[英 [ˈkɒstɪŋ] 美 [ˈkɔ:stɪŋ] ]



costing 基本解释

      名词成本核算; 成本计算



costing 网络解释

      1. 成本:细分下去就是应收(AR),应付(AP),总帐(GL),成本(COSTING),出纳(Cashier). 并不是每个人都要往CFO发展,这个小的分支做好了,也可以一辈子舒舒服服不愁吃穿. 什么事情都可以有完成,很好的完成和完美的完成几个境界. 举例说就像是AR,

      2. costing的翻译

      2. 成本法:成本法(Costing)市场法(Market Comparison)进行评估. 物业用途分别为办公,设备用房,仓储用途,多为自用,不产生租金收益,因此采用以上两种方法.

      3. 成本计算:(七)成本计算(Costing) 成本计算既是成本会计的中心也是成本管理的基础,其重要地位毋庸置疑. 传统的成本计算包括以汇总、分配、再汇总的形式计算制造产品成本,也包括以标准成本为核心手段进行成本预算. 然而,

      4. 成本核算:cost plus 成本加成 | costing 成本核算 | cottage industry 家庭工业

costing 双语例句

      1. costing是什么意思

      1. It is costing me an arm and a leg.


      2. According to Brian Marshall, BroadPoint AmTech, the whole system BOM and manufacturing costs are costing around $270.50 for 16GB iPad, indicating that they may gain around $200, or at least 40 percent with each unit being pushed to market.

      据布赖恩马歇尔,BroadPoint Amtech公司,整个系统的BOM和制造费用的成本约为16GB的ipad公司,这显示他们可能会获得与各单位约为200美元,或至少百分之四十被人欺负,270.50推向市场。

      3. costing

      3. Such an expensive (costing tens of thousands US dollars) computer system will be very heavy burden for ordinary hospitals.


      4. Please do not talk a long time. This is costing me noney.



      5. Strong knowledge and skills in costing analysis and reporting independently.


      6. Assist to provide other costing report or analysis required.


      7. Originally, a method for product costing, it is now used for generating accurate cost information that relates to a variety of decisions.


      8. And few want to work wearing awkward lead aprons and vests(costing between$85 and$600), which are typically constructed of weighty, cumbrous sheets of powdered lead in a polymeric matrix.


      9. costing的翻译

      9. Measures costing more than 40 a ton were not the focus of this study.


      10. It will make the Activity Based Costing Calculation into China Scherdel Spring Company.


      11. This paper aiming at the practical condition in the Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.. It compared the traditional cost with Activity-Based Costing to the real data in practical application of operational cost. Thus to display the advantages of Activity-Based Costing more vivid and concrete.


      12. costing的近义词

      12. The complex internal flow has made volute to be one of the component costing most loss.


      13. costing在线翻译

      13. I just review the first page of the BBS and know you are a costing accoutant.


      14. We went at it hammer and tongs for an hour and a half over their conduct of the war and the errors that were costing the lives of American soldiers.


      15. Compared with the traditional strengthening techniques, The CFRP reinforcing method has great advantages in strength and efficiency, convenience in construction, good durability and corrosion resistance, extensive fields of application, low deadweight, no influence on traffic and hardly changing the space under bridge. At the same time, as the costing decreases, economical advantages of CFRP reinforcing emerge gradually. In conclusion, the paper is based on the experimental and theoretical analyzing results of flexural strengthening RC beams.



      16. Busya devours a can of Nestle`s Purina Gourmet a day, costing her owner about 50 rubles ($1.17), three times the price of the low-cost Friskies label, which she says her pet won`t eat.

      这只叫Busya得猫每天吃一听雀巢的Purina Gourmet 猫粮,要花费50卢布(1.17 美元),比低价格的Friskies 牌子的贵2倍,就是据说这只猫不吃的牌子。

      17. Thus the desire of real-time processing can easily attain. The devices relate on the design have come out with great batch; so the costing is getting more little and little.


      18. The Met`s simulcasts are expensive, costing about $1.1m each.


      19. Which of the two costing principles is more relevant for short-run decision-making, and why?


      20. Among the Spaniard's faults, his many critics say, are refusing to start with the same team for two games running and declining to start Peter Crouch at all – Crouch, whose hat-trick destroyed Arsenal last spring, ultimately costing them third place in the table.


costing 词典解释

      1. 成本估算

      A costing is an estimate of all the costs involved in a project or a business venture.

      e.g. We'll put together a proposal, including detailed costings, free of charge.


      in AM, use 美国英语用 costscosting 单语例句

      1. Bush's call for restoring manned flights to the Moon is estimated at costing US $ 12 billion over the next five years.

      2. The disgruntled Spaniard then slammed the Hawkeye line calling system, accusing it of costing him the first set.

      3. The stadium project includes a grandstand that cost 400 million yuan and a youth center costing 200 million yuan.

      4. Prices hit their peak in the weeks before and after Spring Festival, with Chilean cherries costing 80 yuan per kilogram.

      5. They claim China's foreign exchange policy is costing America jobs and threaten to impose tough trade sanctions against Chinese imports.

      6. Nice warm leather boots can be picked up for a mere 100 yuan, with a good thick winter coat costing maybe half that.

      7. But now it has come up against the Spanish government in a diplomatic tussle that is costing the company millions of dollars in lost revenue.

      8. The trip to the International Space Station is costing him $ 35 million.

      9. These span from elaboration of precise functional specifications over target costing to a wide ranging integration of suppliers into own business processes.

      10. The report said the trains operating on the line would have two more compartments with no standing space but with tickets costing twice as much.

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      1. cost accounting