[英 [ˌʌpˈdeɪt] 美 [ʌpˈdet] ]


      过去式:updated;   过去分词:updated;   现在分词:updating;   复数形式:updates;

update 基本解释

      及物动词更新,使现代化; 校正,修正

      名词现代化; 更新的信息; 更新的行为或事例


update 网络解释

      1. 修改:4.8.1 修改(UPDATE)语句4.8.2 删除(DELETE)语句4.8.3 插入(INsERT)语句. 数据库管理系统(DBMS)的组成与功能

      2. update:updt; 更新

      3. update

      3. update:u; 更新

update 双语例句

      1. update

      1. At the end of each day, every department will send you a daily update.


      2. Once in every six months, HKPC will request a supplier whose product information is published on the Web Site to confirm if it is necessary to update the supplier`s product information.


      3. update的意思

      3. This driver update solves a problem where the connection could sometimes be dropped during the transfer of large files.


      4. Error (380)— failed to connect to the gameguard update server.

      错误代码380 无法连接gameguard的升级程序。


      5. Want the website that knows a lot of stationmaster were done one year, looked numerous optimized article and experience, maintain update the plane with rich and colorful everyday, comprehensive function, the discharge of 10 thousand IP or Yao cannot reach one sky, dan Qiushi is amounted to depend on a page merely can base oneself upon and Baidu transcend the rank with discharge very good keyword, it may be said is to have very strong technical with sound SEO technology.


      6. update是什么意思

      6. Maintain and update master data of life cycle in CMD?


      7. Will update this to be a little more comprehensible, but maybe it can help someone as-is in the meantime


      8. update的近义词

      8. We will continue to update technical worker and import advanced technology and machines to service customers.


      9. Story_id=5760 Obligatory Kobe Update: As the Los Angeles Lakers prepare for the season with Kobe Bryant, the trade speculation never seems to stop.


      10. Compile and update equipment operation manual of wastewater treatment system, RO system, and metal working fluid system.


      11. Members should check forum always to update oneself about the Guild Latest News such as Competition, Out-Door Activities, Gathering, and etc.


      12. Manage documentations, archives, marketing brochures and marketing merchandise. Update the marketing merchandise record on monthly base.


      13. update是什么意思

      13. This article is the update of an article I had previously published: QA: How can I use a property sheet to implement a Wizard?


      14. Sadly, the identity card numbers of the volte-face will lead directly to the need to update all my information, including personal data, company information, bank information.


      15. The update will also enable DLNA connectivity allowing you to connect wirelessly to a compatible DLNA TV or other device and stream content.



      16. One additional update for the packets series codecs of family K-lite, appeared.

      一个额外更新为包系列编解码器家族的K -建兴,出现了。

      17. The authors of popular packets with codecs and decoders family K -Lite after the new year released amass update.


      18. update什么意思

      18. Update and amend operation procedure. Deviation investigation. Discuss and trace the implementation of CAPA.


      19. This is for those that want to have the latest NVIDIA drivers, and are not afraid to recompile driver after each kernel update.

      此方法是为想要使用最新的 NVIDIA 驱动并且不怕每次内核升级后都得重新编译驱动的人准备的。

      20. Every time update greatly, always be a few jubilate a few anxious.


update 词典解释The verb is pronounced /ʌp'deɪt/. The noun is pronounced /'ʌpdeɪt/. 动词读作/ʌp'deɪt/,名词读作/'ʌpdeɪt/。

      1. 更新;使现代化

      If you update something, you make it more modern, usually by adding new parts to it or giving new information.

      e.g. He was back in the office, updating the work schedule on the computer...


      e.g. Airlines would prefer to update rather than retrain crews.


      2. 最新消息;快讯;速递

      An update is a news item containing the latest information about a particular situation.

      e.g. She had heard the news-flash on a TV channel's news update.


      e.g. ...a weather update.


      3. 为…提供最新消息;把最新进展告诉(某人)

      If you update someone on a situation, you tell them the latest developments in that situation.

      e.g. We'll update you on the day's top news stories...


      e.g. I would just update them on any news we might have.


update 单语例句update

      1. " Certainly the task that we have in front of us is large, " Henderson said during a conference call to update the company's restructuring efforts.

      2. The purpose of a national census is to collect and update demographic data, which can be referred to when the government makes policy decisions.

      3. The center plans to update its official website and create an online membership system for blood donors.

      4. The SAR government should also prepare and update its own list, and build a regular channel to report it to the relevant central government agencies.

      5. To update your knowledge of upcoming shows, check out the following list.

      6. Maradona " is clinically stable and favorable progress continues, " according to the latest medical update from Los Arcos Sanatorium on Wednesday.

      7. Learners can also update their computer knowledge by taking courses offered by the center from time to time.

      8. The World Bank alluded to a similar concern in its East Asia economic update released earlier Tuesday.

      9. Coach Bill Belichick gave no update on the injury during his conference call Tuesday, but said after the game that it didn't look good.

      10. The update is a confidence vote on Stephen Harper's minority Conservative government and could be voted on as early as Monday evening.

update 英英释义


      1. news that updates your information


      1. modernize or bring up to date

      e.g. We updated the kitchen in the old house

      2. bring to the latest state of technology

      3. bring up to date

      supply with recent information