Do you have any idea that is actually going on in the classroom?


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      a在住三天 Is staying three days [translate] 
      a可是,爱好很多 But, the hobby are very many [translate] 
      aFiltration System 滤清系统 [translate] 
      a在生产线上设立调试品放置区 Sets up the debugging laying aside area on the production line [translate] 
      a打破了原子不可分割的观念 Has broken the atomic inalienable idea [translate] 
      aSummary: a minimum living standard security system has become a modern social welfare system, an important part of a truly reflects the people-oriented system. In recent years, scholars from different angles of China's rural subsistence allowances system for in-depth study, research focused in system implementation pro [translate] 
      aBut he asked the girl to be cleaned first and throw away her horrible clothes.the girl was forced to follow the requirements and went out with Mrs Pearce.Then,H told P that he should teach her not only pronunciation but also grammar which she was in need of. 但要求女孩首先清洗他,并且投掷她可怕的clothes.the女孩被迫跟随要求并且出去了与Pearce.Then, H夫人告诉的P他应该不仅教她的发音,而且语法哪些她是需要。 [translate] 
      aMany of the centenarians emphasized the importance of being indepndent and free to do the things they enjoyed and wanted to do , and of maintaining a placid state of mind free from worry or emotional strain 他们享用并且想做的许多百岁老人强调了重要性的indepndent并且释放从忧虑或情感张力做事,和任意维护安详心境 [translate] 
      a#X光机 [translate] 
      a玻璃是一种非晶态的固体材料,这种物理特征说明了它没有固定的熔点,只有一个软化的温度范围,当温度下降时,玻璃液变得越来越粘稠,直至为固体,但是其间内部结构并没有发生明显的变化。 The glass is one kind of amorphous state solid state material, this physical characteristic showed it does not have the fixed melting point, only then a softened temperature range, when temperature drop, the vitreous humor becomes more and more sticks thickly, until is the solid, but during the inte [translate] 
      a曾在老人院兼职 Once in home for the elderly concurrent job [translate] 
      a乐于做化学实验 Is glad does chemistry experiment [translate] 
      a我相信我会成功的! I believed I can succeed! [translate] 
      a可以进行插值和拟合;求取数列的标准差(std(A)),对数列进行排序(sort(A));求协方差阵(cov(A))及相关系数( corrcoef(A));对数值进行滤波(filter(A))、实现卷积(conv(A))计算等, May carry on the interpolation and the fitting; Seeking sequence standard deviation (std(A)), carries on to the sequence sorts (sort(A)); Asks covariance matrix of (cov(A)) and the correlation coefficient (corrcoef(A)); Carries on filter (filter(A)), the realization to the value convolutes the (conv [translate] 
      abelpful to you belpful对您 [translate] 
      a海南岛位于我国雷州半岛的南部 Hainan Island is located our country Leizhou peninsula the south [translate] 
      a许多古北区和东洋区的昆虫都在此处分布,形成了古北区和东洋区昆虫种类的过渡带。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a求你了 帮帮忙 Asked you to help [translate] 
      aWHAT NUMBER CAN REPLACE THE QUESTION MARK? 什么数字能替换问号? [translate] 
      a意思是看不到中文吗 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      a我喜欢看欧美电影 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      aNow only to find, in fact, I can not do without you。 现在只找到,实际上,我不可能做没有您。 [translate] 
      athe investment with the BNA 投资与BNA [translate] 
      a斯嘉丽深刻地体会到金钱的重要 Si Jia Li realizes the money profoundly the unimportance [translate] 
      aUtterance understanding 话语理解 [translate] 
      a低炭生活可以保护环境 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
      aget successed 得到successed [translate] 
      aTheme by Robin Theme by Robin [translate] 
      aDo you have any idea that is actually going on in the classroom? 您是否有在教室实际上进来的任何想法? [translate]