They are teathers and don't realize what it takes to start and run a company.


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      他们是 teathers 和不意识到成功的必要条件开始和运行一家公司。







      a4, actually 4, actually [translate] 
      a 五是载人飞船3人飞行能力设计与应用技术。  Five is the manned vehicle 3 human of flying ability design and the application technology. [translate] 
      a旅客行李 Passenger baggage [translate] 
      aThere are 3 kind of management guidances which Multinational Corporations can choose to use on the international market 有3种类跨国公司在国际市场上可能选择使用的管理guidances [translate] 
      a五年以上半导体工作经验 | 男 | 32岁(1980年09月25日) Above five years semiconductor work experience Male 32 years old (in 1980 9yue25 date) [translate] 
      aplease call me back as early as you see this message 早在您请叫我看这则消息 [translate] 
      aEx-Works 直接来自工厂 [translate] 
      a中国广州天河区金燕花苑金燕路32号401房 Chinese Guangzhou Milky Way area Jin Yan flowered park Jin Yanlu 32 401 [translate] 
      a安全感,是什么来的?他对于我们很重要么? The security sense, is what comes? He is very important regarding us? [translate] 
      aFirst of all, make sure that your letter is so clear that it cannot be misunderstood. This is primary goal of a business letter .When you are sure about what you want to say , express yourself in plain and simple words . Good , straightforward and simple English is what is needed for business letter .The writer must tr [translate] 
      aAlways keep in mind that recommend those licensed restaurants with good reputation or those designated by local authority. 总记住推荐那些被准许的地方政府选定的餐馆以好名誉或那些。 [translate] 
      a觀赏你这么多漂亮的图片 Watches you such many attractive pictures [translate] 
      a我的好同学们,我也爱你们 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a现代牧业集团有限公司 Modern animal husbandry group limited company [translate] 
      a你常常帮助同学学英语 You help schoolmate to study English frequently [translate] 
      asuch as if the procuring department must legally publish results. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a那等我们去了普罗旺斯以后,等明天,我就陪你去看,怎么样? That waits we have gone to after proletariat prosperous Si, and so on tomorrow, I accompany you to look, how? [translate] 
      a在北美发现《轩辕黄帝族酋长礼天祈年图》和《蚩尤风后归墟值夜扶桑图》。 [translate] 
      abut yoru cam is not cear at all 但yoru凸轮根本不是cear [translate] 
      aCerises, ont charme arôme rouge 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a4.Usually a yearbook is made in_________. [translate] 
      a他有一双炯炯有神的眼睛 He has a bright bright eye [translate] 
      aThe ShockBurst™ packet format is described in this chapter. MSB to the left. ShockBurst™小包格式在本章被描述。 MSB到左边。 [translate] 
      a风景优美、适合居住 Fine scenery, suits the housing [translate] 
      abiscuits that contain milk and peanut 包含牛奶和花生的饼干 [translate] 
      a他经常提起这些 He mentions these frequently [translate] 
      a她的离去提醒我,只有健康的身体,才能实现理想,才能 She departs reminds me, only then the health body, can realize the ideal, the ability [translate] 
      a 对于欧盟内部来讲,既有神圣日耳曼罗马帝国与拜占庭帝国之间的问题,也存在南欧和北欧之间的问题。  As for the European Union interior, also has the sacred Germanic Roman Empire and between the byzantine empire question, also has between the southern Europe and Northern Europe's question. [translate] 
      aThey are teathers and don't realize what it takes to start and run a company. 他们是teathers,并且没体会什么它采取对开始并且不管理公司。 [translate]