[英 [baɪt] 美 [baɪt] ]


      过去式:bit;   过去分词:bitten;   现在分词:biting;   复数形式:bites;

bite 基本解释


      及物/不及物动词咬; 叮

      名词咬; 咬伤; 疼痛; 受骗

      不及物动词刺痛; 咬饵; 有咬(或叮)的习性; (人)上当

      及物动词(辣椒,胡椒等)刺激; (齿轮,螺丝,钳子,锚等)咬住; (利器等)刺进; (寒风等)刺骨

      abbr.机内测试设备(Built-In Test Equipment)


bite 相关例句


      1. bite

      1. The man was bitten by a lust or gain.


      2. The car's tires would not bite on the snow.


      3. The icy wind bit our faces.



      1. bite是什么意思

      1. I tried to sell him my old car but he wouldn't bite.



      1. bite

      1. This apple's good; do you want a bite?


      2. bite的意思

      2. She was covered in insect bites.


bite 情景对话


      A:It’s time to get up!


      B:I just went to bed!


      A:You shouldn’t have stayed up so late watching TV. I told you we had to get an early start.


      B:I know, but that movie was just too good to leave. I guess I’ll just have to pay the price and be sleepy.



      A:Do you want to eat breakfast here?


      B:No. Why don’t we just grab a bite at the coffee shop next door?


      A:Okay by me.


      Social Security-(社会保险)

      A:Man, they take a lot of our paycheck.


      B:Yeah, the government really takes a bite, doesn’t it?



      A:Seriously. The only tax I don’t mind them taking is social security. It’s only a few dollars every paycheck.


      B:Yeah, I don’t mind it either. We’ll both end up rich slobs and not need it, but what if we do, you know?


      A:Yeah. It won’t be much, but at least we’ll have a monthly check when we get old.


      B:Yeah. My grandmother gets by on social security and the money my grandfather invested when he was alive.



      A:Let’s just hope the politicians don’t figure out a way to spend it.



      B:Really?No, they couldn’t. None of them would have jobs if they did.


bite 网络解释

      1. bite

      1. 叮 咬:巧妙记英语单词_形近词趣味串记汇总(二)同~ite串记:引用(cite)风筝(kite)叮咬(bite)的位置(site). 同~ing串记:国王(king)长翅膀(wing...巧妙记英语单词_形近词趣味串记汇总 (一)同-eed:喂(feed)养(breed)行为(deed)确实(indeed)需要(need)芦苇(reed)种子(seed)加杂草(weed)...

      2. bite是什么意思

      2. (动词时态:The tooth hurts only when he bites down on it. (他咬東西時,牙齒就痛. ) | (動詞時態:hurt, hurt, hurt; bite, bit, bit) | His gums are red and swollen. (他的牙床紅腫. )

      3. bite:built-in test equipment; 机内测试设备

      4. bite:built in testing equipment; 内置测试设备,自检测设备

bite 双语例句

      1. bite什么意思

      1. If this symptom appears, you should adjust you r bite and sup, do not take too much acid food, take alkalescence food


      2. Because consumers were already borrowing heavily in the good times, both credit constraints and a long overdue realism are likely to bite all the more deeply.


      3. Slow future productivity growth virtually ensures a collision between the heavy costs of retiring baby boomers-mostly for Social Security and Medicare-and younger workers'living standards. Higher taxes will bite deeply into sluggish incomes.


      4. The bear say:I see you do so and I feel me and can also bite into bit.


      5. But that would bite into profits and bonuses.



      6. We must act as soon as possible because the costs are beginning to bite into our profits.


      7. I take a bite into mine as well, familiar to the flavor.


      8. bite

      8. W:Here, on the bottom, especially when I bite into something hot or cold.


      9. I have several false teeth, so it's difficult for me to bite into such hard food


      10. bite

      10. For example, recent legal challenges have called into question the long-held assumption of the absolute uniqueness of fingerprints, tool marks, bite marks, bullet striations and handwriting matches.


      11. All my friends were terrified by my landlord, but I knew her bark was worse than her bite.


      12. bite是什么意思

      12. Its venom is a very potent neurotoxin, so don't let it bite you.


      13. Just last night I got bitten by a mossie n immediately I applied After Bite n viola~ did not even feel the itchy after that!


      14. bite的近义词

      14. Just last night I got bitten by a mossie n immediately I applied After Bite n viola~ did not even feel the itchy after that! No more nasty scars!


      15. Are there other tax deductions that this company has to reduce the tax bite?


      16. He may be about to become the most unpopular politician in the land as tax increases and spending cuts bite.


      17. The tax represents a real bite out of our wages.


      18. The tax takes quite a bite from his paycheck.


      19. Obama should have mailed coupons instead of reducing the tax bite on paychecks.


      20. Calculations by PricewaterhouseCoopers, an accounting firm, show that British authorities will take a bigger tax bite out of the pay packet of a married executive earning £250, 000 ($373, 000) than any other G20 nation except Italy.


bite 词典解释

      1. 咬;咬伤

      If you bite something, you use your teeth to cut into it, for example in order to eat it or break it. If an animal or person bites you, they use their teeth to hurt or injure you.

      e.g. Both sisters bit their nails as children...


      e.g. He bit into his sandwich...


      2. (尤指对食物的)咬

      A bite of something, especially food, is the action of biting it.

      e.g. He took another bite of apple...


      e.g. You cannot eat a bun in one bite.


      3. 一点儿食物

      If you have a bite to eat, you have a small meal or a snack.

      e.g. It was time to go home for a little rest and a bite to eat.


      4. 咬;叮

      If a snake or a small insect bites you, it makes a mark or hole in your skin, and often causes the surrounding area of your skin to become painful or itchy.

      e.g. When an infected mosquito bites a human, spores are injected into the blood...


      e.g. We were all badly bitten by mosquitoes.


      5. (被叮、咬后留下的)伤口,包

      A bite is an injury or a mark on your body where an animal, snake, or small insect has bitten you.

      e.g. Any dog bite, no matter how small, needs immediate medical attention.


      6. 产生严重(或不良)影响

      When an action or policy begins to bite, it begins to have a serious or harmful effect.

      e.g. As the sanctions begin to bite there will be more political difficulties ahead...


      e.g. The recession started biting deeply into British industry.


      7. 碾轧;切割;陷入

      If an object bites into a surface, it presses hard against it or cuts into it.


      e.g. There may even be some wire or nylon biting into the flesh...


      e.g. The car's tires bit loudly on the rutted snow in the street.


      8. (食物或酒的)浓郁味道,辛辣味

      If you say that a food or drink has bite, you like it because it has a strong or sharp taste.


      e.g. ...the addition of tartaric acid to give the wine some bite.


      9. 寒冷;刺骨

      If the air or the wind has a bite, it feels very cold.


      e.g. There was a bite in the air, a smell perhaps of snow.


      10. (表演、文章等的)犀利,感染力

      If something such as a performance or a piece of writing has bite, it is exciting or effective.

      e.g. The teams have that extra bite when they are playing against their neighbours...


      e.g. The novel seems to lack bite and tension—even passion.


      11. 上钩;咬钩;吞饵

      If a fish bites when you are fishing, it takes the hook or bait at the end of your fishing line in its mouth.

      e.g. After half an hour, the fish stopped biting and we moved on.


      12. 少许;少量;小部分

      A bite of something is a small part or amount of it.

      e.g. ...bites of conversation.


      13. see also: love bite;nail-biting

      14. 恩将仇报;以怨报德;忘恩负义

      If someone bites the hand that feeds them, they behave badly or in an ungrateful way towards someone who they depend on.

      e.g. She may be cynical about the film industry, but ultimately she has no intention of biting the hand that feeds her.


      15. 大发雷霆;乱发火儿

      If someone speaks or replies to you angrily, and you think they are being unfair or reacting too strongly, you can say that they bite your head off .


      e.g. Whenever possible, suggest she talks about it but be aware she may bite your head off for your trouble.


      16. 隐忍不言;绷紧嘴巴

      If you bite your lip or your tongue, you stop yourself from saying something that you want to say, because it would be the wrong thing to say in the circumstances.

      e.g. I must learn to bite my lip...


      e.g. He bit his tongue as he found himself on the point of saying 'follow that car'.


      17. 抽出一部分,拿出一部分(钱)

      If something takes a bite out of a sum of money, part of the money is spent or taken away in order to pay for it.

      e.g. Local taxes are going to be taking a bigger bite out of people's income than they ever have before.


      18. someone's bark is worse than their bite -> see bark

      to bite the bullet -> see bullet

      to bite off more than one can chew -> see chew

      to bite the dust -> see dust;twice shy

      once bitten -> see shy

      相关词组:bite back

bite 单语例句

      1. When more people benefit from the business, it will bite deep into the ethics of academics.

      2. They don't have much bite, but are heavily aromatic with the smell of capsicum.

      3. If Djokovic's demeanor and play carry on in this vein, he will be taking a bite out of a gold medal come August.

      4. Rabies is a viral disease that causes acute encephalitis, most commonly by a bite from an infected animal.

      5. Check for taste and add 1 Tbsn of vinegar or fresh lemon juice if you like a'bite'to the sauce.

      6. She will accept food only from men and has been known to bite or push women who try to get close.

      7. Office workers enjoyed grabbing a quick bite on their way to work, and friends enjoyed relaxing over a Coke.

      8. One legend goes that the beast Nian had a very big mouth that would swallow a great many people with one bite.

      9. The disease spreads with mosquito bite and begins with common cold and fever, he said.

      10. The bite is filled with blue floral porcelain, to reflect on China's consumerism.

      bite是什么意思bite 英英释义



      1. a portion removed from the whole

      e.g. the government's weekly bite from my paycheck

      2. the act of gripping or chewing off with the teeth and jaws

      Synonym: chomp

      3. a strong odor or taste property

      e.g. the pungency of mustard

      the sulfurous bite of garlic

      the sharpness of strange spices

      the raciness of the wine

      Synonym: pungencysharpnessraciness

      4. wit having a sharp and caustic quality

      e.g. he commented with typical pungency

      the bite of satire

      Synonym: pungency

      5. (angling) an instance of a fish taking the bait

      e.g. after fishing for an hour he still had not had a bite

      6. a light informal meal

      Synonym: collationsnack

      7. a small amount of solid food

      a mouthful

      e.g. all they had left was a bit of bread

      Synonym: morselbit

      8. a wound resulting from biting by an animal or a person

      9. a painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin

      Synonym: stinginsect bite


      1. penetrate or cut, as with a knife

      e.g. The fork bit into the surface

      2. deliver a sting to

      e.g. A bee stung my arm yesterday

      Synonym: stingprick

      3. to grip, cut off, or tear with or as if with the teeth or jaws

      e.g. Gunny invariably tried to bite her

      Synonym: seize with teeth

      4. cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort

      e.g. The sun burned his face

      Synonym: stingburn