[英 [ˈgrædʒuəli] 美 [ˈɡrædʒʊəlɪ] ]


gradually 基本解释

      副词逐步地,渐渐地; 按部就班地; 日趋; 冉冉

gradually 相关例句


      1. We began to know each other gradually.


gradually 网络解释

      1. 渐渐地:16 D 逻辑推理词义比较 所以作者渐渐地(gradually),极大程度地(greatly),而且是及早地(early)就明白了随意赊帐的危害. Hardly与文意不符. 18 B 词义辨析 工作教作者学会了自我控制,担付责任,为作者带来了某种程度(level)的自我满足感,

      2. 逐渐地:mostly#多半地;通常 | gradually#逐渐地 | generally#广泛地;一般地

      3. 逐渐的 - suddenly 突然的:77.good manners 有礼貌 - bad manners 没礼貌 | 78.gradually 逐渐的 - suddenly 突然的 | 79.go out 出去 - come in 进来

gradually 双语例句

      1. This year has just moved into new, I feel pretty good, it is conducive to learning, all very convenient, but the days gradually to enter the winter, unfortunately, it does not heat the building in winter, to heat, then, it is necessary to 800, 000 cross-network charges, the number of really good big ah!


      2. Then with my growing up gradually, I thought the rosebay trees were becoming short.


      3. The function of military aircraft export trade is gradually changed from servicing the national political purpose to servicing the national economical construction.


      4. Our economic system reform possesses gradually the character of path dependence.


      5. gradually的翻译

      5. Will cause straight and honest gentlemen to gradually draw close.



      6. Therefore, irreducible water saturation increases and residual oil saturation gradually decreases as reservoir temperature increases.


      7. The result indicated that the amount of water absorbe increased, the menbrane permeability decreased gradually because of the membrane restoration along with water imbibition. The activity of amylase increased, T...


      8. Gradually, something seemed to get opened. The long-held toughness, long-endured pain and long-insisted ways in my body were all of a sudden released with tears trickling down my face. Lying on top of the black synthetic leather surface of the chiropractic bed, I began to recognize the part of me that I had long denied to see.



      9. Michael often collides with Ada as they solved cases with co-operation with other another team, and they gradually have feelings for each other. However because of his experience with Wendy, he is afraid the same thing will happen, therefore Michael's resistance is long-lived. During one of the cases, Michael finally feels the importance of Ada, he then decides to let it flow.


      10. As the economic construction develops and the industrial structure continuously optimizes and adjusts itself, a series of newly professions have emerged, such as electronics, information technology, new materials, etc. And traditional agriculture has been transforming into modernized. At the same time, the production of all trades and all professions has been gradually transforming from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, and the personnel demands from skilled worker or primary professionals to secondary or senior professionals. Just can Higher Vocational Education supply those qualified manpower resources. Since 1990s, Higher Vocational Education in our country has made rapid progress, and it has presented an unprecedented scene of prosperity.


      11. I thought, at first, it was the crowing of cocks or the barking of dogs at some very distant farm; but steadily and gradually it took articulate shape in my ears, until I became aware that a passenger was going by upon the high-road in the valley, and singing loudly as he went.


      12. The ultimate goal is to transfer the communication group from a local broadcasting media group gradually to a global network communication group company as the content provider, distributor, and service conductor facing to the whole country and even overseas Chinese speaking world.


      13. I am gradually realizing what the post graduate study is like in here.


      14. From the present, China`s land-use system has been gradually perfected, the establishment of land tenure, land use control, land planning and resource protection requirements to ensure that the interests of the people is not impaired.


      15. gradually的意思

      15. Early intervention was used to educate and train the hypophrenia children initially, but in these years, it has been gradually utilized in the clinical therapy of HIE because the happeness of sequels of the moderate and severe HIE was not decreased well even when active drug treatment has been used in neonatal period.


      16. According to the latest research, CiGangRen ancestor's ancestral home India punjab, about the tenth century A. D. tribal war and famine, and by CiGangRen began to leave, they migrate in India, but no fixed place in the home and transportation caravans to busk, one living in cities, gradually become world-famous wandering peoples.


      17. The results indicate: the UCS of cemented-soil increased with the increasing cement ratio and curing period. The increase velocity of the UCS decreased gradually with the increasing of curing period, but increased with the increasing of cement ratio. The failure mode changes into fragile failure from plastic failure gradually with the increasing of cement ratio. Through regressive analysis on the laboratory testing results of cement-soil, the mathematical expression among UCS of cement-soil and cement ratio and curing period were established.


      18. Chinese people gradually developed their own favorite scents and ingredients over the centuries.


      19. Gradually I found that you are my only.


      20. However, the insecurity of resource and shortage become the fetter that economy grows gradually however.


gradually 词典解释

      1. 逐渐地;逐步地

      If something changes or is done gradually, it changes or is done in small stages over a long period of time, rather than suddenly.

      e.g. Electricity lines to 30,000 homes were gradually being restored yesterday...


      e.g. Gradually we learned to cope.


gradually 单语例句gradually的解释

      1. The CSRC will gradually expand the business scope of these firms, but Tu did not offer a timetable.

      2. Tyler said the company is likely to improve business this year as the world's economy gradually picks up.

      3. BEIJING - The group buying industry in China has gradually regained popularity after a first quarter slump this year.

      4. He said the girl was losing her hair and had no energy gradually recently, the father was cited as saying by a China Central Television report.

      5. Needy urban residents came gradually under the coverage of the subsistence allowances programme, and we made sure that all eligible urban residents were by and large provided for.

      6. They kept in close contact by letter and gradually became good friends.

      7. Data released earlier this month by the National Statistics Bureau showed that the country's economy is gradually stabilizing.

      8. The Noda cabinet gradually eased its grip on nuclear plants and raised the possibility of resuming nuclear powerhouses on the condition of guaranteed safety.

      9. The focus of the new measures will shift gradually from helping the weak to activating market competition.

      10. The ceasefire succeeded to restore a sort of calmness and Israel started to gradually lift the sanctions.

gradually 英英释义


      1. in a gradual manner

      e.g. the snake moved gradually toward its victim

      Synonym: bit by bitstep by step