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      ahepatic hydatid cyst 肝囊囊肿 [translate] 
      a这篇文章的目的在于通过对斯嘉丽性格的分析,更加深入的了解这部文学作品,挖掘人物内在的精神品质,反映了当时的社会现状和女性自我意识的觉醒、自我价值的实现等。 This article goal lies in through to Si Jia the Li disposition analysis, the more thorough understanding this literary work, excavates the character intrinsic energetic quality, had reflected the social present situation and the feminine self-awareness then awakened, the self-value realization and s [translate] 
      aDare to offend me Shi Yunchao, employers and to let you know what is pain. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a請查看附件產能評估報告 Please examine the appendix produces can appraise the report [translate] 
      ai will inform the customer 我将通知顾客 [translate] 
      a有你的地方就有奇迹 Has your place to have the miracle [translate] 
      aDear son, happy International Children ' s Day 亲爱的儿子,愉快的国际儿童‘s天 [translate] 
      a收款台 Cashier's counter [translate] 
      aso long as we know each other 只要我们彼此了解 [translate] 
      aheterogeneity across respondents and missing data. [translate] 
      aone large green tea and one small orange juice 一大绿茶和一小橙汁 [translate] 
      aafter exams 在检查以后 [translate] 
      a[0:14:54] 阿尔及利亚hadi: i am your friend ! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      aFirst of all, make sure that your letter is so clear that it cannot be misunderstood. This is primary goal of a business letter .When you are sure about what you want to say , express yourself in plain and simple words . Good , straightforward and simple English is what is needed for business letter .The writer must tr [translate] 
      a这部电影除了结尾都很好。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a그렇게 느릿느릿 它慢慢地是像那样 [translate] 
      agizmodo gizmodo [translate] 
      a以前 现在 以后 一直 不不不 你变了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      ai very busy but do not aloud i非常繁忙,但不大声 [translate] 
      aCRISFAL CRISFAL [translate] 
      a将否定性发扬光大 Carries forward the negativity [translate] 
      aof the elements hij can then be approximated by [translate] 
      a自信给人勇气尝试。梦想和自信使人勇于面对困难、译成英文 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      aAccording to the Constitution, citizens have basic rights to social welfare. However, current Chinese social welfare system mainly targets at urban residents. Farmers, employees of township enterprises, and immigrants from the rural areas to urban areas, which comprise of the larger proportion of the population, are 根据宪法,公民有基本权利到社会福利。然而,当前中国社会福利系统主要对准城市的居民。农民,镇区企业,从乡村地区到市区的移民的员工,包含人口的更大比例中,没基本上被社会福利系统包括。 [translate] 
      a组织修复 The organization repairs [translate] 
      aR&D activities are considered to be an example of a situation that generates agency problems between managers and investors R&D活动认为引起代办处问题在经理和投资者之间情况的例子 [translate] 
      a我目前不能让出房子 I cannot resign at present the house [translate] 
      a十年里,齿轮般的生活,讨厌的老板,无趣的妻子,烦人的小孩,还有日渐疏远的父亲。只有朱丽安知道自己时时刻刻思念着苏菲。而苏菲也从未忘却。神秘的包裹,墨蓝色的记号笔写着“敢不敢?”苍白的生命仿佛再次出现了亮色。索菲如约回来了。 En dix ans, la vie de vitesse, patron répugnant, épouse insensée, enfant ennuyant, mais a également le père qui devient aliéné jour après jour.Seulement alors Zhu Lian s'est su que s'ennuie des Philippines soviétiques toute heure.Mais les Philippines soviétiques également jamais n'ont derrière mis.L [translate] 
      ashot gun 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]