[英 [maɪˈnɒrəti] 美 [maɪˈnɔ:rəti] ]



minority 基本解释

      名词少数; 少数民族; 未成年

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minority 反义词


minority 相关词组

      1. be in a minority of one : 得不到任何人的支持;

      2. be in the minority : 占少数;


minority 相关例句


      1. Only a minority of the class voted for the plan.


      2. The minority nationality concert lasted two hours.


      3. He will inherit the money when he has passed his minority.


      4. We're in the minority, more people are against us than with us.


      5. He is in his minority.


minority 双语例句


      1. In this work, Gladney challenges this simplistic view, arguing instead that the very opposition of majority and minority, primitive and modern, are historically constructed and are belied by examination of such disenfranchised groups as Muslims, minorities, and gendered others.


      2. Our staff members are currently involved in campaigns to improve the education system for Ethnic Minority children.


      3. minority在线翻译

      3. Today, many ethnic minority areas in China it still remains a blot. Tibetan areas such as Marriage rush and Cost of Life these two fairly typical customs.


      4. I once made a report, but everyone here is is of the Kongluo minority, so the police have no way to work here.


      5. This stamp of bipartisanship will not only embolden other Republicans to break ranks (though Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, has promised to filibuster even such a symbolic measure).


      6. The reforms will also cap college graduates ` annual student loan repayments at 10% of their income, revitalize community colleges, and increase support for Minority Serving Institutions.



      7. Jie-du-shi was the leader of Guiyijun regime and also held a concurrently other officials such as Guan-cha-shi, Zhi-du-shi, Ying-tian-shi, and Ya-fan-luo-shi, through which he controlled the power of military, civil administration, finance and minority nationality.


      8. This paper drew two variables as law s enforcement and social capital into the analysis of the relationship between law protection of minority investors and IPO underpricing.



      9. Uigur nationality is one of the 56 minority nationalities in China.


      10. Tsou people is minority on the ragged edge. This study investigated Tsou language use and language ability by sociolinguistic methods. In the result, well known process of vanishing language were uncovered for Tsou language usage. 1 borrowing words, 2 incomplete bilingual, 3 the language cann't be handed down from generation to generation, and 4 unbalanced bilingual community and language competition.


      11. Ghost Road led to a small minority of the mysterious Ghost Road, and the fear of the mysterious people.



      12. The news dispatches of the last few days show how warmly these minority nationalities are welcoming the Red Army with food and drink as their liberator, while not a single report of this kind has come in from western Poland which has been occupied by German troops or from the places in western Germany which have been occupied by French troops.


      13. The majority rule, the minority rule or the one-man rule, is the rule of man all the same.


      14. minority

      14. In the behavior aspect, lunar New Year's Day the death anniversary breaks the dishes, envies the lamp oil to sprinkle, envies the backless stool to fall to the ground, will otherwise have the ominous matter in the new year, this is the regional universal existence taboo, in Hunan, the death anniversary pays new year's call before the bed, this meant master year to year sickness cannot lie, first day arrives the third day, in the Han Nationality, Gelao national minority, the Tujia national minority some area death anniversary carries water, splashes water, the meaning is feared farms, goes out often rains.


      15. They were a minority of the population.


      16. Another group of students, who are virtually minority in quantity, know exactly what they are doing.


      17. minority的解释

      17. There have always been these types of people, but they were a minority.


      18. Artistic people are in a tiny minority in this country.



      19. PS: The name in red circle is the main living place of Pumi ethnic minority.


      20. The worship of Tuzhu is the product of the influence of Central Plains culture on the minority nationalities in southwest China.


minority 词典解释

      1. 少数; 少数派

      If you talk about a minority of people or things in a larger group, you are referring to a number of them that forms less than half of the larger group, usually much less than half.

      e.g. Local authority nursery provision covers only a tiny minority of working mothers...


      e.g. These children are only a small minority.


      2. 少数民族;少数群体

      A minority is a group of people of the same race, culture, or religion who live in a place where most of the people around them are of a different race, culture, or religion.

      e.g. ...the region's ethnic minorities...


      e.g. Students have called for greater numbers of women and minorities on the faculty...


minority 单语例句minority

      1. Malaysia's minority ethnic Indians and Chinese have been chafing at an affirmative action program for the Malay majority.

      2. You prepare Yi ethnic minority torch shrimp yourself by holding marinated shrimps wrapped in foil paper over fire on plates paved with salt.

      3. The first and second month of the lunar calendar is the time of the Sama Festival of the Dong minority people in Guizhou.

      4. The most outrageous example is Minority Report when it first came out in 2002.

      5. Canada's Parliament approved a nonbinding opposition motion on Monday demanding an election next February, a demand the minority Liberal government has already said it will ignore.

      6. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper won reelection with a significantly stronger minority government and called Wednesday for unity in staring down global financial crisis.

      7. The regulations allow foreign capital to fund film production companies as minority partners to produce films with their Chinese counterparts.

      8. Let me add my voice to the minority chorus that thinks there is nothing wrong with a little newfangled capitalism here.

      9. The privatization plan will give minority shareholders opportunities to turn their investment earnings into cash, the statement said.

      10. About one in three Americans is a minority, according to the US Census Bureau.

minority 英英释义



      1. being or relating to the smaller in number of two parts

      e.g. when the vote was taken they were in the minority

      he held a minority position

      2. a group of people who differ racially or politically from a larger group of which it is a part

      3. any age prior to the legal age

      Synonym: nonage