“The soup is ready,”sai...

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a大困难。基于此, 菜名的翻译要跨越中西方语言和文化上的双 [translate] 
adrive away rumors 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a仓管员 Warehouse tube [translate] 
a爸爸足球坏了 Soccer папаа был плох [translate] 
a期盼和你在一起 Hope and you in same place [translate] 
a可能比微观经济的分散风险的优势更加重要。 Is possibly more important than the microscopic economical dispersible risk superiority. [translate] 
aroyal jelly 王浆 [translate] 
a终于结束了 Finally finished [translate] 
aaccording to the contingency allocation theory prescribed by most [translate] 
a样衣怎么安排吗 How does the type clothes arrange [translate] 
aThat I'm blinded by your light [translate] 
a2. Reader of the note: Mr Green, General Manager 2. 笔记的读者: 格林先生,总经理 [translate] 
a在地下商场 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a妳一转身,我都在 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aTony Bonano leans closer to the listless blonde superhero bolted to the floor beside him and pulls the connector out of the Pussy Fucker. As he does this, he keeps his thumb pressed tightly against the loose end of the hose. With his free hand, he un-straps the deadly appliance strapped around the dazed blonde teenager 托尼Bonano倾斜离无精打采的白肤金发的超级英雄较近被闩上对地板在他旁边并且从猫笨蛋里面拉连接器。 因为他做此,他保持他的拇指紧紧被按反对水喉的零星问题。 与他的%E [translate] 
awhere was the young officer 那里 是年轻人 官员 [translate] 
a欢迎发表观点或输入您需要翻译的文本!It can be a perfect mirror in certain lights, and the larger the glass, the more dangerous it is. Welcome text which expresses the viewpoint or inputs you to need to translate! It can be a perfect mirror in certain lights, and the larger the glass, the more dangerous it is. [translate] 
a还有美国最著名的迪斯尼乐园 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a动物应该每天喂食两次。 The animal should the daily oral administration two times.
a不,你我的爱情现在才开始 No, your my love only then starts now [translate] 
a他们没有赶上七点的火车,因为他们他们错过了第一班公共汽车 They have not caught up with seven trains, because their they have missed the first class of bus [translate] 
aGrasps in life each minute to pursue in the heart with all one's strength the dream 在生活中掌握追求在心脏以所有一.的力量梦想的毎分钟 [translate] 
a不幸的是 Unfortunately [translate] 
aappeared. Spontaneous formation of vesicles was observed in [translate] 
aWonder Woman leaned forward, trying to avoid being overheard by the cameras. "I need to go to the bathroom. It'll be just a minute and I'll be ready." 好奇女子向前倾身,设法避免是由照相机偷听了。 “我需要去卫生间。 它将是一分钟,并且我准备好。“ [translate] 
a在住三天 Is staying three days [translate] 
aaltough i am not an athlete anymore,i still miss my time in the national team 虽然我不再是运动员,我在国家队仍然错过我的时间 [translate] 
a“Some cabbage would be a proper choice for a good stone soup! ”said the third soldier. Another woman said,“I think I can probably find some cabbage,”and off she ran. “一些圆白菜是一个适当的选择为好石汤! ”第三位战士说。 另一名妇女说, “我认为我可以大概发现一些圆白菜”,并且她跑了。 [translate] 
a“The soup is ready,”said the cooks,“and all will taste it,but first we need to set the tables.”Some of the villagers said,“Such a great soup would be better like some bread and cakes,”so they brought the last two things and the meal was enjoyed by all. Never had there been such a special meal. Never had the villagers h [translate]