[英 [bʌldʒ] 美 [bʌldʒ] ]


      过去式:bulged;   过去分词:bulged;   现在分词:bulging;   复数形式:bulges;

bulge 基本解释


      名词膨胀; 凸出部分; 暴涨,突增

      动词凸出; 膨胀; 急增


bulge 相关例句


      1. The oranges bulged his pocket.



      1. His pocket was bulging with apples.


      2. His pocket was bulging with sweets.



      1. bulge的意思

      1. The graph shows a bulge in the price of meat.


bulge 网络解释

      1. bulge的翻译

      1. 凸度:在图形数据库中以顶点(即相连点) 子实体的形式保存信息,与位置、形状有关的信息主要有两个:一是顶点(Vertex) 坐标数值,保存在10 组码中;二是顶点凸度(Bulge) ,保存在42 组码中. 凸度(Bulge) 为0 对应G01凸度(Bulge) 不为0 对应G02 或G03

      2. bulge

      2. 膨胀:您可以利用 ACDSee7 简单易用的相片编辑工具来消除红眼、强化影像轮廓、切割图片、调整曝光、加强色彩与光线、消除杂讯、重订尺寸、旋转、转换档案格式,也可以进行如复古调(sepia)、漩涡(swirl)、膨胀(bulge)、油画(oil paint)效果等特效处理.

      3. 隆起:三.隆起(Bulge)级子物体由于隆起级子物体的编辑主要是在横截面隆起编辑器(Bulge Editor)中完成的,其面板中的功能大多包含在编辑器中,其余一些设置又和封套级子物体中的相同,因此对于面板我们就略过不再介绍.

      4. 突起:所有这些方法都基于这一物理特性,即突变和野生型DNA链间错配或未配对碱基所产生的泡状结构(bubble)或突起(bulge),然而,这种区分间有很多重叠. 环出异源双链技术(Heteroduples of loops) 未配对的多个碱基或环 未知或已知的缺失或插入 琼脂糖或丙烯胺 Nagamine等1989年额外加入对照DNA分子(Control DNA)以确保在样品为纯合子

bulge 双语例句

      1. This is the first national monument established by the US government in 1906. It is a large mass of igneous rock which is intruded through sedimentary rock beds but does not actually reach the surface, producing a rounded bulge in the sedimentary layers above.


      2. They also stated that they do not know the reason for the bulge.


      3. bulge的意思

      3. He said I didn't have a bulge over my jeans anymore, and it was true, I didn't!


      4. What's that bulge in your pocket?


      5. What is that bulge I see in your pocket?


      6. The essential requirement is the ability to be able to carry out continuous observations of the galactic bulge.


      7. This rapid spin is what gives Jupiter its equatorial bulge.



      8. In 1851 it was well known that Earth rotated: observational evidence included Earth's measured polar flattening and equatorial bulge.


      9. Instead of assuming the Earth to be a perfect sphere, this function takes into account the actual polar flattening of the earth and the equatorial bulge, which gives a much more accurate computation between the given coordinates.


      10. The combinations, and movements, of these masses with gravitational, centrifugal and orbital velocity vector forces, create what we call the equatorial bulge, and thus, the axis of figure.


      11. A slow gyration of Earth's axis around the pole of the ecliptic, caused mainly by the gravitational pull of the sun, moon, and other planets on Earth's equatorial bulge.


      12. The equatorial bulge, the rotation axis'angle of inclination to the ecliptic plane, the gravitational tidal forces of the Sun, Moon and planets, have an affect on the Earths'orbit that produces the famous precession of the equinoxes.


      13. Galaxy is composed of Galactic bulge, plate and halo.


      14. The galaxy's central region is called the galactic bulge because the stars form a ball a few thousand light years in diameter that extends above and below the disk of the galaxy.



      15. The blue disk of young stars can be seen extending past the dust in the extremely thin galactic plane, while the bulge in the disk center appears tinged more orange from the older and redder stars that likely exist there.


      16. In that year, God also healed my wife with his powerful hands. She had disk bulge in her lower back for years and had been suffering the pain both physically and mentally.


      17. bulge的解释

      17. Comfort can becompromised for the patient when the implant is placed too far buccally or lingually and requires vertical height extensionof the acrylic resin, resulting in anncomfortable bulge in the polished surface.


      18. Eugene slid his hand across the growing bulge in his shorts and bit his bottom lip.


      19. Cambodia's League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights is compiling files that bulge with photographs of thatched-roof houses being burned down while police restrain their traumatized owners.

      柬埔寨的促进和保护人权联盟(League for the Promotion and Defense)收集了大量的资料,满坑满谷地都是毁于一烬的茅顶屋的图片,而此时,被打伤的屋主正被警察收押在牢。


      20. The new results suggest that the major events that form a bulge are the same as the major growth phases of its BH, when it shines as an AGN.


bulge 词典解释

      1. 凸出;鼓胀

      If something such as a person's stomach bulges, it sticks out.


      e.g. Jiro waddled closer, his belly bulging and distended...


      e.g. He bulges out of his black T-shirt...


      2. (眼睛或血管)凸出

      If someone's eyes or veins are bulging, they seem to stick out a lot, often because the person is making a strong physical effort or is experiencing a strong emotion.

      e.g. His eyes seemed to bulge like those of a toad...


      e.g. He shouted at his brother, his neck veins bulging.


      3. 充满;塞满

      If you say that something is bulging with things, you are emphasizing that it is full of them.


      e.g. They returned home with the car bulging with boxes.


      e.g. ...a bulging briefcase.


      4. 肿块;疙瘩

      Bulges are lumps that stick out from a surface which is otherwise flat or smooth.

      e.g. Why won't those bulges on your hips and thighs go?


      5. 激增;猛涨

      If there is a bulge in something, there is a sudden large increase in it.

      e.g. ...a bulge in aircraft sales.


      e.g. ...the huge bulge of payments due over the next two years.


bulge 单语例句

      1. Ladies watching their office bulge will appreciate the small portions and the sunshine in the alfresco dining area.

      2. The findings could accelerate the development of a vaccine or antiviral medication to help fight the battle of the bulge alongside diet and exercise.

      3. Her mother recalled Mei's belly began to bulge obviously since June, but her daughter said she was just gaining weight.

      4. As the animals are released from the pen, the riders'biceps bulge as they throw their weight around to try to stay centered.

      5. And as people's pockets bulge, more is being spent on firecrackers.

      6. Dame Luck is what brings most tourists to this gambling paradise in hopes their stars will twinkle and make their wallets bulge.

      7. A July wedding would have allowed her to stay true to her pledge and still have a baby bulge now - eight months later.

      8. However they also found that the polyphenol compound in tea - especially Oolong tea - can help obese people battle the bulge.

      9. The burgeoning youth bulge in the Middle East must be a wake up call as we plan our humanitarian and developmental responses for tomorrow.

      10. The bulge of water released by those rains was still upriver and making its way toward Louisiana.

      bulge什么意思bulge 英英释义


      1. something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from its surroundings

      e.g. the gun in his pocket made an obvious bulge

      the hump of a camel

      he stood on the rocky prominence

      the occipital protuberance was well developed

      the bony excrescence between its horns

      Synonym: bumphumpswellinggibbositygibbousnessjutprominenceprotuberanceprotrusionextrusionexcrescence


      1. cause to bulge or swell outwards

      Synonym: bulk

      2. swell or protrude outwards

      e.g. His stomach bulged after the huge meal

      Synonym: pouchprotrude

      3. bulge outward

      e.g. His eyes popped

      Synonym: startprotrudepoppop outbulge outbug outcome out

      4. bulge out

      form a bulge outward, or be so full as to appear to bulge

      Synonym: bag