[英 [waɪn] 美 [waɪn] ]


      过去式:wined;   过去分词:wined;   现在分词:wining;

wine 基本解释

      名词葡萄酒; 果酒; 紫红色,深红色



wine 相关词组

      1. wine and dine : 吃喝;

wine 相关例句


      1. We were wined and dined at the firm's expense.



      1. wine的近义词

      1. May I help you to another glass of wine?


wine 情景对话


      A:Are you ready to order now, sir?


      B:Yes, I am. Id like some wine and roast duck.


      A:Roast duck. There will be a slight delay for that.



      B:How long?


      A:About forty minutes, I think.


      B:OK, please. Ill order something else at first.


      The Meat-(肉类)

      A:What kinds of meat are most popular in your country?


      B:We usually eat chicken, pork and beef. You eat these meats? a lot in your country too, don’t you?


      A:Yes, we do. We also eat mutton.


      B:I’ve heard that people in your country like mutton chops.


      A:That’s right. Mutton chops taste so good. We eat them with sauce. Have you ever tried?


      B:Yes, I have. I tried once when I visited your country last year. I think they were very tasty. Can you cook them?


      A:Certainly I can. I’lI buy some from the butcher’s? and cook for you next Sunday.


      B:That sounds great?. I’ll bring a bottle of wine then.


wine 网络解释

      1. 酒红色:商品重要提示 请您关注: 此商品为*买手现货* 此商品白色有现货 此商品是逛街网韩国时尚买手购进商品 您将会在订单受理后的3-5个工作日内收到商品 免去您焦急等待心爱宝贝从韩国空运的烦恼 白色(white)(白色) / 均码(FREE) 酒红色(wine)(酒红色) / 均

      2. 酒类:适用于耐久性, 耐冲击性及附着在液体要求识别的所有领域 - 枪械履历管理, 酒类(wine) 流通/真品管理, 轮胎工程管理等 适用于插入或者粘贴在在金属上的特殊领域 - 半导体 ,化学物/煤气容器管理, 地籍基准点管理,

wine 双语例句


      1. Prices for local wine, liqueurs and spirits are quite low and the variety is fantastic.


      2. Flowers named rosebay, white snow and poisonous wine.


      3. wine

      3. Remove part of the oil remaining in the pan, add wine, lime juice, lime zest, wild mushroom slices and cream. Cook them at low flame.


      4. Joyful look; wine-flushed face


      5. From this chance finding, the production of sorghum wine was initiated; later this was distilled to make Du Kang liquor.


      6. wine的近义词

      6. One day three men got a bottle of wine.


      7. Aside:One day, three men got a bottle of wine.


      8. Let your wine through the ten thousand trade-xuan line LED bar!


      9. Shaanxi Province Hin ten thousand lines of trade, was established in October of this year, are a major sales and the global spirits and wine champagne, wine and other liquor trading company.


      10. Parsec S. r. l., a company that works closely with Crowcon in the Italian wine industry, installed the units.


      11. I'd have a bottle of wine under the chair my amp was sat on and I'd swig my way through that.


      12. Torbreck Woodcutter`s Semillon is a case in point: this fruity white wine offers wonderful honeyed citrus, almond, and flower aromas.

      托布雷酒庄伐木工瑟美戎(Torbreck Woodcutter`s Semillon)具有其典型特点:果香浓郁,带有美妙的蜜渍柑橘的味道,以及杏仁和鲜花的香味。

      13. Taizong Pacific Song Xingguo seven years (AD 983), Luzhou has a big wine, can be said to be the predecessor of Luzhou Laojiao.



      14. Twenty-four meters below the ground, the ammunition bunker has been transformed into a wine cellar to preserve the historical heritage.


      15. After several years of entrepreneurship development, forming a dry wine, liqueur and sparkling wine wine three series.


      16. The total volume of wine in bulk actively for sale today is about the same as last year.


      17. She is a wine taster, whose job is to sample wine every day.



      18. She is a wine taster, whose job is to sample wine everyday.


      19. Because a bottle of wine is actually alive, and it is constantly evolving and gaining complexity.


      20. Motai wine is the most famous strong wine in our country, it taste nice and won't make u feel faint.


wine 词典解释

      1. 葡萄酒;果蔬酒

      Wine is an alcoholic drink which is made from grapes. You can also refer to alcoholic drinks made from other fruits or vegetables as wine .

      e.g. ...a bottle of white wine...


      e.g. This is a nice wine.


      2. 深红色;紫红色;酒红色

      Wine is used to describe things that are very dark red in colour.

      e.g. She wore her wine-coloured gaberdine raincoat.


      e.g. olive and wine wool sweater.


      3. 大吃大喝;盛宴款待

      If you wine and dine, or if someone wines and dines you, you go out, for example to expensive restaurants, and spend a lot of money.


      e.g. Colleagues were furious at doing her work while she wined and dined...


      e.g. A lot of money went on wining and dining prospective clients.


wine 单语例句wine的近义词

      1. His pile of gifts included new tires for his taxi, a business suit and a bottle of wine.

      2. This introduces the concept of value for money when we buy wine.

      3. I called a Chinese friend who was coming over to dinner to buy white wine and spinach.

      4. The company has produced three different kinds of wine over three years, bringing more diverse choices to eager buyers.

      5. When it comes to buying a bottle of wine, price and value can frequently be at odds.

      6. Wine is making its way into a country dominated by hard liquor and beer, becoming a choice beverage for more drinkers.

      7. By the time I summon the courage to have another go at the food, more bowls of wine appear.

      8. France is Hong Kong's largest wine supplier, accounting for some 56 percent of its total wine imports by value in 2009.

      9. China is Australia's eighth largest wine export market by volume and fifth largest by value.

      10. The report also predicted that China would leap from being the world's sixth largest wine producer by volume to the leading producer by 2058.

wine 英英释义


      1. a red as dark as red wine

      Synonym: wine-coloredwine-coloured

      2. fermented juice (of grapes especially)

      Synonym: vino


      1. treat to wine

      e.g. Our relatives in Italy wined and dined us for a week

      2. drink wine