chinese consumers via premium social media platforms including WeChat, Weibo, QQ, etc

          ● WeChat (Banner ads): Engage consumers via image and video ads on articles that are published by WeChat's 12 million official accounts

          ● WeChat (Moment ads): Offer native advertisements that resemble original content friends post in their social feed to reach nearly a billion high quality users

          ● Weibo: Run ads in the public community where users are able to see friends' posts.

          ● QQ: Leverage the fan base of QQ to provide relevant ad content to target audiences based on demographic and personal interest labels.

  •       Video

          ● Media Coverage: Integrated with 10 of the top video ad exchange platforms covering premium video sites such as Youku, Tudou, iQiyi, Sohu, Tencent etc.

          ● Traffic: Over 5 billion daily impressions

          ● Buying Model Support: Provide omnichannel media buying through both open exchanges and private deals


  •       Machine Learning

          Supervised or unsupervised machine learning enables analytical functions of classification and clustering

  •       Natural Language Processing

          Analyze and process natural language to enhance human-computer interaction, and derive meaning from online content

  •       Graph & Image Analysis

          Analyze and process and images; understand graph elements, including facial recognition and graph creation

  •       Audience Profiling

          Use machine learning to conduct in-depth analysis on audience behavioral data, and generate accurate profiles for each consumer

      Research Findings & Achievements

      Optimus Prime

      An AI marketing platform built on big data with powerful features including anti-fraud, recommendation, conversion, estimation, and CTR estimation; Optimus Prime provides comprehensive and multi-dimensional marketing strategies

      Automated Massive Experimental Algorithm Platform

      Automatically design strategies and collect data through multi-variable experiments; automatically optimize the evolution paths of the experiments and seek the best marketing strategy among thousands of solutions with the output of rich insights

      China Digital Advertising Audience Taxonomy (DAAT)

      One of the earliest and largest audience labeling systems in China, with over 6,000 audience labels

      Our clients


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