[英 [laɪt] 美 [laɪt] ]


      过去式:lit; lighted;   过去分词:lit; lighted;   现在分词:lighting;   复数形式:lights;

light 基本解释

      名词光; 发光体; 电灯; 点火器

      形容词轻的; 明亮的; 浅色的; 少量的

      动词点燃; 照亮; 用光指引


light 同义词


      动词light up


light 反义词






light 相关词组

      1. sit light on : 对...说来负担不重;

light 相关例句


      1. light是什么意思

      1. She bought a light truck.


      2. light什么意思

      2. He was a bit light after the illness.




      1. The room is brilliantly lighted up and full of guests.




      1. The mystery has now come to light.


      2. light的翻译

      2. A light of recognition came into his eyes.


light 情景对话



      A:Excuse me, can you tell me where Main Street is?


      B:Turn left at the second light and then go straight for two blocks.



      A:Is it far?


      B:No. Its only a five-minute walk. You can’t miss it.


      A:Thanks a lot.


      B:Youre welcome.




      A:Good morning, madam.


      B:Good morning. I would like a shampoo and set.


      A:Yes, madam. What style do you want?



      B:Id like to try a new hair-style. Could you show me some pictures of hair styles?


      A:Sure. We have various models: hair bobbed, hair sweptback, chaplet hair style, shoulder-length hair style,hair done in a bun. Please have a look at them, madam.


      B:Thanks. Please give me the style in this picture here but make the wave longer. I would like hair spray,please.


      A:Yes, madam.


      B:Oh, your hair dryer is too hot. Would you adjust it, please?


      A:Sorry, madam. Ill adjust it right away.Is that all right now?


      B:Yes, thank.



      A:Please have a look.



      B:Beautifully done. Please trim my eyebrows and darken them.



      A:All right, madam. And would you like a manicure?


      B:Yes. Use a light nail varnish, please.



      A:Hello, can I help you?


      B:Well, Im looking for some winter clothes for my wife.



      A:Oh, it is the high time for your purchasing in our clothes shop. We are now having a pre-season sale on all our winter apparel.


      B:Really? Whats that?


      A:Everything for winter is 20% off.


      B:I think my wife may favor the sweater in the shopwindow. And would you like to aid me to look for any skirts going with this sweater?


      A:Sure. We have both skirts and trousers that would go well with the sweater. Look to this section.


      B:I especially like this flowery skirt. My wife must be very elegant in them.


      A:You have a good taste. It is very much in style this year.


      B:But I dont think the green one fits her complexion. Do you have any of those skirts in light color or tan?


      A:Look on the rack to your right.


      B:Oh yes. Ill take this one. Can I pay with a travelers check?


      A:Its OK.


light 网络解释

      1. 灯:我司是致力服务于汽车和船用五金零配件的生产商家,能够全面提供汽车及船用的五金零配件,例如:锚链座(Anchor roller)、系绳栓(Cleat)、把手(Handrail)、门钮(Hinge)、扶梯(Ladder)、灯(Light)、钓鱼杆座(Rod holder)、旗杆(Stanchio

light 双语例句

      1. light的意思

      1. It was a root pairs of strains of holly, higher than the eaves, leaves dense seamless, dark green light, in the winter, with bamboo light green color of show scenery, giving a good impression to leave, it will enable you germinal Prose The inspiration, though not as earth-shattering story of the source, from the cuttings to grow together in prayer for the two thick trees, the growth of its history, after the number of wind and rain, how many spent the winter and spring, winter does not fade dark green in color, hair can not count the new spring shoots, there are hundreds of thousands of young leaves crowded old leaves, people unknown knowing it.



      2. Kyungin Korean company's high-Series Light reactive, colors K - HL Red Yellow Blue, plus two monochrome high-Light gray and purple, a total of five varieties.


      3. Never touch the clear sides of the cuvette since it will always be in the path of the light beam!


      4. light的解释

      4. Jesus is God`s divine light on the earth.


      5. light的解释

      5. He is the Lord of Heavenly light, protector of truth, and is invoked when a contract or oath is taken.


      6. light的反义词

      6. It is this holy light which enables us to break out of the marshland of materialism.


      7. Even a ruin will give off holy light with support of culture and mighty heart.


      8. Also, the Knights are difficult to kill and with some micro+holy light and inner fire they are very good meat.


      9. light的翻译

      9. A solid-state area illumination lighting apparatus, including a plurality of light sources, each light source having, a substrate; an organic light emitting diode layer deposited upon the substrate, the organic light emitting diode layer including first and second electrodes for providing electrical power to the OLED layer; an encapsulating cover covering the OLED layer; and first and second conductors located on the substrate and electrically connected to the first and second electrodes, and extending beyond the encapsulating cover for making electrical contact to the first and second electrodes by an external power source; and a lighting fixture for removably receiving and holding the plurality of light sources and having a plurality of first electrical contacts for making electrical connection to the first and second conductors of the light sources, and second electrical contacts for making electrical connection to an external power source.


      10. Multi-layer soft cascade ring at a fixed valve plate, the butterfly valve butterfly valve as compared with traditional high temperature, operation light, no friction hoist, turn off when the torque transmission mechanism with the increase to compensate for sealing, improve a butterfly valve sealing performance and durability advantages.


      11. Multi-layer soft cascade ring at a fixed valve plate, 减压阀, the butterfly valve butterfly valve as compared with traditional high temperature, operation light, no friction hoist, turn off when the torque transmission mechanism with the increase to compensate for sealing, improve a butterfly valve sealing performance and durability advantages.


      12. The status quo of domestic light diesel product was introduced and problems pointed out.


      13. The pyrolysis performance of naphtha and light diesel oil from crude oil of Kazakhstan was carried out.


      14. Main business: 0 # light diesel oil, industrial lubricants, oil bulk wholesale distribution.


      15. Light diesel; product upgrading; standard; Chinese


      16. I ask you to bring to light the importance of God`s desire of consecration.


      17. South Korea LED warning lights a number of sound and light alarm.


      18. Features High whiteness, high reflectivity, excellent light-blocking.

      特性 白度高,反射率高,遮盖性好。

      19. light的解释

      19. The intensity of scattering light in different angles are got out by filtering the frame and linear rings. And then the radius and density of bubbles can be calculated by inversion method.



      20. In order to increase the reaction rate of the heterogeneous Fenton-like oxidation, the catalyst of Fe3+C2O4/R was used to catalytically decompose H2O2 for the removal of malachite green in aqueous solution under the visible light irradiation condition.


light 词典解释


      The form lit is the usual past tense and past participle, but the form lighted is also used. 过去式和过去分词形式通常用lit,但亦使用lighted。

      1. 光;光线;光亮

      Light is the brightness that lets you see things. Light comes from sources such as the sun, moon, lamps, and fire.

      e.g. Cracks of light filtered through the shutters...


      e.g. Light and water in embassy buildings were cut off...


      2. 发光体;光源;(电)灯

      A light is something such as an electric lamp which produces light.

      e.g. The janitor comes round to turn the lights out...


      e.g. You get into the music, the lights and the people around you.


      3. 交通信号灯;红绿灯

      You can use lights to refer to a set of traffic lights.

      e.g. ...the heavy city traffic with its endless delays at lights and crossings.


      4. 照亮;照耀

      If a place or object is lit by something, it has light shining on it.

      e.g. It was dark and a giant moon lit the road so brightly you could see the landscape clearly...


      e.g. The room was lit by only the one light...


      5. (清晨或黄昏)天色亮的

      If it is light, the sun is providing light at the beginning or end of the day.


      e.g. It was still light when we arrived at Lalong Creek...


      e.g. He would often rise as soon as it was light and go into the garden.


      6. (自然)光线充足的

      If a room or building is light, it has a lot of natural light in it, for example because it has large windows.

      e.g. It is a light room with tall windows...


      e.g. Her house is light and airy, crisp and clean.



      The dark green spare bedroom is in total contrast to the lightness of the large main bedroom.


      7. 点燃;点着

      If you light something such as a cigarette or fire, or if it lights, it starts burning.

      e.g. Stephen hunched down to light a cigarette...


      e.g. If the charcoal does fail to light, use a special liquid spray and light it with a long taper.


      8. (火柴、打火机等)点火物

      If someone asks you for a light, they want a match or cigarette lighter so they can start smoking.

      e.g. Have you got a light anybody?


      9. 角度;(事物呈现的)状态

      If something is presented in a particular light, it is presented so that you think about it in a particular way or so that it appears to be of a particular nature.

      e.g. He has worked hard in recent months to portray New York in a better light.


      10. 影响

      You can refer to the type of influence that something has on situations, people, or things as the light of that situation, person, or thing.

      e.g. ...the harsh light of reality.


      11. 眼光;(个人的)观点,标准

      You say that something is done or is acceptable according to someone's lights when you mean that it is done or is acceptable according to their own ideas and standards.

      e.g. They can get on with running the school system according to their own lights and in their own interests.


      12. 眼神;目光

      If there is a light in someone's eyes, there is an expression in their eyes that shows you the mood they are in or what they are thinking about.


      e.g. I remembered the curious expectant light in his eyes.


      13. see also: lighter;lighting;bright lights;night light;pilot light;red light

      14. 显露;揭露;为人所知

      If something comes to light or is brought to light, it becomes obvious or is made known to a lot of people.

      e.g. Nothing about this sum has come to light...


      e.g. The truth is unlikely to be brought to light by the promised enquiry.


      15. 开始明白

      If light dawns on you, you begin to understand something after a period of not being able to understand it.

      e.g. At last the light dawned. He was going to marry Phylis!


      16. 黎明;破晓

      First light is the time in the early morning when light first appears and before the sun rises.


      e.g. Three hours before first light Fuentes gave orders for the evacuation of the camp.


      17. 准许;许可

      If someone in authority gives you a green light, they give you permission to do something.


      e.g. The food industry was given a green light to extend the use of these chemicals...


      e.g. Other countries are eagerly awaiting an American green light to lift the sanctions altogether.


      18. 鉴于;由于;根据

      If something is possible in the light of particular information, it is only possible because you have this information.

      e.g. In the light of this information it is now possible to identify a number of key issues.


      19. 很快入睡;立即失去知觉

      If someone goes out like a light, they fall asleep or become unconscious very quickly or immediately.

      e.g. 'Why didn't somebody come and tell me?' — 'Because you were out like a light.'


      20. 重见天日

      If you say that an object sees the light of day or sees the light, you mean that it is taken out of the place where it is stored.

      e.g. Museum basements are stacked full of objects which never see the light of day.


      21. 问世;为公众所知

      If something sees the light of day at a particular time, it comes into existence or is made known to the public at that time.

      e.g. This extraordinary document first saw the light of day in 1966.


      22. 明白过来;领悟

      If someone sees the light, they finally realize something or change their attitude or way of behaving to a better one.

      e.g. I saw the light and ditched him.


      23. 点燃;点着

      If you set light to something, you make it start burning.


      e.g. They had poured fuel through the door of the flat and had then set light to it.


      in AM, use 美国英语用 set fire to

      24. 使(某事)显得非常清楚;使人了解(某事)

      To shed light on ,throw light on, or cast light on something means to make it easier to understand, because more information is known about it.

      e.g. A new approach offers an answer, and may shed light on an even bigger question.


      25. 隧道尽头的曙光;黑暗尽头的希望

      When you talk about the light at the end of the tunnel, you are referring to the end of the difficult or unpleasant situation that you are in at the moment.


      e.g. All I can do is tell her to hold on, that there's light at the end of the tunnel.


      26. all sweetness and light -> see sweetness

      相关词组:light onlight uplight upon


      1. 轻的;不重的

      Something that is light does not weigh very much, or weighs less than you would expect it to.


      e.g. Modern tennis rackets are now apparently 20 per cent lighter.


      e.g. ...weight training with light weights...



      The toughness, lightness, strength, and elasticity of whalebone gave it a wide variety of uses.


      2. 少量的;程度轻的;强度低的

      Something that is light is not very great in amount, degree, or intensity.

      e.g. It's a Sunday like any other with the usual light traffic in the city...


      e.g. Trading was very light ahead of yesterday's auction.



      Put the onions in the pan and cook until lightly browned.


      ...the small and lightly armed UN contingent.


      3. (设备、机器等)轻型的,轻便的

      Light equipment and machines are small and easily moved, especially because they are not heavy.


      e.g. ...a convoy of light armoured vehicles...


      e.g. They used light machine guns and AK forty-sevens.


      4. (土壤)松软的,轻质的

      Soil that is light is easy to dig, because it has a loose texture and is not sticky or solid.

      e.g. Less chemical gets into the subsoil which is particularly important with the light, tropical soils.


      5. (颜色)淡的,浅的

      Something that is light is very pale in colour.

      e.g. The walls are light in colour and covered in paper...


      e.g. He is light haired with gray eyes.


      6. (睡眠)不深的;(人)容易惊醒的

      A light sleep is one that is easily disturbed and in which you are often aware of the things around you. If you are a light sleeper, you are easily woken when you are asleep.

      e.g. She had drifted into a light sleep...


      e.g. She was usually a light sleeper.



      He was dozing lightly in his chair.


      7. (声音、嗓音等)轻柔的

      A light sound, for example someone's voice, is pleasantly quiet.

      e.g. The voice was sweet and light.


      8. (餐食)少量的,易消化的

      A light meal consists of a small amount of food, or of food that is easy to digest.

      e.g. ...a light, healthy lunch.


      e.g. and cheese or other light refreshment.



      She found it impossible to eat lightly.


      9. (食物)清淡的,易消化的

      Food that is light has a delicate flavour and is easy to digest.

      e.g. Berti's clear tomato soup is deliciously light...


      e.g. Bake salmon in foil or poach in a light stock for 8-10 minutes.


      10. 不费力的;轻松的

      Light work does not involve much physical effort.

      e.g. He was on the training field for some light work yesterday.


      11. (行为后果、处罚等)轻微的,不严重的

      If you describe the result of an action or a punishment as light, you mean that it is less serious or severe than you expected.

      e.g. She confessed her astonishment at her light sentence when her father visited her at the jail.



      One of the accused got off lightly in exchange for pleading guilty to withholding information from Congress.


      12. 轻捷的;轻盈的;用力小的

      Movements and actions that are light are graceful or gentle and are done with very little force or effort.

      e.g. Use a light touch when applying cream or make-up...


      e.g. There was a light knock at the door.



      He kissed her lightly on the mouth...


      Knead the dough very lightly.


      She danced with a grace and lightness that were breathtaking.


      13. see also: lighter


      1. (书、音乐、电影等)消遣性的,娱乐性的,轻松的

      If you describe things such as books, music, and films as light, you mean that they entertain you without making you think very deeply.

      e.g. He doesn't like me reading light novels.


      e.g. ...light classical music.


      2. (说话方式)随意的,不严肃的

      If you say something in a light way, you sound as if you think that something is not important or serious.

      e.g. Talk to him in a friendly, light way about the relationship...


      e.g. Let's finish on a lighter note.



      'Once a detective, always a detective,' he said lightly.


      'I'm not an authority on them,' Jessica said with forced lightness.


      3. (通常用于否定句)轻微的,不重要的

      If you say that something is not a light matter, you mean that it should be treated or considered as being important and serious.

      e.g. It can be no light matter for the Home Office that so many young prisoners should have wanted to kill or injure themselves.



      His allegations cannot be lightly dismissed.


      4. 轻视;对…不在乎;视…为微不足道

      If you make light of something, you treat it as though it is not serious or important, when in fact it is.

      e.g. Roberts attempted to make light of his discomfort.


      5. see also: lighter

      to make light work of -> see work

light 单语例句light的解释

      1. The starter with the light textured cream of cauliflower and goat cheese by all means presented a tingling sensation.

      2. By day they are either in light rubberized fabric or traditional cotton and linen.

      3. Judging by the definition given in the light pollution standard, the court decided in Lu's favour.

      4. Sun and moon are represented by the light and dark halves of the cape, with seven embroidered circles signifying the stars.

      5. In the light emitted by the little bamboo lamps, you feel softness and warmth in the air.

      6. By night, light sources inside each rod allow the whole building to glow.

      7. By now that gentle chill that required a light jacket at Beijing West Railway Station has developed into frost and snow.

      8. The feelings brought to light by the book seem to be widely held.

      9. The National has installed the piece in a darkened room lit only by the red glow of colored light bulbs and lampshades.

      10. The new ultraviolet observations were compared with similar observations made in laboratories, where researchers determined how much UV light would be reflected by water versus other material.

      light的意思light 英英释义


      1. any device serving as a source of illumination

      e.g. he stopped the car and turned off the lights

      Synonym: light source

      2. a device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or fires

      e.g. do you have a light?

      Synonym: lighterigniterignitor

      3. the visual effect of illumination on objects or scenes as created in pictures

      e.g. he could paint the lightest light and the darkest dark

      Synonym: lightness

      4. merriment expressed by a brightness or gleam or animation of countenance

      e.g. he had a sparkle in his eye

      there's a perpetual twinkle in his eyes

      Synonym: sparkletwinklespark

      5. the quality of being luminous

      emitting or reflecting light

      e.g. its luminosity is measured relative to that of our sun

      Synonym: luminositybrightnessbrightness levelluminanceluminousness

      6. public awareness

      e.g. it brought the scandal to light

      7. mental understanding as an enlightening experience

      e.g. he finally saw the light

      can you shed light on this problem?

      8. a particular perspective or aspect of a situation

      e.g. although he saw it in a different light, he still did not understand

      9. a visual warning signal

      e.g. they saw the light of the beacon

      there was a light at every corner

      10. an illuminated area

      e.g. he stepped into the light

      11. a person regarded very fondly

      e.g. the light of my life

      12. (physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation

      e.g. the light was filtered through a soft glass window

      Synonym: visible lightvisible radiation

      13. having abundant light or illumination

      e.g. they played as long as it was light

      as long as the lighting was good

      Synonym: lighting

      14. a condition of spiritual awareness

      divine illumination

      e.g. follow God's light

      Synonym: illumination



      1. make lighter or brighter

      e.g. This lamp lightens the room a bit

      Synonym: illumeilluminelight upilluminate

      2. begin to smoke

      e.g. After the meal, some of the diners lit up

      Synonym: light upfire up

      3. alight from (a horse)

      Synonym: unhorsedismountget offget down

      4. to come to rest, settle

      e.g. Misfortune lighted upon him

      Synonym: alightperch

      5. fall to somebody by assignment or lot

      e.g. The task fell to me

      It fell to me to notify the parents of the victims

      Synonym: fall

      6. cause to start burning

      subject to fire or great heat

      e.g. Great heat can ignite almost any dry matter

      Light a cigarette

      Synonym: ignite


      1. characterized by or emitting light

      e.g. a room that is light when the shutters are open

      the inside of the house was airy and light

      2. casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior

      e.g. her easy virtue

      he was told to avoid loose (or light) women

      wanton behavior

      Synonym: easyloosepromiscuoussluttishwanton

      3. (used of color) having a relatively small amount of coloring agent

      e.g. light blue

      light colors such as pastels

      a light-colored powder

      Synonym: light-colored

      4. (used of soil) loose and large-grained in consistency

      e.g. light soil

      5. (of sleep) easily disturbed

      e.g. in a light doze

      a light sleeper

      a restless wakeful night

      Synonym: wakeful

      6. demanding little effort

      not burdensome

      e.g. light housework

      light exercise

      7. having relatively few calories

      e.g. diet cola

      light (or lite) beer

      lite (or light) mayonnaise

      a low-cal diet

      Synonym: litelow-calcalorie-free

      8. easily assimilated in the alimentary canal

      not rich or heavily seasoned

      e.g. a light diet

      9. of comparatively little physical weight or density

      e.g. a light load

      magnesium is a light metal--having a specific gravity of 1.74 at 20 degrees C

      10. designed for ease of movement or to carry little weight

      e.g. light aircraft

      a light truck

      11. psychologically light

      especially free from sadness or troubles

      e.g. a light heart

      12. not great in degree or quantity or number

      e.g. a light sentence

      a light accent

      casualties were light

      light snow was falling

      light misty rain

      light smoke from the chimney

      13. (physics, chemistry) not having atomic weight greater than average

      e.g. light water is ordinary water

      14. of little intensity or power or force

      e.g. the light touch of her fingers

      a light breeze

      15. moving easily and quickly


      e.g. the dancer was light and graceful

      a lightsome buoyant step

      walked with a light tripping step

      Synonym: lightsometripping

      16. of the military or industry

      using (or being) relatively small or light arms or equipment

      e.g. light infantry

      light cavalry

      light industry

      light weapons

      17. (of sound or color) free from anything that dulls or dims

      e.g. efforts to obtain a clean bass in orchestral recordings

      clear laughter like a waterfall

      clear reds and blues

      a light lilting voice like a silver bell

      Synonym: cleanclearunclouded

      18. silly or trivial

      e.g. idle pleasure

      light banter

      light idle chatter

      Synonym: idle

      19. intended primarily as entertainment

      not serious or profound

      e.g. light verse

      a light comedy

      20. having little importance

      e.g. losing his job was no light matter

      21. (used of vowels or syllables) pronounced with little or no stress

      e.g. a syllable that ends in a short vowel is a light syllable

      a weak stress on the second syllable

      Synonym: unaccentedweak

      22. less than the correct or legal or full amount often deliberately so

      e.g. a light pound

      a scant cup of sugar

      regularly gives short weight

      Synonym: scant(p)short

      23. very thin and insubstantial

      e.g. thin paper

      light summer dresses

      24. weak and likely to lose consciousness

      e.g. suddenly felt faint from the pain

      was sick and faint from hunger

      felt light in the head

      a swooning fit

      light-headed with wine

      light-headed from lack of sleep

      Synonym: faintswooninglight-headedlightheaded



      1. with few burdens

      e.g. experienced travellers travel light

      Synonym: lightly