n. 嫌疑犯

      adj. 令人怀疑的,不可信的

      v. 怀疑,猜想





  •       Isuspectthat the West cannot accept the concept of Asian values because the latter could pose a challenge to Western intellectual hegemony.


  •       Some reported to the police that thesuspectoften haunted about the grand hotel at the foot of the western hill with a four-eyed girl.


  •       Tosuspecta person guilty of plundering.


  •       They maintain that the population base used to give frequency statistics must be drawn from thesuspect's particular gene pool.


  •       What made yoususpecther of having taken the money?


  •       Thesuspectcracked under questioning.


  •       Scientistssuspectthat this slow rate explains why eruptions occur infrequently in the area.


  •       The car has asuspecttyre,eg one that is damaged and therefore dangerous.


  •       Thesuspectis marched to the police station for interrogation.


  •       Thesuspect--charged with the murders and "ethnic intimidation"(Pennsylvania's term for "hate crime" )--is black.


  •       The policesuspecther of murder.


  •       Held thesuspectfor questioning.


  •       Preliminary examination of asuspectof crime.


  •       The detective followed thesuspectfor three days.


  •       A few confusing questions tripped up thesuspect.


  •       The ordeal of Being an innocent murdersuspect.


  •       I stronglysuspectthat they're trying to get rid of me.


  •       If thesuspectdoesn't confess soon we may have to turn on the heat.


  •       Isuspectthe paper to be a counterfeit.


  •       Can you point (me) out the man yoususpect?


  •       Thesuspectwas subjected to cross-examination at the police station.


  •       Wesuspectthe paper to be a counterfeit.


  •       Advised thesuspectto level with the authorities.


  •       Isuspecta hoax is intended, but the instigators of it little knew whom they had to deal with. '.


  •       The police couldn't prove thesuspect's guilt.


  •       Police bird - dogged thesuspect's movements.


  •       Wesuspecthim of a typically transcendental determination to eat his cake and have it too.


  •       Isuspectsome imprudence of Mr. Franklin's on the Continent.


  •       Thesuspectwas tagged for arson.


  •       Perhaps it has becomesuspectbecause of the tales of over-the-top generosity sometimes told in gossip about the very rich.