circuses, and frequently they had an outdoor garden for drinking. Amusement parks were an important element of


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      马戏团、一个室外花园,它们经常有可直接饮用。 游乐园是一个重要因素。


      a经常用手揉眼 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      alocation, and step height were used. A deviation in the two orientations of 3 O, the step heights of 15 percent, and edge location of 0.15 pixel or less was considered acceptable. The result of this confidence test is shown in Fig. 24(d). Notice that only the step edges are detected and the comers and lines are reject [translate] 
      a我很行赏你的自信在这行业 I enjoy you very good self-confidently in this profession [translate] 
      a世界500强企业 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      aThe aggregation effect can reduce forecasting error. This effect is attributed to the fact that uncorrelated part of the error reduced the error of the forecasted aggregate power. 族聚作用可能减少预测错误。 这个作用归因于事实错误的未关联的部分减少了展望的聚集力量的错误。 [translate] 
      atouchpalv5 touchpalv5 [translate] 
      aI have no idea 我不知道 [translate] 
      aCALENDAR DAY 日历 [translate] 
      aThe lawyer already brought Miss Yu to government deparrtment May 25, 2012 at 11:31am. 律师已经被带来的小姐Yu对政府deparrtment 2012年5月25日在11:31上午。 [translate] 
      a有你的地方就有奇迹 Has your place to have the miracle [translate] 
      a对于对方未来的订单,我方将一如既往的迅速处理、周到服务 Regarding opposite party future order form, we as always rapid processing, thorough service [translate] 
      aNC and CNC machines could precisely repeat sequences over and over 北卡罗来纳和CNC机器能多次精确地重覆序列 [translate] 
      a秤体重 Scale body weight [translate] 
      aplease call me back as early as you see this message 早在您请叫我看这则消息 [translate] 
      a激情夏天 Fervor summer [translate] 
      a1.2 To gauge the customer background and hence to decide the appropriate Price and Service to be supported. 1.2 测量顾客背景并且决定将支持的适当的价格和服务。 [translate] 
      apermanent resources which are designed, controlled and managed for the enjoyment, amusement, entertainment, [translate] 
      aClear CMOS 清楚的CMOS [translate] 
      ashe tried it on 她尝试了它 [translate] 
      awhether the 2 sets PCBa which shipped to you need to do programming and testing? 是否运输对您需要的2个集合PCBa编程和测试? [translate] 
      a我希望她更加快乐 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a研究结果为工程实际问题的解决提供了一定参考 The findings have provided certain reference for the project actual problem solution [translate] 
      aWater was passed through an ion-exchanger and distilled. 水通过了离子交换器并且被蒸馏了。 [translate] 
      a烛台为什么不见了? candle holders and why not? ; [translate] 
      a我很爱笑 我希望能找到好朋友 想扩大自己的交友范围 I like laughing at me very much to hope can find the friend to want to expand own makes friends the scope [translate] 
      a四川省战略性新兴产业促进会 Sichuan strategic emerging industry promotion agency [translate] 
      adesign of horizontal Modular Machine tool for drilling holes on two-side of gearbox 水平的模件机床设计为钻孔在传动箱的二边 [translate] 
      ait's all about you im in love with you. 它关于你是所有 im 跟你相爱。 [translate] 
      acircuses, and frequently they had an outdoor garden for drinking. Amusement parks were an important element of [translate]