[英 [aɪˈdentəti] 美 [aɪˈdɛntɪti] ]



identity 基本解释

      名词身份; [逻]同一性; 个性; [数]恒等(式)

identity 相关例句


      1. The identity of the fingerprints on the gun proved that he was the killer.


      2. identity

      2. Identity of interests is the bond that unites them.


      3. The police are still uncertain of the murderer's identity.


      4. The experts established the identity of the bronze bell with one described in an old document.


      5. identity的反义词

      5. His driver's license revealed his identity.


identity 情景对话


      A:Hello, Elizabeth. How are you?


      B:Fine, thanks.


      A:Are you sure you’re all right? You look a bit worried today. Is anything wrong?



      B:Well, yes, there is something wrong actually. Perhaps you can give me some advice.



      A:Of course, if I can.


      B:Well, last night when I returned from the theatre, I found that I’d lost my wallet.


      A:Oh dear! That’s terrible! What was in your wallet?


      B:Well, some money, of course, my visa, all my identity cards and some photos.


      A:Well, if I were you, I’d go to the police station straight away and report it.


      B:Yes, I’ve already done that, and they said they’d look for it. But we’re leaving soon and I need my visa and identity cards badly.


      A:Oh dear! What a pity! Are you sure you lost the wallet in the theatre?


      B:Yes, quite sure.


      A:I think you should put an advertisement in the China Daily, saying when and where you lost it.


      B:But that takes too long.


      A:Wait a minute! My uncle lives in Beijing and he lives very close to the theatre. I’ll telephone him and ask him to go there to inquire about it. You’d better have breakfast now and I’ll meet you later.



      B:Oh, thank you. I hope he finds it.


identity 网络解释


      1. 本体:逻辑(学) 按照传统理解,本体(Identity)是一个不能有(复数格)变化形式的严格概念,并且同一关系被绝对地看待. 这些环节就其自身说都是个别的,惟有它们的精神的统一体才是形成这种和解的力量. 但是,这些环节的最后一环必然是这个统一体本身,

      2. 特性:人民日报海外版消息:有人拿欧盟和东亚经济一体化建设相比较,认为欧盟25国之间,有着共同的价值观念和共同特性(Identity而亚洲文化差异太大,发展阶段不同,经济水平不一,所以东亚没有共同的特性.

identity 双语例句

      1. As the origin and foundation of the commercial bank, intermediary business is the core business through coin identity and exchanging, storing during the early stage of the commercial bank`s development. When the money-exchanging businessman became the commercial banker which regard asset and liability business as the core business, intermediary business, the core business at one time, changed to sideline occupation. Although it always exists, it was actually unimportant. In the later period 20th`s, there was a intensely competition between commercial banks, and when each commercial bank maintained its asset and liability business, at the same time, they began to attach importance to intermediary business being neglected, and run it in an innovative way.

      中间业务是银行的起源和基础,在银行发展的早期曾经将铸币的鉴定和兑换、货币的保管、兑换作为其主营业务,但是,当货币兑换商演化为以存贷业务为主的银行之后,它赖以发家的主业----中间业务,就变成了副业,虽然这些业务一直都存在,但的确已经显得不重要了。20 世纪后期,商业银行之间的竞争异常激烈,各大银行在保持自己存贷业务的同时,开始重视一度被忽视了的中间业务领域,并开始用创新的方式去从事中间业务。


      2. It has been found that his creation on novels often outpours his betray and evasion to his Jewish identity in most of his early novels.


      3. But not every citizen from the date of birth has its own identity card number of it?


      4. When you focus on just one aspect of the future – say, the identity of the President – you give this fact more prominence than it will actually have in your life.


      5. Study results from both theory and computer simulation were shown in the paper. According to the fact that different characteristics of sound field are displayed with different excited frequency on spherical shell, in the case of different ratio of spherical shell thickness to radius, the pressure directivity of the model can conform to that of the prototype rather well by adjusting the excited frequency of the model. Of course the modification of numerical scale factor is required, in order to make the identity of nondimensional pressure of two systems.


      6. There are three constrained conditions on Poisson matrices, which is equivalent to Jacobi identity for vector fields.


      7. Historical Memory And Ethnic Identity: An Anthropological Study of the Gedong Rites among the Heba Yao People in the County of MaJiang.



      8. Yes, you may want to consider closing your credit and checking accounts if you suspect identity theft.


      9. A new cross-cultural aesthetics has becoming an important role in the development of music of Taiwan; hence, issues like aesthetic criterion of music, function of music and music's cultural identity, etc., all need to be reviewed and rethought.



      10. It certifies the individual's identity as well as US citizenship.


      11. Thinking about it, finger print identity is not such a bad thing after all.


      12. Sadly, the identity card numbers of the volte-face will lead directly to the need to update all my information, including personal data, company information, bank information.


      13. identity的解释

      13. A lot of people that witness Gates to be behaved in American antitrust case, to him suddenly change one's identity becomes the philanthropist that solves global health problem to feel amazed.



      14. Still established deadly enemy in the industry at the same time, the one big social effects of pollution that suddenly change one's identity makes industry... this is perfect and spatio-temporal the experience that this a week comes to, probably that day the controller of clappers decide on a verdict now have been to not have language coagulate choke, do not know how wind up!


      15. Because British electron business affairs develops flourishingly, englishman already more and more be used to shop on the net, the traditional management pattern of Dick dark got huge concussion and challenge, then, dick dark is flat shut in England all door inn, and suddenly change one's identity, complete transition is network shopkeeper.


      16. identity的近义词

      16. Through be being bought, the VC that serves as investor and PE people can win thousands of get one's own back of times, and poineering home people criterion the tall valve that suddenly change one's identity made network tycoons, at the same time oneself fortune also realized volatile rise in value, still swung the burden of gain.



      17. Guest of rich of a few professions nowadays suddenly change one's identity, became the media company that they abhor extremely in the past, stem from pair of rich guests love, when their meeting yearning writes rich at the outset pure.


      18. identity

      18. On St Andrews Day, 30 November 1996, the Stone of Destiny returned north of the border and amid much pomp and ceremony, was installed in Edinburgh Castle, taking its place alongside those other symbols of national identity, the Honours of Scotland.


      19. A great guy and the identity of this franchise right now.


      20. identity

      20. The shift from a Dual system of Government towards a hereditary Monarchy under King Ugyen Wangchuck brought the people together and gave the country a distinct identity.


identity 词典解释

      1. 身份;本体

      Your identity is who you are.

      e.g. Abu is not his real name, but it's one he uses to disguise his identity...


      e.g. The police soon established his true identity and he was quickly found.


      2. 个性;特性

      The identity of a person or place is the characteristics they have that distinguish them from others.

      e.g. I wanted a sense of my own identity.


      e.g. ...the distinct cultural, religious and national identity of many Italians.


identity 单语例句identity什么意思

      1. He even obtained copies of the firm's business licence and Xie's identity card to make sure the company was legitimate before paying for two stalls.

      2. The record unit price and the mystery surrounding the buyer's identity have caused some questions about the circumstances of the apartment sale.

      3. All existing micro blog accounts will have to be tied to true identity verification by March this year.

      4. Both men were convicted earlier of perverting the course of justice by disclosing the identity of a witness protected by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

      5. It was by sheer chance that Luo finally learnt the secret of her identity being stolen by her classmate.

      6. A tourist surnamed Lu was asked by security personnel at the square for his identity card and to search his backpack.

      7. Their identity is decided by the opinions they express, not by the way they express them.

      8. After the identity was uncovered, the police soon found his workplace and the licence plate number of his car.

      9. Wang said her friend had borrowed her identity card to open the account for trading stocks several years ago.

      10. The " real name " policy requires the sender to show their identity card to the express delivery company whenever there is a parcel to be sent.

identity 英英释义


      1. the distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity

      e.g. you can lose your identity when you join the army

      Synonym: personal identityindividuality

      2. exact sameness

      e.g. they shared an identity of interests

      Synonym: identicalnessindistinguishability

      3. the individual characteristics by which a thing or person is recognized or known

      e.g. geneticists only recently discovered the identity of the gene that causes it

      it was too dark to determine his identity

      she guessed the identity of his lover

      4. an operator that leaves unchanged the element on which it operates

      e.g. the identity under numerical multiplication is 1

      Synonym: identity elementidentity operator