one large green tea and one small orange juice


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      aAttached for your personal reference only. Pls feel free to let me know if you have any comments. 附有作为仅您的个人参考。 Pls感受释放告诉我您是否有任何意见。 [translate] 
      aDocumentation may be in the form of a resume citing qualifications, 文献也许是以援引资格的简历的形式, [translate] 
      aReview of Applications 应用回顾 [translate] 
      aExperience is the common device for management, access to management capability and technology is reachable, labor force is easy to supervise and replace. 经验是共同的设备为管理,对管理能力和技术的通入是可及的,劳动力是容易监督和替换。 [translate] 
      a到武汉旅游以春秋两季为宜 To Wuhan traveling by Spring and Autumn Period two Ji Weiyi [translate] 
      aThe lawyer already brought Miss Yu to government deparrtment May 25, 2012 at 11:31am. 律师已经被带来的小姐Yu对政府deparrtment 2012年5月25日在11:31上午。 [translate] 
      aput...away 投入… [translate] 
      adecían una y otra vez que no pasaba nada, que la otra [translate] 
      a不要说打扰,只因心里有你才会关心你。 Do not say the disturbance, because only in the heart has you only then to be able to care about you. [translate] 
      aso long as we know each other 只要我们彼此了解 [translate] 
      ahow many kilometer 多少公里 [translate] 
      aheterogeneity across respondents and missing data. [translate] 
      a固顶 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a安全感,是什么来的?他对于我们很重要么? The security sense, is what comes? He is very important regarding us? [translate] 
      afailed to catch 没捉住 [translate] 
      a要弄就弄简单点的啊 [translate] 
      a我也喜欢旅游、但需要花很多钱、所以我也有一份兼职 But I also like travelling, need to spend very many money, therefore I also have a concurrent job [translate] 
      a我有一个弟弟和二个妹妹.我弟弟已经结婚了,他和我们住在一起,他有个儿子,他现在和朋友合伙做生意.我一个妹妹也结婚了,她也有个儿子.住在江苏.我另上小妹在家,是公务员.也和我们住在一起. I have a younger brother and two younger sisters. My younger brother has already married, he and we lives in the same place, he has a son, he now and the friend forms a partnership to do business. An my younger sister has also married, she also has a son. Lives in Jiangsu. On my younger sister in th [translate] 
      aas carburizator for production of synthetic cast-iron in electric induction furnaces 作为carburizator为综合性铸铁的生产在电感应熔炉 [translate] 
      ashe was a docter, wasn'tshe 她是docter, wasn'tshe [translate] 
      a针对南海问题 In view of South China Sea question [translate] 
      aas recarburiser for high -carbon materials in metallurgy 作为recarburiser为高碳材料在冶金学方面 [translate] 
      acan be detected, and sensors ambient temperature 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a一家人共进晚餐 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      ashe was a docter, wasn't she? 她是docter,是? [translate] 
      aThe most relevant indicator in relation to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises is the somewhat higher level of interest rates in the latter period. One might expect more dissatisfaction with access to finance and the terms on which it is available to be registered in the latest survey other things being equa 最相关的显示关于财务为中小型企业是有些高 [translate] 
      a我对徐州几处绿化草坪进行了调查, I have carried on the investigation to the Hsuchou several afforestation lawns, [translate] 
      akindetgarten kindetgarten [translate] 
      aone large green tea and one small orange juice 一大绿茶和一小橙汁 [translate]