[英 [ˈmætə(r)] 美 [ˈmætɚ] ]


      过去式:mattered;   过去分词:mattered;   现在分词:mattering;   复数形式:matters;

matter 基本解释

      名词物质; 事件; (讨论、考虑等的)问题; 重要性

      不及物动词要紧,重要; 化脓; 有重大影响; 有重要性

matter 同义词


matter 反义词


matter 相关词组


      1. a matter of : 大约;

      2. as a matter of fact : 事实上;

      3. no matter : 没关系;

      4. a matter of course : 理所当然的事;

      5. a matter of opinion : 看法不同的问题;

      6. in the matter of : 就...而论;


matter 相关例句


      1. All these things do not matter now.


      2. We usually see eye to eye on the things that really matter.




      1. Everything we can see and touch is made up of matter.


      2. This is a matter of no account.


      3. The matter in your essay is excellent but the style is deplorable.


matter 情景对话


      A:Please excuse my careless words.


      B:It doesn’t matter at all.



      A:Good morning, Jerry. How’s everything?


      B:Fine, just fine. Thanks.


      A:Doing anything for lunch?


      B:Well, as a matter of fact, I’ve got a lunch date with Bob Thomas.



      A:Would you like an American man to be your husband?


      B:If he loves me, why not?


      A:What do you think about marriage?


      B:I didn’t think about this matter before.


      A:Please do think about it, it’s important for me.


      B:What do you mean?


      A:I want you to spend the rest of the life with you.


      B:Oh! Are you sure you like me?


      A:Yes, I have fallen in love, I can’t stop missing you. You are my first choice. The thing I can give you is the real life and emotion.



      B:Oh! I don’t know. I can’t give you the answer right now. Can you give me some time to think it over?


matter 网络解释

      1. matter是什么意思

      1. 事情:我们一生之中, 要牢记和要忘记的东西(thing)一样多; 记忆存在细胞(cell)里, 在身体里面, 与肉体永不分离(separation), 要摧毁它, 等于玉石俱焚; 然而, 有些事情(matter)必须牢记, 忘记痛苦(misery)(misery),

matter 双语例句


      1. No matter what you would like to be or not to be, youmust admit that his decide was right.



      2. I totallyagree with the assertion that Government should preserve the wildernessareas in their natural state no matter how many people will accessthere(这个短语结构不明白什么意思呀~) because these areas deserve and have the necessity to beprotected and government is a powerful organization to gain this ends.



      3. I don't think many of my birds are visitors, because they come back every day no matter what the weather, so they must be mostly resident birds.


      4. matter的翻译

      4. Sprayed different concentration ethephon on maize varieties Ping'an 18 (the upright-leaf type) and Sidan 19 (horizontal-leaf type) before tasselling stage to discuss the influence of ethephon on plant height, leaf area, dry matter weight and yield.


      5. If I was sensitive at that time, I would keep silent on this matter.



      6. This is a matter of how long?


      7. It doe't matter to me.



      8. What they say doe't matter to me.


      9. matter的反义词

      9. Figure out what your subject matter is, and then narrow it down.


      10. NO matter where you go, you can see that computer have an affect on people's lives.



      11. The vast majority of synthetic, soluble oil in the organic matter.



      12. Upon receipt. We will respond to the matter you have raised in



      13. It is like the dream of your matter of affection coming true.



      14. No matter how much you try to dress it up...


      15. Don't be tension, please take it easy2.If without ther help, we will dead.3.The only important way what you lawing.4.Must be carefully when you use these radioactivity things.5.This matter will be make the price of per tank suddenly rise to $50, then last on several months.



      16. No matter which way you decide to go there are marketing decisions to be made.


      17. As a matter of fact, many kinds of chemical substances are hidden in the LPG besides olefin, such as sulfur, water and some impurities, which may cause damages to vehicles and the fuel supply system of the engine if such impurities are fed to the engine directly as its fuel.



      18. I will do nothing to the prejudice of my friend in this matter.


      19. He will not do anything to the prejudice of his brother on this matter.


      20. You'll end up better off, no matter what.


matter 词典解释

      1. 事情;状况;问题

      A matter is a task, situation, or event which you have to deal with or think about, especially one that involves problems.


      e.g. It was clear that she wanted to discuss some private matter...


      e.g. Until the matter is resolved the athletes will be ineligible to compete...


      2. 事态;情况;局面

      You use matters to refer to the situation you are talking about, especially when something is affecting the situation in some way.

      e.g. If your ordinary life is out of control, then retreating into a cosy ritual will not improve matters...


      e.g. If it would facilitate matters, I would be happy to come to New York...


      3. (是…的)问题;取决于…的问题;关乎…的问题

      If you say that a situation is a matter of a particular thing, you mean that that is the most important thing to be done or considered when you are involved in the situation or explaining it.

      e.g. History is always a matter of interpretation...


      e.g. Observance of the law is a matter of principle for us...


      4. (印刷或阅读的)材料

      Printed matter consists of books, newspapers, and other texts that are printed. Reading matter consists of things that are suitable for reading, such as books and newspapers.

      e.g. ...the Government's plans to levy VAT on printed matter.


      e.g. ...a rich variety of reading matter.


      5. (有形的)物质

      Matter is the physical part of the universe consisting of solids, liquids, and gases.

      e.g. A proton is an elementary particle of matter.


      e.g. He has spent his career studying how matter behaves at the fine edge between order and disorder.


      6. (某一类型的)物质

      You use matter to refer to a particular type of substance.

      e.g. They feed mostly on decaying vegetable matter.


      e.g. ...waste matter from industries.


      7. 麻烦事;问题

      You use matter in expressions such as 'What's the matter?' or 'Is anything the matter?' when you think that someone has a problem and you want to know what it is.

      e.g. Carole, what's the matter? You don't seem happy...


      e.g. What's the matter with your office?...


      8. (强调数量少、时间短)

      You use matter in expressions such as 'a matter of weeks' when you are emphasizing how small an amount is or how short a period of time is.

      e.g. Within a matter of days she was back at work...


      e.g. He expected to be at East Grinstead station in a matter of hours...


      9. 有关系;要紧;有影响

      If you say that something does not matter, you mean that it is not important to you because it does not have an effect on you or on a particular situation.


      e.g. A lot of the food goes on the floor but that doesn't matter...


      e.g. As for Laura and me, the colour of our skin has never mattered...


      10. see also: grey matter;subject matter

      11. 另一码事;另一回事;不同情形

      If you say that something is another matter or a different matter, you mean that it is very different from the situation that you have just discussed.

      e.g. Being responsible for one's own health is one thing, but being responsible for another person's health is quite a different matter...


      e.g. You have no business going into such places all by yourselves. If your parents take you, of course, that's another matter.


      12. 出于(时间)的考虑;作为(紧急)事件(处理)

      If you are going to do something as a matter of urgency or priority, you are going to do it as soon as possible, because it is important.

      e.g. Your doctor and health visitor can help a great deal and you need to talk about it with them as a matter of urgency.


      13. 难事;并非易事

      If something is no easy matter, it is difficult to do it.


      e.g. Choosing the colour for the drawing-room walls was no easy matter.


      14. 此事已定;(事情)到此为止,到此结束

      If someone says that's the end of the matter or that's an end to the matter, they mean that a decision that has been taken must not be changed or discussed any more.


      e.g. 'He's moving in here,' Maria said. 'So that's the end of the matter.'


      15. 事实真相是;真实情况是

      You use the fact of the matter is or the truth of the matter is to introduce a fact which supports what you are saying or which is not widely known, for example because it is a secret.

      e.g. The fact of the matter is that most people consume far more protein than they actually need...


      e.g. The truth of the matter is that he was having an identity crisis when he met Carina.


      16. 同样;而且

      You can use for that matter to emphasize that the remark you are making is true in the same way as your previous, similar remark.

      e.g. The irony was that Shawn had not seen her. Nor for that matter had anyone else...


      e.g. A great deal of hard work was done and, for that matter, is continuing.


      17. 不要紧;没关系

      You say 'it doesn't matter' to tell someone who is apologizing to you that you are not angry or upset, and that they should not worry.

      e.g. 'Did I wake you?' — 'Yes, but it doesn't matter.'


      18. 都行;无所谓;随便

      You say 'it doesn't matter' when someone offers you a choice between two or more things and you do not mind which is chosen.


      e.g. 'Steve, what do you want?' — 'Coke, Pepsi, it doesn't matter.'


      19. 正经事;非同儿戏

      If you say that something is no laughing matter, you mean that it is very serious and not something that you should laugh or joke about.

      e.g. Their behaviour is an offence. It's no laughing matter.


      20. 使情况变得更糟

      If you say that something makes matters worse, you mean that it makes a difficult situation even more difficult.

      e.g. Don't let yourself despair; this will only make matters worse...


      e.g. To make matters worse, it started to rain again.


      21. 没关系;不要紧

      You say 'no matter' after you have just asked a question or mentioned an idea or doubt and you have decided that it is not really important, interesting, or worth discussing.


      e.g. 'Didn't you ever read the book?' Keating shook his head. 'Well, no matter.'...


      e.g. 'Shoddy workmanship these days,' he remarked. 'No matter, it will still bear my weight.'


      22. 不管…;无论…

      You use no matter in expressions such as 'no matter how' and 'no matter what' to say that something is true or happens in all circumstances.

      e.g. No matter what your age, you can lose weight by following this program...


      e.g. No matter how often they were urged, they could not bring themselves to join in...


      23. 不管怎样;无论如何

      If you say that you are going to do something no matter what, you are emphasizing that you are definitely going to do it, even if there are obstacles or difficulties.


      e.g. He had decided to publish the manuscript no matter what...


      e.g. I vowed then, no matter what, I would never be like those people.


      24. 看法问题;看法因人而异的事情

      If you say that a statement is a matter of opinion, you mean that it is not a fact, and that other people, including yourself, do not agree with it.

      e.g. 'We're not that contrived. We're not that theatrical.' — 'That's a matter of opinion.'


      25. (只是)时间的问题(用于说明某事必定发生)

      If you say that something is just a matter of time, you mean that it is certain to happen at some time in the future.

      e.g. It would be only a matter of time before he went through with it.


      26. a matter of life and death -> see death

      as a matter of course -> see course

      as a matter of fact -> see fact

      mind over matter -> see mind

matter 单语例句

      1. In the new market reality, their success or failure is entirely a business matter now.

      2. Philips in recent years has been focusing on embedding sustainability throughout the organization and processes, as it believes long term sustainability is a matter of business opportunities.

      3. He called on everyone to act in strict accordance with the Basic Law no matter how different their views and positions may be.

      4. The size of the Chinese economy in PPP does not matter as much as people's real buying power.

      5. The officials agreed to discuss the matter only if they were not quoted by name.

      6. He can by no means conceal the separatist nature of his activities no matter what by whatever disguise and whatever florid rhetoric he may use.

      7. A terrorist act is a terrorist act no matter how it is dressed up and no matter what organization is behind it.

      8. The official agreed to discuss the matter only if not quoted by name because of the sensitivity of continuing talks over the issue.

      9. The top cabinet spokesman said on Tuesday the government would take no action on the matter.

      10. She referred to the declaration by the participating countries of the 1943 Cairo Conference as evidence in the matter.

matter 英英释义



      1. that which has mass and occupies space

      e.g. physicists study both the nature of matter and the forces which govern it

      2. (used with negation) having consequence

      e.g. they were friends and it was no matter who won the games

      3. a vaguely specified concern

      e.g. several matters to attend to

      it is none of your affair

      things are going well

      Synonym: affairthing

      4. a problem

      e.g. is anything the matter?

      5. some situation or event that is thought about

      e.g. he kept drifting off the topic

      he had been thinking about the subject for several years

      it is a matter for the police

      Synonym: topicsubjectissue

      6. written works (especially in books or magazines)

      e.g. he always took some reading matter with him on the plane


      1. have weight

      have import, carry weight

      e.g. It does not matter much

      Synonym: countweigh