[英 [ˈdevl] 美 [ˈdɛvəl] ]



devil 基本解释

      名词魔鬼; 家伙; 淘气鬼; 冒失鬼

      及物动词虐待,折磨; (用扯碎机)扯碎; (替作家,律师等)做助手; 抹辣味料烤制或煎煮


devil 同义词



devil 反义词


devil 相关词组

      1. go to the devil : 堕落, 毁灭, 滚开;

      2. be in a devil of a hole : 处境困难;

      3. give the devil his due : 平心而论;

devil 相关例句


      1. Kitty deviled her mother for a doll.



      1. Her aunt said she was possessed by devils.


      2. He has lost his job, poor devil!


      3. Though one of the engines failed, the pilot managed a safe landing .He is indeed a devil of a fellow.


      4. devil

      4. The poor devil had another heart attack last night.


devil 网络解释

      1. 天使:到了[[新约圣经]]以后的时代,唯一真神的信仰已然确立,无需再去贬抑异教神只,因而创造出作为神的敌对者的[[堕落天使]](Devil),关於这部分[[新约圣经]]的[[启示录]]上明白记载著:恶魔是堕落到人间的[[天使]],主宰著黑暗势力,

devil 双语例句

      1. Although Ports is not touted in celebrity and fashion glossies (partly because it does not give out free clothes to editors or celebrities), the Runway magazine covers and posters in last year's The Devil Wears Prada were, in fact, images from the Ports 1961 autumn/winter 2005 advertising campaign.


      2. devil

      2. The devil is in the details, he said:'Whether this betters the situation in rural areas and improves farmers'lives doesn't depend on the policy itself, but on how we implement the policy and a series of details and limitations, which will be mapped out later.


      3. The time of testing that marks and mightily enriches a soul's spiritual career is no ordinary one, but a period when all hell seems let loose, a period when we realize our souls are brought into a net, when we know that God is permitting us to be in the devil's hand.


      4. The time of testing that marks and mightily enriches a soul`s spiritual career is no ordinary one, but a period when all hell seems let loose, a period when we realize our souls are brought into a net, when we know that God is permitting us to be in the devil`s hand.


      5. The tear of the devil shed a light upon my heart


      6. The end was the devil tear away his wing in order to stay with the girl.


      7. He didn't play it on another villager but rather he played a trick on the devil himself.


      8. devil的翻译

      8. With the man who says he is a poached egg - or else he would be the devil of Hell.


      9. Englishmen start galloping to the devil, but as they grow older, they nearly always change horse and amble along gently to respectability


      10. For keeping a rare hope to defeat Yin Zheng, Zen and Xue guard the arrow regardless of their personal safety and exert themselves to block the fiery scales away. Later, however, a pelt of eight continuous scales is approaching: Doug and Phoeny hit one off respectively. Zen holds his spear horizontally to block the biggest one yet is pushed down and rolls on the ground; Xue, then, promptly stretches all her 2 arms and 2 devil arms out to block four scales at same time. However, she has just taken one aspect into consideration and neglected the other—even though the arrow is protected, she could not timely elude the last one scale closely followed so her left human arm as well as a devil arm is cut off on the spot!


      11. Regarding to the short and tragical marriage with Mr. FrankSu, I never think I was out of mistakes. The major unwiseness was I rushed into a blind mirrage without enough understandings of Mr. FrankSu and his family; Also even I know I had no any deep feelings about Mr. FrankSu, still I wish to mainly play the role as getting good treatments-it was very selfish; and I failed to improve his mental health but trigger him explode the devil side in his mind, it is NEVER what I hope for but unfortunatly happened.


      12. It was a more horrible sight than anyone could imagine—a hellhound sent by the devil.


      13. It was a more horrible sight than anyone could imaginea hellhound sent by the devil.


      14. It was a more horrible sight than anyone could imagine梐 hellhound sent by the devil.


      15. devil

      15. And they may return to soberness out of the snare of the devil, having been caught alive by him, unto His will.

      2:26 他们这些已被魔鬼活捉了去的,也可以醒悟过来,脱离他的网罗,归於神的旨意。

      16. Notable geographic features include the Youkai Mountain with communities of kappa at its base, tengu at its peak, and the Moriya Shrine near a lake at the top; the Forest of Magic; the Bamboo Forest of the Lost where Eientei is located; the lake surrounding the Scarlet Devil Mansion; the Human Village, which is assumed to be in a fertile valley; and the Sanzu River separating Gensokyo from Higan.



      17. I am not against your project, but let me be the devil's advocate for a moment.


      18. devil

      18. Let me play the devil's advocate here.


      19. devil的意思

      19. He seemed very sure of his arguments, but I played the devil's advocate just to confuse him.


      20. He is just playing the devil's advocate with me.


devil 词典解释

      1. (犹太教、基督教和伊斯兰教中的)魔王,撒旦

      In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the Devil is the most powerful evil spirit.

      2. 魔鬼;恶魔

      A devil is an evil spirit.

      e.g. ...the idea of angels with wings and devils with horns and hoofs.


      3. (用于强调)家伙,人

      You can use devil to emphasize the way you feel about someone. For example, if you call someone a poor devil, you are saying that you feel sorry for them. You can call someone you are fond of but who sometimes annoys or irritates you an old devil or a little devil .

      e.g. I felt sorry for Blake, poor devil...


      e.g. Manfred, you're a suspicious old devil...


      4. 淘气鬼;冒失鬼

      If you refer to someone as a devil, you mean that they do not behave very well but you like them and are not angry with them.

      e.g. 'I think he was a bit of a devil,' Constance said.


      5. (用于强调)极其讨厌(或糟糕、麻烦)的

      Devil can be used to emphasize what you think about someone or something. For example, if you say that someone is a devil of a nuisance, you mean that they are very annoying. If you say that something is a devil of a problem, you mean that it is a very difficult problem.

      e.g. He was always a devil of a nuisance...


      e.g. It's a devil of a tricky problem,isn't it?


      6. 宁可跟熟识的魔鬼打交道(也比跟未知的魔鬼打交道好)

      If you say better the devil you know or better the devil you know than the devil you don't know, you mean that you would prefer to have contact with or do business with a person you already know, even though you don't like them, than with a person you don't know.


      7. (用于强调)需煞费苦心(做),要大费周折(做)

      If you say that you had the devil's own job to do something or that you had a devil of a job doing something, you are emphasizing that it was difficult to do it.

      e.g. We had the devil's own job to persuade him to take part.


      8. 拼命地;竭力地;(开车)飞快地

      If you say that someone does something like the devil, you are emphasizing that they put a lot of effort into it. If you say that someone drives like the devil, you are emphasizing that they drive very fast.

      e.g. He drives himself on, working like the devil from seven in the morning until midnight...

      他不断敦促自己,从早上 7 点一直拼命工作到午夜。

      e.g. He must have driven like the devil.


      9. 落后者遭殃(形容或评论人人都只考虑自己而不顾别人)

      You can say the devil take the hindmost to describe or comment on a situation you disapprove of because people do only what is best for themselves without thinking about other people.

      e.g. Every one for himself and the devil take the hindmost.


      10. 进退维谷;左右为难

      If you say that you are between the devil and the deep blue sea, you mean that you are in a difficult situation where you have to choose between two equally unpleasant courses of action.

      11. 出卖灵魂;违背良心

      If you say that someone has sold their soul to the devil, you mean that you disapprove of them because they have done something that you think is not right in order to get what they want.


      12. 说曹操,曹操到

      People say speak of the devil, or in British English talk of the devil, if someone they have just been talking about appears unexpectedly.


      e.g. Well, talk of the devil!


      13. (用于强调)究竟,到底

      When you want to emphasize how annoyed or surprised you are, you can use an expression such as what the devil ,how the devil, or why the devil .

      e.g. 'What the devil's the matter?'


      e.g. Tim wondered how the devil they had managed it...


devil 单语例句

      1. One way devil populations are coping is by having sex at an earlier age, a study found earlier this year.

      2. The Tasmanian devil is not only a key tourism icon for Australia's most southern State, but also ecologically critical to Tasmania's native ecosystem.

      3. " The devil's in the detail, " he often says.

      4. " God can't save you from the Devil, " Dolce said.

      5. And splashing water on one another became a way to vanquish the devil and symbolically express the wish for good luck and a better future.

      6. There were more cameras in the crowd than crosses, as people sported everything from Mickey Mouse balloons to glowing devil horns.

      7. Devil facial tumor disease has seen the animals plunge from a pest species to endangered in a very short period.

      8. Sienna played host at the event wearing the label's creation, and Anne looked stunning proving she doesn't need her Devil's wardrobe to look fabulous.

      9. Italian actor plans to smash'foreign devil'myth and become the first white kungfu star made in China.

      10. For the " Stoning the Devil " rite, pilgrims throw small stones on three walls symbolic of evil continuously for three days.

devil 英英释义


      1. a word used in exclamations of confusion

      e.g. what the devil

      the deuce with it

      the dickens you say

      Synonym: deucedickens

      2. an evil supernatural being

      Synonym: fienddemondaemondaimon

      3. a rowdy or mischievous person (usually a young man)

      e.g. he chased the young hellions out of his yard

      Synonym: hellionheller

      4. a cruel wicked and inhuman person

      Synonym: monsterfienddemonogre


      1. coat or stuff with a spicy paste

      e.g. devilled eggs

      2. cause annoyance in

      disturb, especially by minor irritations

      e.g. Mosquitoes buzzing in my ear really bothers me

      It irritates me that she never closes the door after she leaves

      Synonym: annoyragget tobotherget atirritaterilenarknettlegravelvexchafe