[英 [kɑ:(r)] 美 [kɑr] ]



car 基本解释

      名词汽车; 轿车; 车厢

car 相关例句


      1. car的意思

      1. Americans go to work by car.


car 情景对话


      A:Is there a car park near the supermarket?


      B:Yes, there is an underground car park near the supermarket.




      A:Should we get out and (help/ offer assistance/ help them out)?


      B:No. There’s a police car behind us.



      A:Where will it be?



      B:Take me to the railroad station. Can you put my baggage in the trunk?


      A:O.K. But let me park my car in a better position. All right, miss. Where are the bags?


      B:Over there.


      A:That’s a lot. What did you bring with you?


      B:They’re just gifts I bought. Don’t worry. They are not heavy.


car 网络解释

      1. 项:1.1.4 全面品质管理(TQM)阶段 91.1.5 全面品质保证(TQA)阶段 11附图8.3:矫正措施要求事项(CAR)的范例 276附图8.4:矫正措施要求事项(CAR)的另一个范例 277附图8.5:签结矫正措施要求事项(CAR)的程序 278

      2. car:corrective action report; 改善报告

      3. car:centre machine room; 中心机房

      4. car:computer assisted retrieval; 计算机辅助检索

      5. car:coxsackie and adenovirus receptor; 腺病毒受体

car 双语例句


      1. The Tao receiver actually comes with a car and home kit, along with headphones and a random assortment of other stuff to let you do everything you want, right out of the box.



      2. In front of the house stops a new car.



      3. I'll have the car waiting at the entrance, will that be all right?


      4. A:He dresses in plain ciothes and drives an old car.


      5. To rent one, you must be 25 years old and have a credit car in your name.



      6. He came back from the business trip and was reimbursed for the air fare, hotel charge and car rental.


      7. You are getting a lot of churn from all that car passage.


      8. car在线翻译

      8. How do you know which type of Car Insurance is best for you?


      9. With the national economy and the rapid development of the auto industry car ownership doubled up the rapid development of the automobile industry with the Car fans hold the Automobile Club has been promoting the development of an unprecedented sales modified brand rescue riding tours rental decorations leisure campaign after serving replacement insurance for the Automobile Club theme sprung up to develop.


      10. It is also one of the most important subbase course equipment in the construction of the airports, car parks, buildings and so on.


      11. Its solid rim, trimmed in high-grade Nappa leather, is flattened at the bottom, similarly to the Audi RS 4 and the Le Mans quattro sports car study.

      其坚实的边缘,在高档纳帕真皮装饰,是扁平的底部,同样的奥迪RS 4和勒芒quattro跑车的研究。


      12. Members of this car club are from many different walks of life.


      13. car

      13. The company that sells this car has a car club.


      14. As she drove the compact car to the club, she considered her brother, how different they were.


      15. Was a 130 MPH Club car, Now is running 150 MPH Club class!!


      16. And please make sure the train has a club car and a dinner.


      17. With the progressive development of China`s economy, in some major cities have emerged one after another car travel enthusiasts club.


      18. You could trade in your car for a model that guzzles less of the expensive elixir.


      19. The subject of the design is to design a YD 9160TCL car transporter, the research and develop is to meet the need of the development of car of DYK.


      20. The wind speed of this generating plant is controlled by a computer chip, and can be set according to the car speed and charge capacity.


car 词典解释

      1. 汽车;轿车

      A car is a motor vehicle with room for a small number of passengers.

      e.g. He had left his tickets in his car...


      e.g. They arrived by car.


      2. (火车)车厢

      A car is one of the separate sections of a train.

      e.g. Tour buses have replaced railway cars.


      in BRIT, usually use 英国英语通常用 carriage

      3. (火车上作特殊用途的)车厢

      Railway carriages are called cars when they are used for a particular purpose.

      e.g. He made his way into the dining car for breakfast.


      4. see also: cable car

car 单语例句car在线翻译

      1. And those who share expenses for using a single car are penalized for engaging in an illegal passenger transport business.

      2. Some business segments like medical systems and car electronics have already started to yield considerable returns from both the markets.

      3. It attracts hoards of onlookers to the red car because its businessman owner parks it in the city's Shunde district.

      4. A car races through a busy street to a highway at 110 kilometres per hour.

      5. In two to three years I will buy a new car for taking my family outdoors.

      6. The limitations on car ownership set off a frenzy among people wanting to buy.

      7. One commentator from the auto industry said most university students couldn't afford to buy a car out of their own pockets.

      8. Both companies plan to reduce the number of models they offer to car buyers over the next few years.

      9. Eager car buyers who miss out in Beijing's highly competitive license lottery are now turning to court auctions to fight over seized vehicles.

      10. Their sentiment over buying a car also recovered, aided by lower fuel prices and new government subsidy plans.

      car什么意思car 英英释义


      1. a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway

      e.g. they took a cable car to the top of the mountain

      Synonym: cable car

      2. a motor vehicle with four wheels

      usually propelled by an internal combustion engine

      e.g. he needs a car to get to work

      Synonym: autoautomobilemachinemotorcar

      3. a wheeled vehicle adapted to the rails of railroad

      e.g. three cars had jumped the rails

      Synonym: railcarrailway carrailroad car

      4. where passengers ride up and down

      e.g. the car was on the top floor

      Synonym: elevator car

      5. the compartment that is suspended from an airship and that carries personnel and the cargo and the power plant

      Synonym: gondola