I have no idea


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      我有 没有想法







      aAre you working? 您工作? [translate] 
      a蒂姆 是八岁吗? Timm is eight years old? [translate] 
      a35%的学生赞同 35% student approval [translate] 
      a.间二甲苯的生产现状及市场预测[J].当代石油石化,2009,01(15):28~32. . The m-xylol production present situation and the market forecast (J). present age petroleum petrifies, 2009,01(15):28~32. [translate] 
      aFigure 9 Converged control signals. 图9一致控制信号。 [translate] 
      aThe aggregation effect can reduce forecasting error. This effect is attributed to the fact that uncorrelated part of the error reduced the error of the forecasted aggregate power. 族聚作用可能减少预测错误。 这个作用归因于事实错误的未关联的部分减少了展望的聚集力量的错误。 [translate] 
      aPlease make both the top banner and the photo 请做顶面横幅和相片 [translate] 
      atouchpalv5 touchpalv5 [translate] 
      a到武汉旅游以春秋两季为宜 To Wuhan traveling by Spring and Autumn Period two Ji Weiyi [translate] 
      ai will inform the customer 我将通知顾客 [translate] 
      aI feel like part of the group now. 我现在感觉象一部分的小组。 [translate] 
      a随着我国机械行业的迅猛发展,人们对拖拉机的需求也越来越高。通过对梭式变速器的设计,我了解到变速器在拖拉机结构中具有着重要的作用,因此变速器结构的改进对汽车行业的发展与进步具有着深远的意义 [translate] 
      a只想自己不顾别人是自私的 Only thought own do not attend to others is selfish [translate] 
      a五年以上半导体工作经验 | 男 | 32岁(1980年09月25日) Above five years semiconductor work experience Male 32 years old (in 1980 9yue25 date) [translate] 
      acomplain about sth to sb 抱怨sth对sb [translate] 
      a复古建筑。客厅 Restores the old the construction.Living room [translate] 
      akill music 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      athe Double Nlinth Festival 双重Nlinth节日 [translate] 
      a由图1 表面 By Figure 1 surface [translate] 
      ashows hold lcons 展示举行lcons [translate] 
      a说出此行的目的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      avintage & antique jewelry 葡萄酒&古董首饰 [translate] 
      a洗脸花了我十分钟 Washed the face has spent my ten minutes [translate] 
      ahe is wearing a blouse,a shirt,pants,socks and shoes 他穿女衬衫、衬衣、裤子、袜子和鞋子 [translate] 
      awhen they do succeed, in large measure, by addressing the emotions of spectators. [translate] 
      astates standardly exact (as sadness, for example, correlates with personal loss).That [translate] 
      athat promotes pleasure.2 [translate] 
      aperhaps we should have a cup of coffee sometime 或许我们应该某时饮用一杯咖啡 [translate] 
      aI have no idea 我不知道 [translate]