[英 [ˈvɜ:ʃn] 美 [ˈvɜ:rʒn] ]



version 基本解释

      名词版本; 译文,译本; 说法; 倒转术


version 相关例句


      1. Did you read the whole book or the abridged version?


      2. The Chinese version of the English novel appeared in the early 1950s.


      3. There are conflicting versions of the girl's death.


      4. I have heard two versions of the accident.


      5. There are two versions of this statue.


version 网络解释

      1. 内核版本:等待事件的数量随着数据库版本的不同而不同,并且也依赖于所安装的数据库选项(option):首先是确定所使用的Linux的发行版本(distribution),内核版本(version)和风格(flavor),处理器架构:

      2. version

      2. 描述:这种形象源于自我与他者关系的自觉意识之中,是为现实中的文化差异所作的文学的、非文学的且能说明符指关系的一种语言(广义的)再现(representation)或描述(version),它决非现实本身.

      3. 版本号:2、 版本号(version) 魔数后续的内容就是一个word的长度来表示生成的class文件的版本号,版本号分为主版本号和次版本号,其中前两个字节表示次版本号,后两个字节表示主版本号,排列的顺序遵从高位在前,低位在后的原则.

      4. version:v; 版本

version 双语例句

      1. Because they seem to be able to solve any problems and overcome any difficulties. In some sense they are the non-religious version of the mighty Lord. It's only natural that we like to imagine having somebody like that in our lives, ready to help us out when we are desperate.


      2. Because it is... it's a manderin version of the song


      3. version什么意思

      3. Since we have heard of the story is in this version.


      4. After testing an early model, they introduced a 798cc version on the Mazda Cosmo concept shown at the 1963 Tokyo Motor Show.


      5. This the version of the story that we`ve all grown up with.


      6. Methods: A cross-sectional study in which 120 patients'demographic and clinical characteristics were documented and their HRQOL was conducted by using the Chinese version of Short Form-36. The association of HRQOL impairment with clinical parameters was compared between patients and normal persons by univariate analysis and multiple logistic stepwise regression.


      7. Though eguti no yuzyo hakuzyo wo uranamite syutama wo sizumuru in the Japanese sigesige ya wa is based on this story, it is quite different from the former version, in terms of the themes. Thus there is a big difference in the characters of the prostitutes.


      8. If is jumps starts with to jump, left 4 points, then jumps 10 point, with jumps, on the version leaves anything to give up anything.


      9. version的近义词

      9. He then joined the rest of his teammates in the NBA`s version of a mosh pit, and minutes later the entire group stepped onto the podium to claim what was rightfully theirs.


      10. version的近义词

      10. However, in this version you have TEH UBER GRAPHICS? , and can be played on YOUR COMPUTER? .



      11. Integrate faster version of the built-in scanner: will a hard copy scan-to-plate on the device, instead of Photoshop.


      12. I had to go for the skinny version, which was one of my frist ideas- but I guess it turned out well enough.


      13. New version sucks man, u ppl suck..


      14. This is the Internet version of the user's guide.


      15. This is the Internet version of the User's guide.


      16. version的解释

      16. The receiver of the API should understand that despite the initial testing, which is intended to show that the API works on the targeted device, no guarantees can be given with regards to the binary compatibility or the availability of the API across platform version or even within devices released based on the current platform version.


      17. In the execution of the book version of the system in some executable file will report an error message when you open the file.


      18. The next version of Rojo is ready and we want your feedback.


      19. You can also put version number of file format on Access or Visio files.


      20. Jo: There`s even a short version of this expression – OTT!

      Sun Chen:那这种缩写在人们说话的时候,又该怎么用呢?

version 词典解释

      1. 变化形式;变体;版本

      A version of something is a particular form of it in which some details are different from earlier or later forms.

      e.g. updated version of his book...


      e.g. Ludo is a version of an ancient Indian racing game...


      2. (某人对某事件区别于他人的)描述,说法

      Someone's version of an event is their own description of it, especially when it is different to other people's.


      e.g. Yesterday afternoon the White House put out a new version of events...


      e.g. She and her friends wanted to go public with their version of the incident...


version 单语例句version的反义词

      1. Cheryl Cole will be a " terrific judge " on the US version of'The X Factor'.

      2. " But this sounded like the Chinese version of Million Dollar Baby, " I butted in.

      3. The newer version was reportedly used in error by Japanese naval officers when they arrived on the island ahead of the US invasion.

      4. The English version of the book by the President of World New Economics Research Institute was published recently.

      5. The People's Publishing House said the traditional Chinese version of the speech will be distributed overseas by the China International Book Trading Corporation.

      6. The Chinese version of the new Cadillac has been stretched about 4 inches.

      7. The original directors of Les Miserables Trevor Nunn and John Caird are returning to direct the Chinese version.

      8. People perform the newly released ninth version of official calisthenics in the General Administration of Sport on Monday.

      9. The casting call has wrapped up for a Chinese musical version of Carmen.

      10. The state station's own version of the idol search program called " Dream China " never managed to match the popularity of " Super Girls ".

version 英英释义


      1. manual turning of a fetus in the uterus (usually to aid delivery)

      2. something a little different from others of the same type

      e.g. an experimental version of the night fighter

      a variant of the same word

      an emery wheel is the modern variation of a grindstone

      the boy is a younger edition of his father

      Synonym: variantvariationedition

      3. a mental representation of the meaning or significance of something

      Synonym: interpretationreading

      4. a written work (as a novel) that has been recast in a new form

      e.g. the play is an adaptation of a short novel

      Synonym: adaptation

      5. a written communication in a second language having the same meaning as the written communication in a first language

      Synonym: translationinterlingual renditionrendering

      6. an interpretation of a matter from a particular viewpoint

      e.g. his version of the fight was different from mine