Utterance understanding


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      aappeared. Spontaneous formation of vesicles was observed in [translate] 
      a表1 植物配置现状 Table 1 plant disposition present situation [translate] 
      aGancho de arrastre del tipo muela. 阻力勾子类型研磨。 [translate] 
      a毕业了你们都要照顾好自己 등급 소유하기 위하여 보살펴야 할 것이다 당신 모두 [translate] 
      a被抛弃的恐惧 Fear which gets rid [translate] 
      aDo you need a visa 您需要签证 [translate] 
      a系统测试表明:PLC+变频器快速﹑稳定的控制CO2和O2参量的变化。自动门和节能灯工作正常﹑安全。HMI作为人机界面操作站,显示参数量变的动态运行曲线,监控﹑设置操作方便。 The system test indicated that,PLC+ frequency changer fast ﹑ stable control CO2 and O2 parameter change.Automatic valve and energy conservation lamp work normal ﹑ safe.HMI takes the man-machine contact surface operation station, the demonstration parameter quantitative change dynamic performance dia [translate] 
      abut our mother stops us 但我们的母亲停止我们 [translate] 
      a贵阳地区休闲农业发展现状及对策研究 Guiyang area leisure agricultural development present situation and countermeasure research [translate] 
      aThe holes in my apologies' you know [translate] 
      athree ponds is top of the American ten big mansion. 三个池塘是美国十大豪宅的上面。 [translate] 
      atake…with… 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      aYou can see thousands of kinds of plants in it. 您在它能看数以万计种类植物。 [translate] 
      a5. When developing an operational plan there is a consultation process. What does the consultation process include? [translate] 
      aIn the aerospace industry, reconfigurable dies have been developed to form sheet metal or molding of composite materials [101, 136, 137]. As shown in Fig. 7a, a reconfigurable die consists of an array of pins. Each pin in the die is a simple hydraulic actuator outfitted with an in-line NC solenoid valve to control its 在航天工业, reconfigurable模子被开发形成金属板或造型合成材料(101, 136, 137)。 如所显示。 7a,一个reconfigurable模子包括一一些别%E [translate] 
      ayou also are the apple in my eye 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a以往正常情况下贷款主要用于资助兼并和收购,而近期的许多操作则是为了偿还旧债,若美国公司贷款需求增加,欧洲企业将会难以融资。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      aFor stamping or assembling shell parts in the automotive industry, reconfigurable fixturing systems have been developed using 2-DOF robots [81] or 6-DOF hexapods [69]. As shown in Fig. 14, to design a reconfigurable fixturing system, the locating points for the part family are identified; these locating points are grou 为盖印的或聚集的壳零件在汽车制造业, reconfigurable fixturing的系统使用2DOF机器人(81 [translate] 
      a经济尚能自给自足 The economy still could be self-sufficient [translate] 
      a显示出极大的兴趣 Demonstrates the enormous interest [translate] 
      aNo language is too much to say but don't open Just don't know what to say 语言不是说的太多,而是不开始就是不知道什么说 [translate] 
      a礼貌原则包括以下准则 Politeness principle includes following criterion [translate] 
      a자세한 내용은 详细的内容 [translate] 
      athe investment with the BNA 投资与BNA [translate] 
      asteering cone 指点锥体 [translate] 
      a斯嘉丽深刻地体会到金钱的重要 Si Jia Li realizes the money profoundly the unimportance [translate] 
      a汤姆到现在还没有出现,他肯定错过了8:30的火车了 Has not appeared Tom to the present, he has definitely missed 8:30 train [translate] 
      aput this pillow next to the bed rail 在床路轨旁边投入这个枕头 [translate] 
      aUtterance understanding 话语理解 [translate]