[英 [saɪn] 美 [saɪn] ]


      过去式:signed;   过去分词:signed;   现在分词:signing;   复数形式:signs;

sign 基本解释

      名词迹象; 符号; 手势; 指示牌

      及物/不及物动词签名; 打手势

sign 相关词组

      1. sign off : 停止广播;

      2. sign up : 签约参加工作, 签约雇用;

      3. sign in : 签到, 签收;

      4. sign on : 签约雇用, 开始广播;

      5. in sign of : 作为...的表示;

      6. sign over : 签字让与;

      7. sign away : 签字放弃;

sign 相关例句


      1. He signed to me to be quiet.


      2. She signed the child to be quiet.



      1. sign的解释

      1. Violence is a sign of weakness or fear, not a sign of strength or confidence.


sign 情景对话


      A:How do I (set up/ get/ sign up for) an email account?


      B:Oh, that’s easy.



      A:I’d like to sign up for (this class/ summer courses/ accounting).



      B:You should talk to the registrar.




      A:(Why don’t I/ May I/ Can I) come by your office tomorrow to sign the lease?


      B:Yeah, all right.


sign 网络解释

      1. 符号函数:为实现载荷的精确加载,特别引入两个符号函数(sign)控制载荷的加载区域. 载荷的加载步骤:首先在连杆轴颈的几何中心分别建立柱坐标系,然后用PATRAN 的场(field)赋予其接地弹簧单元(ground bush)属性. 接地弹簧单元可以同时模拟6 个方向的刚度与阻

      2. sign:the scottish intercollegiate guidelines network; 苏格兰院际指南网络

sign 双语例句

      1. Think of wants to who eat to sign up later, unified purchase.


      2. One of the objectives of my mission is to sign our Investment Protection Agreement.


      3. We would be grateful if you could please sign the original document and return it to us to confirm that you have read and understood our general Terms of Engagement.


      4. A word was sufficient for him, sometimes a sign; the mastodon obeyed.


      5. The Director of Sports of Fiorentina, Pantaleo Corvino, is trying to make one more important transfer for his team as the Tuscan club is trying to sign Raffaele Palladino from Juventus.

      佛罗伦萨的体育总监,Pantaleo Corvino,希望为他的球队再做一笔重要的引进,而他们的目标定在了尤文图斯的前锋帕拉迪诺。

      6. Chinese m and arin speakers, British English, Chinese and British sign language sign there?


      7. The cultural industry is now a leading industry and a sign of integrated national power.


      8. China sees a fake city not as a sign of shame, but of hiding its shame.


      9. sign的近义词

      9. But peace of mind―that is His final guerdon of approval, the fondest sign of His love.


      10. sign的反义词

      10. GTW-containing serum sign ificantly suppr essed pro liferation of spleno cytes. serum of GTW fed for more day s suppressed

      细胞增殖反应有明显的抑制作用,且IC50分别为0.26μg/ml 和0.16μg/ml,雷公藤多苷含药血清对细胞增殖反应也有明显的抑

      11. mobile electromagnetic wave and sign does not affect the test results of the instruments.


      12. sign的解释

      12. That is the unwritten contract you sign when you have a pet.



      13. Contrast and analysis of D-dimer and hemaleucin original value in blood were made before and after operation. Results:(1)There was substantive echo in greater saphenous vein soon after the treatment. The substantive echo became strong when reexamined. The bore size became smaller in some ways. And there was no sign of blood flow in the cavity.(2)Pathological mechanism showed that the bast in greater saphenous vein disappeared after being treated by holmium laser.


      14. What is the significance of this sign?



      15. This is an unsigned application, so you will need to sign it.


      16. Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for a sign upon your hand, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes.

      11:18 你们要将我这话存在心内,留在意中,系在手上为记号,戴在额上为经文。

      17. sign在线翻译

      17. You'll find a one-way traffic sign.


      18. Objective To study the advantage of multi-indicator monitoring device compared with general technical in the monitoring of life sign.


      19. sign

      19. We have agreed on all terms in the contract. Shall we sign it next week?


      20. Itisreasonablethatbothmech-anisms (tumor invasion and hypervascular reaction) may be responsible for the dural tail sign.


sign 词典解释

      1. 符号;记号

      A sign is a mark or shape that always has a particular meaning, for example in mathematics or music.

      e.g. Equations are generally written with a two-bar equals sign.


      2. (示意的)动作,姿势,手势

      A sign is a movement of your arms, hands, or head which is intended to have a particular meaning.

      e.g. They gave Lavalle the thumbs-up sign...


      e.g. The priest made the sign of the cross over him.


      3. 打手势语;为(节目或表演)配手语

      If you sign, you communicate with someone using sign language. If a programme or performance is signed, someone uses sign language so that deaf people can understand it.

      e.g. All programmes will be either 'signed' or subtitled...


      4. 招牌;标牌;指示牌;告示牌;标志

      A sign is a piece of wood, metal, or plastic with words or pictures on it. Signs give you information about something, or give you a warning or an instruction.

      e.g. ...a sign saying that the highway was closed because of snow.


      e.g. ...a cardboard sign, which stated 'No to Poll Tax'...


      5. 迹象;征兆;表象;痕迹

      If there is a sign of something, there is something which shows that it exists or is happening.

      e.g. They are prepared to hand back a hundred prisoners of war a day as a sign of good will...


      e.g. His face and movements rarely betrayed a sign of nerves...


      6. 在…上签名;在…上签字;签署

      When you sign a document, you write your name on it, usually at the end or in a special space. You do this to indicate that you have written the document, that you agree with what is written, or that you were present as a witness.


      e.g. World leaders are expected to sign a treaty pledging to increase environmental protection...


      e.g. Before an operation the patient will be asked to sign a consent form.


      7. (和…)签约

      If an organization signs someone or if someone signs for an organization, they sign a contract agreeing to work for that organization for a specified period of time.

      e.g. The Minnesota Vikings signed Herschel Walker from the Dallas Cowboys...


      e.g. The band then signed to Slash Records.


      8. (黄道十二宫的)宫,星座

      In astrology, a sign or a sign of the zodiac is one of the twelve areas into which the heavens are divided.

      e.g. The New Moon takes place in your opposite sign of Libra on the 15th.

      15 日新月会移至你对面的天秤宫。

      9. see also: signing;call sign

      10. 不见…的踪影

      If you say that there is no sign of someone, you mean that they have not yet arrived, although you are expecting them to come.

      e.g. The London train was on time, but there was no sign of my Finnish friend.


      11. 已签字盖章的;已成定局的

      If you say that an agreement is signed and sealed, or signed, sealed and delivered, you mean that it is absolutely definite because everyone involved has signed all the legal documents.


      e.g. The Chancellor had been hoping to have an agreement signed and sealed by the end of this week...


      e.g. A government spokesman said the bill must be signed, sealed and delivered by tomorrow.


      12. to sign one's own death warrant -> see death warrant

      相关词组:sign awaysign forsign insign offsign onsign on forsign oversign up

sign 单语例句

      1. His company has been asking suppliers to sign agreements on business ethics as a supplement to each purchase contract since 2007.

      2. Once he clears waivers after 48 business hours, teams will be eligible to sign him.

      3. Due to the traditional belief that business partnerships should be based on mutual trust, many small companies in China do not sign contracts with overseas customers.

      4. The board of Dow Jones said late Tuesday it was ready to sign off on Murdoch's proposal to buy the company for $ 5 billion.

      5. Although being stimulated by all means, the eurozone economy has not shown any sign of recovery.

      6. " Yi should decide his future by himself and sign with the Bucks, " the Nanjing Morning Post said.

      7. Liu said they usually contact applicants through an online messaging service or by telephone, and then the two parts will sign an agreement if everything goes as planned.

      8. The United States previously performed as a bystander and showed no sign of participation since the establishment of the regional cooperation framework in East Asia.

      9. But an Israeli Cabinet minister warned earlier Friday that time was running out for Abbas, the first sign that Israel had already lost patience.

      10. Cell phone service was left on in the station during the action, and some protesters took that as a sign of victory.