[英 [ˈvaɪbrənt] 美 [ˈvaɪbrənt] ]


vibrant 基本解释

      形容词振动的; 响亮的; 充满生气的

vibrant 相关例句


      1. The city is vibrant with life.


      2. That color is too vibrant for this room.


      3. He has a vibrant voice.


      4. The leaves were vibrant in the breeze.


vibrant 网络解释

      1. 有活力的:有担保的债权人secured creditor | 有活力的 vibrant | 有利有弊 pros and cons

      2. 振动:vibrancy 振动 | vibrant 振动 | vibraphone 铁琴


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vibrant 双语例句

      1. vibrant是什么意思

      1. Even more than his rebell ion against this restrictive tradition in African American art, Hughes`s expression of the vibrant folk culture of Black people established his writing as a landmark in the history of African American literature.


      2. But it was such a vibrant democracy to Li and his peers that, during the Cultural Revolution, a working-class citizen could freely vent his anger towards the direct boss by posting the allegations in public and parading him or her through the street!


      3. Let us pray for vibrant student ministries in Germany.


      4. You see, it jagged leaves, green, and gives people a sense of vigor and vitality, but also the impression that the existence of a vibrant vitality surging in mind, does not feel the cold winter.


      5. It is vibrant and alive with hope and possibility.


      6. Although the proposed concept of ecology only 100 years of history, but it is a young and vibrant science.


      7. In terms of the health and potential for geotechnology, it`s vibrant and well.


      8. Now it is a vibrant modern financial and business zone, full of highrise buildings.


      9. Advanced toner formulas deliver a broad range of vibrant colors and sharp text for professional results.


      10. Production:Xinguang blanket is characterized by full pile face, vibrant color, third dimention and graceful. Also it`s good for anti-static.


      11. Summer`s here—what better time than now to brighten up your hands with some vibrant polish!


      12. Absolutely clean and pure, very fresh, and vibrant with lemon, herbs like anise and mint, and stones.


      13. Most importantly, it has a great picture, with bright highlights, inky deep blacks, and vibrant color.



      14. Fifty years rain wind mill grind, sui yue ru ge, in the arduous and tortuous course of development, Yangcheng one of the leading bodieszhi cun gao yuan, down-to-earth, truth-seeking, pragmatic, open, progressive, and always insist on respect for history, advocating ecological, insist the combination of history and modernity, the pursuit of a high starting point, high standards, integrity, artistry, and vigorously to create the humanistic spirit of high learning, educating people to live an integrated environment, as the county's first modern school facilities base, Yangcheng 1 continuously to her vibrant natural environment, a relaxed and harmonious human environment, cui ren progressive education environment for our students to win broad favor!


      15. vibrant的解释

      15. China Corps dress Olympic sports must demonstrate the characteristics, but also become a sunny, open, vibrant symbol.


      16. I needed his vital and vibrant energy, and I persisted in my view.


      17. Spring and summer all things vibrant, yang rising, people must rely on force to keep their days yang; the fall and winter, the weather was getting cold, everything into a heat, yang began to converge until the winter Chu Yang, who like to take this opportunity to Yang storage, this is Yin.


      18. vibrant是什么意思

      18. Take this pattern of the fleece, plush toy bear, flannel, cotton velvet color tarpauin and everything, the most popular fancy patterns and nostalgic geometric pattern, provides the clean colour with vibrant crayons.


      19. The 3G of Us is a short animated film based on the drawings and writing of Uma, a vibrant and technically savvy six year old.


      20. Pure, vibrant, sweet fruit, a delicate springwater feel to the wine, but also intense and with great length.


vibrant 词典解释

      1. 充满生气的;精力充沛的;活跃的

      Someone or something that is vibrant is full of life, energy, and enthusiasm.

      e.g. Tom felt himself being drawn towards her vibrant personality...


      e.g. ...Shakespeare's vibrant language...



      She was a woman with extraordinary vibrancy and extraordinary knowledge.


      2. (色彩)明亮的,鲜亮的

      Vibrant colours are very bright and clear.

      e.g. Horizon Blue, Corn Yellow and Pistachio Green are just three of the vibrant colours in this range...


      e.g. The grass was a vibrant green.



      ...a selection of vibrantly coloured French cast-iron saucepans.

      可供选择的色彩鲜亮的法国铸铁平底锅vibrant 单语例句

      1. Economic exchanges have remained the most vibrant mainstream of bilateral interactions, despite all the vicissitudes in the capricious political ties.

      2. China is undergoing an extraordinary period in its economic development as it moves from a centrally planned economy to the vibrant marketplace we see today.

      3. Many have applauded the change, believing it will mean less direct control of an otherwise vibrant sector.

      4. In vibrant contrast to the image's rich harvest of classic spiral and elliptical galaxies, there is a zoo of oddball galaxies littering the field.

      5. The World Economic Forum annual meeting at Davos drew to a close on Sunday after four days of vibrant debate with China in the spotlight.

      6. And every day that I learn more Chinese, the more vibrant this coloration becomes in my mind.

      7. The rich floral culture of the English countryside was a central theme this season, as designers incorporated vibrant blooms and floral colors into their palettes.

      8. With the constant development and integration of the economic and financial system in Asian countries, a vibrant Asian Bond Market will finally come into being.

      9. A commemorative photography exhibition of this vibrant scene is being shown at Yugong Yishan, one of the most popular live venues in town.

      10. The report attributed the vibrant spending to the strong income growth of the past few years and the structural upgrading of spending on consumer goods.

      vibrant在线翻译vibrant 英英释义


      1. of colors that are bright and striking

      2. of sounds that are strong and resonating

      e.g. the men's vibrant voices

      3. vigorous and animated

      e.g. a vibrant group that challenged the system

      a charming and vivacious hostess

      a vivacious folk dance

      Synonym: vivacious