[英 [ɪnˌtɪmɪ'deɪʃn] 美 [ɪntɪməˈdeʃən] ]


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intimidation 网络解释

      1. 胁迫:原则上讲,如果原告不以上述一种诉讼形式提出诉讼请求,那么他不能获得法律的救济,但是如果一旦有了新的侵权行为,那么就可以产生一种新的侵权行为诉讼形式,比如侵犯隐私(invasion of privacy)、胁迫(intimidation)等等.

      2. 威胁:在正确适用这些规定的案子(intherightcase)中,这些条款是万能药(panacea而在错误适用这些规定的案子(wrong case)中, 它们则会 [1]被用作施加威胁(intimidation)的工具.


      3. 恐吓:玩家使用一点意志点数,投魅力(Charisma)+ 恐吓(Intimidation)对抗目标投意志判定(难度都是7). 血族的成功数每超过受害者一个,受害者就临时丧失一点意志点数. 目标的成功数每超过血族一个,则下一轮判定她将能多投一个dice.


      4. 恫吓:恫吓(Intimidation):用威胁的方法使他人接受自己的观点. 逢迎(Ingratiation):说他人喜欢的话,俗称拍马屁. (4)自我障碍策略 为了保持自尊,个体常常会使用一些策略,其中自我障碍策略(Self-handicapping)就是最常用的一种方法,

intimidation 双语例句

      1. TeenPact's major objective is to break down the intimidation that many have about involvement in our civil government.


      2. intimidation

      2. With the evidence at hand, he uses blackmail and intimidation to gain greater Influence over the City Watch and the captain (the GM allows Troy to spend another 3 Points on both the City Watch and the captain).


      3. intimidation的翻译

      3. And these countries, because of the privacy of citizens from the excavation, the starting point, Low scum are some people made bad hair bad thing is, they are intended as attacks on citizens, harassment, intimidation, against them.


      4. Louis:... With all you tall talk you've only one real trump in your hand, and that's intimidation.



      5. Every day, this city sinks deeper into a cesspool of fear, intimidation and corruption.


      6. In contrast with China's tactic of official intimidation, Taiwan's democratization -- especially its concern

      从 1996 年迄今,欧洲议会的确也一步一步的信守其对台湾参与国际组织的支持及认同。

      7. intimidation在线翻译

      7. What methods are used intimidation and inducements are not effective.


      8. As a righteous intellectual, I`m ashamed of the outrageous policy of intimidation employed by the die-hard conservatives who control the government to try to strangle social reform and to prevent the people from carrying forward their praiseworthy efforts towards building an ideal society.


      9. There have been, but ruled out the possibility of intimidation."


      10. The boss threatened to fire him, but it is only a intimidation.


      11. The boss threaten to fire him, but it is just a intimidation.


      12. intimidation什么意思

      12. One thing that helped me in my life is that I'd seen intimidation growing up.


      13. The boss threatened to dismiss him, but this is just intimidation.


      14. intimidation的近义词

      14. Because of his intimidation, she was really teed off.


      15. intimidation

      15. During a White House appearance Friday, President George Bush warned Russia that bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century.


      16. Analysts here said China had avoided attempts to influence the parliamentary election with overt threats or intimidation, since saber rattling before past elections appeared to have increased support for the Democratic Progressive Party.


      17. In early May, Starr continued his strategy of intimidation by indicting Susan McDougal on charges of criminal contempt and obstruction of justice for her continuing refusal to talk to the grand jury, the same offense for which she had already served eighteen months for civil contempt.


      18. We therefore call on the owners of the Want Want Group which intend to manage the China Times media group to refrain from the use of advertisements to engage in ``public trials`` of people with different views or to use legal confirmation letters as a means of intimidation.


      19. Earlier, President Bush accused Russia are bullet and of bullying and intimidation.


      20. Earlier, President Bush accused Russia of bullying and intimidation, although Russia confirms it will sign the a ceasefire foresees accord its forces are still president present in past parts of Georgia.


intimidation 单语例句intimidation

      1. Hong Kong is a place where the rule of law prevails and the government will not tolerate any act of violence or intimidation.

      2. She added that her intimidation grew when the machine swallowed her bank card last year.

      3. Lee was convicted of one count of criminal intimidation, one count of publishing an indecent article and one count of publishing an obscene article.

      4. The three defendants denied their culpable confessions in court, saying they made those statements under intimidation and inducement by police.

      5. Many people are also discouraged from working out due to gym intimidation.

      6. " The Iraqis deserve an election that is free from intimidation and violence, " he said in a statement.

      7. Guerrilla violence and intimidation in Iraq's Sunni Arab heartland means that even many Sunnis who want to vote are too afraid.

      8. He was arrested and charged with criminal intimidation and illegal possession of a weapon.

      9. Bush also said the noose was a tool for intimidation and killing that conveyed a sense of powerlessness to millions of blacks throughout the country.

      10. Officials also report a massive intimidation campaign by insurgents threatening to kill candidates and others participating in the January ballot.

intimidation 英英释义


      1. the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something

      Synonym: bullying

      2. a communication that makes you afraid to try something

      Synonym: determentdeterrence

      3. the feeling of being intimidated

      being made to feel afraid or timid

      4. the feeling of discouragement in the face of someone's superior fame or wealth or status etc.