[英 [ədˈventʃə(r)] 美 [ædˈvɛntʃɚ] ]


      过去式:adventured;   现在分词:adventuring;   复数形式:adventures;

adventure 基本解释

      名词奇遇; 冒险经历; 冒险活动

adventure 相关例句


      1. No man would adventure it.



      1. Those explorers gallantly adventureed on unknown seas.



      1. The storm made our hike a real adventure.


      2. He is a man full of adventure.


      3. All the children listened to his adventures with eager attention.


adventure 情景对话



      A:What do you want to do tonight?


      B:Do you want to see a movie? I heard there’s a new horror film playing tonight.



      A:You know I don’t like horror films!


      B:I’m only teasing. There’s also an adventure film and a cartoon playing tonight.



      A:What’s the cartoon? Is it the new Pixar film about cars?



      B:Yes, that’s the name, actuallB: Cars.


      A:That might be a good way to start the weekend. I’m not in the mood for anything too heavy.


      B:I know what you mean. We’ve both had a tough week.


      A:Which theater is Cars playing at?


      B:It’s at the Paramount 16.


      A:That’s the one on the west side of town, right?


      B:Yeah, it should only take about 15 minutes to get there.

      是的,只要15 分钟就能到。

      A:When does it start?


      B:Let’s see… the paper says that it starts at 7:15, but I think we should get there early to get a good seat.

      我想想,报纸上说7 点15 开始,但我觉得我们应该早些去占个好位子。

      A:Ok, well it’s 5:00 now, so let’s have dinner and then we can go.

      我吧,现在已经5 点了,我们去吃晚饭然后就出发吧。

      B:Sounds good. I’ll drive if you make dinner.


      A:How about the other way around?


adventure 网络解释

      1. 冒險類:70、策划冒险类(adventure)游戏时,必须要考虑的游戏要素是?74、不属于项目经理(project manager)职责范围的是?86、以下作为静态(still animation)叙述错误的是?88、一般冒险类游戏中角色提升等级(level-up)时与产生的标化要素最不相关的是?


      2. adventure:adv; 冒险游戏

adventure 双语例句

      1. Yes. In addition to battling the hordes of the Burning Hells cooperatively with friends over Battle. net, players will be able to adventure through the world of Diablo III solo.

      答:有。除了和朋友在 上斩怪除魔外,玩家也可以单独进入《暗黑破坏神 3》的世界。

      2. Smoke in someone else's fraudulent use of counterfeit impersonator adventure rain hat cap appearance seemingly TDC TDC Trade and Trade Promotion of Trade and Industry Mao Gongnong hastily...


      3. This is between a man and a woman about a series of adventure stories of the film interesting, but unique is that they are vagrant.


      4. The best thing is that the Sokol Aircraft Plant in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia is not that far from Alaska, so if we book this adventure right, then we have the chance to see Alaska, too.


      5. adventure什么意思

      5. This kind of difficulty surgery is likely to be faild, but this time is the adventure must should be done


      6. adventure的翻译

      6. Software Description: About Undercroft, A great epic adventure in fantasy world of warriors and wizards, that brings together classic atmosphere of constituent games of the RPG genre with plenty of new features packed together in superior graphics and level design.

      Undercroft 这是一款采用出众的图形和游戏关设计集合了大量新的功能包把经典的 RPG 类型游戏元素综合到一起的勇士和魔法师幻想世界的极好冒险游戏。

      7. Adventure racing is a cross between a traditional triathlon and several of America's favorite outdoor recreational activities.


      8. A fascinating gothic adventure making the most of its hero`s supernatural powers to provide an innovative platformer experience.


      9. The Chens are looking for an adventure on their trip to Hawaii.



      10. The company states: We believe that learning to take care of oneself can be an exciting adventure.


      11. adventure

      11. Later, he strayed flying island, I heard a number of whimsical invention of local residents have experienced all kinds of strange adventure.


      12. adventure的意思

      12. Adventure Island in the former BT to wash the blood, need a lot of intelligence, this will lead to less aggressive, low-levelto find people with no good, but the high-level, about 150 began to wash the blood, plus a lot of intelligence is not veryrealistic.


      13. We have been working in China adventure tourism projects and the improvement of special categories of tourism promotion.


      14. adventure的意思

      14. I am fully alive and in my energy, and my life is a moment by moment adventure.


      15. But for an intrepid adventure seeker, traveling to the southernmost tip of the island of Luzon is a whole new experience.



      16. I love an adventure, this is why I went to Africa last year.


      17. adventure的近义词

      17. It is a point and click adventure game, emph..

      这是一个点,然后按一下冒险游戏,emph 。。

      18. In this case the player can still play the adventure, but cannot collect Adventure Points for it and will not be ranked on the leaderboards.


      19. It is an adventure stroy without any weapon and fighing with super power. it does not decribe the fighting between justice and evil, but teach people how to survive in the society in which justice and evil coexist.



      20. The most important thing is not adventure, and is spirit of adventure


adventure 词典解释

      1. 冒险;冒险经历;奇遇

      If someone has an adventure, they become involved in an unusual, exciting, and rather dangerous journey or series of events.

      e.g. I set off for a new adventure in the United States on the first day of the new year.


      2. 冒险的刺激;大胆的开拓;勇敢的闯荡

      Adventure is excitement and willingness to do new, unusual, or rather dangerous things.

      e.g. Their cultural backgrounds gave them a spirit of adventure.


      e.g. ...a feeling of adventure and excitement.


      3. 去(某地)探险

      If you adventure somewhere, you go somewhere new, unusual, and exciting.


      e.g. The group has adventured as far as the Austrian alps.


adventure 单语例句adventure在线翻译

      1. I was also introduced to the romantic adventure that could only be so exquisitely related by Joseph Conrad in The Heart of Darkness.

      2. Smith and Wilson Chandler deciding to opt out of their China adventure quickly.

      3. Introducing highly professional teaching methods, classes are catered to an international clientele and " offer a spirit of fun and adventure ".

      4. It became quickly clear that no matter when the adventure unfolded, all who had experienced the Clipper Race remain deeply inspired by the challenge.

      5. Travel trade entrepreneurs said Chinese and Indians come for recreation while Europeans and Americans love adventure.

      6. The conjurer promises nothing less that an adventure for the senses and the mind!

      7. Two of his biggest hits were the 1986 fighter jet adventure " Top Gun " and the 1987 Eddie Murphy comedy " Beverly Hills Cop II ".

      8. The children's adventure was released by Disney's Miramax Films unit.

      9. While the core audience does not need them and often views them as cheap gimmicks, they help broaden the base and promise a listening adventure.

      10. There is no cure for corruption if public supervision remains an empty vow and if criticizing the government continues to be a costly adventure.

adventure 英英释义


      1. a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful)

      Synonym: escapaderisky venturedangerous undertaking


      1. take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome

      e.g. When you buy these stocks you are gambling

      Synonym: gamblechanceriskhazardtake chancesrun a risktake a chance

      2. put at risk

      e.g. I will stake my good reputation for this

      Synonym: venturehazardstakejeopardize