[英 [ʌpˈhəʊld] 美 [ʌpˈhoʊld] ]


      过去式:upheld;   过去分词:upheld;   现在分词:upholding;

uphold 基本解释


      及物动词支持; 维持; 赞成; 支撑

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uphold 反义词


uphold 相关例句


      1. uphold在线翻译

      1. Eight columns uphold the big dome.


      2. uphold什么意思

      2. The judge upheld the lower court's decision.


      3. The coach upheld the referee's decision.


      4. We uphold the principle of racial equality.


uphold 网络解释

      1. uphold的解释

      1. 支持:manfully=果断的; | uphold=支持; | righteousness=正义;

      2. 举起,承载:[1]举起,承载; uphold | [3]抢劫,拦截. holdup | 193. hunger after 渴望

      3. 举起:told tell的过去式及过去分词 | uphold 举起 | accompaniment 伴随物 伴唱(凑)

uphold 双语例句

      1. uphold的反义词

      1. But when death takes him unexpectedly, his widow, Caldonia, can't uphold the estate's order and chaos ensues.


      2. Senegal – LORD, we pray that the re-election of Abdoulaye Wade as President would be a positive one for Sengal`s future. We ask that the President would uphold values of religious freedom and would work to end corruption at all levels of government.


      3. uphold的翻译

      3. Its purpose is in accordance with that of burden of persuasion system, i. e. to make the parties in action share the burden of persuasion fairly and to uphold justice of the law.



      4. I will also uphold and observe the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand in every respect.


      5. I shall also uphold and observe the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand in every respect.


      6. I will also uphold and observe the democratic regime of government with the King as Head of the State, the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand and the law in every respect.


      7. Recently, our Bandcn had acted for one enterprise of wel**re to lodge a complaint to the court and claim payment for goods on one America-owned enterprise. As a result, the court issued and pronounced the judgement in the court which uphold all of claims of the plaintiff.



      8. Also, next, I also deliver this sermon for those who strictly uphold the precepts, who do not transgress, who are perfect in deportment, and who see well what ill deeds others perform.


      9. I believe it will increase the efficiency and productivity and certainly the dignity of this assembly, and uphold the good name and civility of Sarawak and our beloved people, ''said Jabu.


      10. uphold的反义词

      10. Dormitory Day, it seems strange and we rarely celebrate it before in campus, though it is more common to uphold Girls` Day, Single`s Day and Valentine`s Day.


      11. The weekly sermons of Christendom, that vast pulpit literature which acts so extensively upon the popular mind—to warn, to uphold, to renew, to comfort, to alarm—does not attain the sanctuary of libraries in the ten-thousandth part of its extent.


      12. I would rather withhold than uphold you unfold the gold foil on the


      13. We should act together to uphold pluralism and inclusiveness in our society, and oppose any form of discrimination.


      14. uphold在线翻译

      14. Ox disgusting alert vitality hamster as timid as a mouse chinchilla weasel ferocious glare energetic twice as powerful bully others by flaunting one's powerful connections tiger cub roar vet surgery come around injection vigorous mating season white tiger Bengal tiger graceful agile adoptability oath vow dragon rising and tigers leaping punishment cold blood animal longevity dark horse freedom uphold mustang Prince Charming high horse chivalrous vigor black sheep meek monkey slim dexterous rare animals mischievous platform diving macaque hot spring trouble maker young monkey imitative ability coomedian primate sweet potato salt water imitative rob diligent auspicious ordinary punctual cock-a-doodle-doo frank decisive aggressive cockfighting showtime chicken run circus clown grass roots lucky dog Every dog has his day.

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      15. Such as Liu Mother patients, doctors should be under the guidance of the regular use of antihypertensive drugs and vasodilative drugs, the appropriate use of ancillary drugs, and to uphold the out-patient follow-up, so in order to control the disease.


      16. The Captain of the Watch is a leader. She has taken it upon herself to keep order and uphold the law.


      17. uphold是什么意思

      17. Our quality and uphold the security market, observe the principles of the credibility of development, strict management and constantly improve the quality of products, to advance awareness, and constantly develop new products.


      18. uphold是什么意思

      18. When the branch carries out the strategy, the following five aspects should be considered firstly to push forward priority the structure of electronic bank; to accelerate the refornof human power; to market and uphold those outstanding clients well enough; to develop intermediate business actively; and to put enough emphasis on the development of central city business.


      19. Protecting the safety of our food and drugs is one of the most fundamental responsibilities government has, and, with the outstanding team I am announcing today, it is a responsibility that I intend to uphold in the months and years to come.


      20. This experience helped me also to understand the Precepts. It`s not easy to uphold the precepts well; it involves discipline, rules, restrictions.


uphold 词典解释

      1. 拥护;支持;维护

      If you uphold something such as a law, a principle, or a decision, you support and maintain it.

      e.g. Our policy has been to uphold the law...


      e.g. It is the responsibility of every government to uphold certain basic principles.


      2. 维持,坚持(原判)

      If a court of law upholds a legal decision that has already been made, it decides that it was the correct decision.


      e.g. The crown court, however, upheld the magistrate's decision.


uphold 单语例句

      1. Liu told a press conference in the provincial capital of Guangzhou yesterday that police would work to uphold social order.

      2. He urged them to maintain a high degree of unity with the Central Committee and willingly uphold the authority of the central authorities.

      3. Basing its judgment on Japan's Civil Law, the court did not uphold the US judicial decision.

      4. A stern and clear message must be sent out to restore the public's faith and uphold our national image.

      5. The bishops are trying to uphold the church doctrine of forbidding clergy from sex except in a full marriage.

      6. Wen said future administrative legislation should put people's interests first, adhere to reforms and innovation and uphold legislative consistency.

      7. The Shaanxi Provincial Higher People's Court announced its decision to uphold the death sentence on Yao Jiaxin after a brief adjournment of Friday morning's hearing.

      8. Fourth, we should uphold our common interests in the multilateral field.

      9. We should uphold and improve the system of multiparty cooperation and political consultation led by the Communist Party and the system of regional ethnic autonomy.

      10. We should uphold and improve the system of multiparty cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party.

      uphold的翻译uphold 英英释义


      1. stand up for

      stick up for

      of causes, principles, or ideals

      2. support against an opponent

      e.g. The appellate court upheld the verdict

      Synonym: maintain

      3. keep or maintain in unaltered condition

      cause to remain or last

      e.g. preserve the peace in the family

      continue the family tradition

      Carry on the old traditions

      Synonym: continuecarry onbear onpreserve