[英 [taɪp] 美 [taɪp] ]


      过去式:typed;   过去分词:typed;   现在分词:typing;   复数形式:types;

type 基本解释

      名词类型; 铅字; (印刷或打印的)文字; 于…类型的


      及物动词[医学]测定(血型); 按类型把…归类; 成为…的典型; [印刷]浇铸(铅字等)


type 相关词组

      1. true to type : 典型的, 纯种的;


type 相关例句


      1. type的反义词

      1. It is absolutely necessary to type the patient's blood before a blood transfusion.



      1. The young girl types well.



      1. The printers are short of types.


      2. What type of house would you prefer to live in?


      3. He is a perfect type of pedant.


type 情景对话


      A:(Go to/ Type in/ Open up) yahoo.com.






      A:What are you learning?



      B:I’m learning how to (use computer/ speak Russian/ type more quickly).




      A:Yes? May I help you?



      B:Id like to rent a car, please. I need it for business.


      A:I see. May I have your drivers license?


      B:Here it is.


      A:What type of car did you want, sir?


      B:A small one will do. What is your best rate?


      A:We have a mideweek special. Its 12 dollars a day, 12 cents a mile, plus gas.


      B:OK. Ill take that one.


      A:Very good. Please fill out this form.


type 网络解释

      1. 文字:indesign中文字(type)轮廓曲线方向的描述方式与物件(object)轮廓曲线方向的描述方式不同,这就导致边框的文字转曲线以后外观发生变化.

      2. 形态:他们都是指定形态 (type)用的符号,如同 perldata里所详述的:考值 (reference)取代了. 这是用来从一个档案把手 (filehandle)里输入一份记录注意 不是用来指定档案的形态,亦非此把手的名字. 它只是 将这个运算子用在 FILE这个把手上.

type 双语例句

      1. Our main products are 3520 Phenolic paper laminated tube 3640 epoxy-phenolic glass cloth tube, ether-modified glass cloth tube, one side of adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape, 355 bismaleimides epoxy glass cloth laminated tube, rhombic pattern gummed paper, 1411 phenolic resin varnish, 1032 melamine alkyd impregnating varnish, 1032-1 quick-drying varnish, 1230 alkyd paint covering, electrical insulating crepe, T4 cardboard tube and insulation parts, Dry-type transformer Off-Circuit Tap, PV-JUNCTION BOX.


      2. The quetzal is one type of bird that could end up going extinct because of the effects of global warming.


      3. type是什么意思

      3. Sprayed different concentration ethephon on maize varieties Ping'an 18 (the upright-leaf type) and Sidan 19 (horizontal-leaf type) before tasselling stage to discuss the influence of ethephon on plant height, leaf area, dry matter weight and yield.


      4. The four most common phenotypes are A, B, AB, and O, referring to the type of antigen is presentor absenton the surface of a client's red blood cells, Routine testing usually involves only the Rh antigen. if an Rh-negative clinet receives Rh-positive blood, he or she will develop Rh antibodies, and future Rh-positive transfusions may cause a transfusion reaction. in pregnancy, antibodies from an Rh-negative mother may hemolyze fetal(erythroblastosis fetalis, or hemolytic disease of the newborn).

      四种最普遍的表现型是A、B、AB、阿,这类型的抗原或表面上的一个客户的红血球、常规测试通常涉及到只有Rhantigen.if准备一Rh-positive接受血液,跟他或她将发展Rh抗体和未来的Rh-positive输血可能引起输血反应,在怀孕期间的母亲可能会产生抗体hemolyze北京(erythroblastosis fetalis或胎儿的新生儿疾病溶血试验确定具体)。

      5. Objective To investigate the therapeutic efficacy of using AO/ASIF collar-bone hook nickelclad while carring out ORIF operation to TossyⅡ type acromioclavicular dislocation and NeerⅠ type distal end of collar bone fracture.

      目的 观察应用AO/ASIF锁骨钩钢板对TossyⅡ型肩锁关节脱位和NeerⅠ型锁骨远端骨折进行切开复位固定手术的治疗效果。

      6. Bank cards may be classified into RMB cards and foreign currency cards according to the currency type; entity cards and individual cards according to the target of issuance; and magnetic cards and integrated circuit cards according to the information carrier.


      7. The double hooks type net maker is the most advanced net-knitting machine in the world of today.


      8. Electromagnetism coupling, fast and stable, axis transmitting, high rate, less noise and abrasion, low failure rate; 6、new type circuit design, using inserting style integrated circuit board to control the whole packing operation and iron head temperature, separating the circuit part, and the maintenance of circuit board is conveniently; 7、new type electric-heat steel slice design, long life, fast heat fading, avoid the fault of shapeless and short circuit which general iron head usually caused; 8、may use the packing strap with 6-15mm width, ensure the adhesive efficiency consistently; 9、setting swift adjusting knob, can freely adjust the bundling power conveniently.


      9. type是什么意思

      9. But their magnificent achievement wasn`t all down to the man with the monk hairstyle; it was another type of habit that made all the difference - defensive rock Laurent Blanc`s routine of planting a sloppy kiss on Fabien Barthez`s bald bonce before every game.


      10. A type of ink products, mixing produce grey CMY value is constant, that is, a certain proportion of the ink of gray balance is constant values, so we measured the ink gray balance, you can according to that balance to correction image so business card printing and membership card crafted image in adjusted accurately reproduce color appearance of remedying the shortcomings of this kind of ink.


      11. Apron monitor in Huangtupo of Badong distrit has made more perfect monitor system against specific feature, influences factor and prevents and cures engineering type act.



      12. Effects of transgenic Bt rice on predation and prey preference of wolf spider Pirata subpiraticus Function responses of spiders fed Bt prey or control prey both followed the Holling type.Ⅱ.

      九、转Bt基因水稻对拟水狼蛛捕食功能反应和猎物选择性的影响以不同食料喂饲的两种拟水狼蛛对褐飞虱的捕食功能反应都符合Holling Ⅱ型反应。

      13. How do you know which type of Car Insurance is best for you?


      14. type在线翻译

      14. But one type of insurance that may be offered to you is mortgage insurance.


      15. What type of construction loan insurance is required and who is required to get it?


      16. The rock-columns were different from others and of a new type of landscape.


      17. Title: Pros and Cons of Electronic Dictionary In the recent years, as technology advances, a new type of dictionary in the form of electronic dictionary has appeared in the market and is beginning to take over the place of book dictionary among students.

      题目 :电子字典的利于弊正文大意:近年来,随着科技发展,一种新型的字典以电子字典的方式出现在市场上,并逐渐开始取代书型字典在学生中的地位。

      18. And more those who make life angry is, if you want to find the autumnal scenery picture of type of hill of deciduous leaf full sky through searching engine, so you will be mad, these search engine identify semantics only, return the content that cannot analyse image.


      19. It is not the type of firm to resort to big lay-offs among its 100, 000 employees.


      20. The term is more of a marketing buzz word than a description of any specific type of software.


type 词典解释

      类别;种类(SORT OR KIND)

      1. 类型;种类;品种

      A type of something is a group of those things that have particular features in common.

      e.g. …several types of lettuce…


      e.g. There are various types of the disease...


      2. 一种,一类(人或事物)

      If you refer to a particular thing or person as a type of something more general, you are considering that thing or person as an example of that more general group.


      e.g. Have you done this type of work before?...


      e.g. Rates of interest for this type of borrowing can be high...


      3. 具有…特点的人;…类型的人

      If you refer to a person as a particular type, you mean that they have that particular appearance, character, or way of behaving.

      e.g. It's the first time I, a fair-skinned, freckly type, have sailed in the sun without burning...


      e.g. I was rather an outdoor type…


      4. …不感兴趣的类型;并非…喜欢的类型

      If you say that someone is not your type, you mean that they are not the sort of person who you usually find attractive.

      e.g. At first I thought he was rather ordinary looking, a little chubby, not my type...


      e.g. I'm not his type. I am probably too strong a character.


      5. see also: blood type


      1. 用打字机(或文字处理器)打(字)

      If you type something, you use a typewriter or word processor to write it.

      e.g. I can type your essays for you...


      e.g. I had never really learnt to type properly...


      2. 印刷文字;铅字;活字

      Type is printed text as it appears in a book or newspaper, or the small pieces of metal that are used to create this.

      e.g. The correction had already been set in type.


      3. see also: typing

      相关词组:type intype outtype up

type 单语例句

      1. A common medication used in type 2 diabetes might have the potential to also act against Alzheimer's disease.

      2. The major reason behind this is that many previous issues of this type were settled by compensations.

      3. Translation of the first type is done simply by linking the the name of each material with a hyphen.

      4. " He has outgrown calf love and falling for the elder sister type, " Tan reasons.

      5. Over the past year or two, there has emerged a new type of company called bond companies.

      6. In Wu's opinion, this type of woman " can fix anything but men ".

      7. Chavez hasn't said what type of cancer is involved nor whether he is receiving chemotherapy, radiation or other treatments.

      8. Another type of papillomavirus causes cervical cancer, but the strains that cause warts are not cancerous.

      9. If left untreated a very small percentage of a specific type of polyp can grow and become cancerous.

      10. As the government officials concerned were candid enough to admit, the purchase and promotion of this type of screening software is a " tentative " effort.

      typetype 英英释义


      1. a small metal block bearing a raised character on one end

      produces a printed character when inked and pressed on paper

      e.g. he dropped a case of type, so they made him pick them up

      2. a subdivision of a particular kind of thing

      e.g. what type of sculpture do you prefer?

      3. all of the tokens of the same symbol

      e.g. the word `element' contains five different types of character

      4. printed characters

      e.g. small type is hard to read

      5. (biology) the taxonomic group whose characteristics are used to define the next higher taxon

      6. a person of a specified kind (usually with many eccentricities)

      e.g. a real character

      a strange character

      a friendly eccentric

      the capable type

      a mental case

      Synonym: charactereccentriccase



      1. identify as belonging to a certain type

      e.g. Such people can practically be typed

      Synonym: typecast

      2. write by means of a keyboard with types

      e.g. type the acceptance letter, please

      Synonym: typewrite