[英 [kwɪz] 美 [kwɪz] ]


      过去式:quizzed;   过去分词:quizzed;   现在分词:quizzing;   复数形式:quizzes;

quiz 基本解释

      名词提问,询问; 小型考试; 简单的小测验; 恶作剧

      及物动词盘问; 挖苦; 进行测试; 张望

quiz 相关例句



      1. The students were quizzed on history.


      2. quiz的意思

      2. The teacher quizzed the students on last week's work.


      3. quiz在线翻译

      3. He quizzed me about where I had been last night.


      4. He quizzed me about my reasons for leaving.



      1. The teacher gave us a quiz in English.


quiz 情景对话

      Turning in-(上床睡觉)

      A:I guess Ill turn in, Bob. Its been a long day.


      B:Ive got a chapter to read for tomorrow, so Ill be up for a while yet.Ill turn off thd heat and lock thd door before I go to bed.

      我还有一章要读完,这是明天的功课,所以我要等一会儿再睡。 在我上床以前我会关掉暖气和锁上门的。


      A:Okay. What time are you getting up tomorrow?


      B:Oh, the usual time. No, wait a minute.Make sure Im up before you go to work, will you? Ive got a quiz at ten. It wouldnt hurt to read over my notes.



      A:Ill try, but when seven oclock comes around, dont forget you asked me to wake you.



      B:Good night, Joe.


quiz 网络解释

      1. quiz

      1. 小测验:可能,小测验(quiz)及考试比较多,虽然,这儿的总学时(13周)比较少. 无须质疑是,美国和加拿大的学生由于中学的数理基础薄弱,特别要命的是,习题做得太少,给他们上数理课是需要很大勇气和耐心的. 学生水平相当参差不齐,好的,

      2. 小考:我不知道妳们这个quarter的BUS 4100还有没有要每个礼拜线上小考(quiz)我不知道妳们这个quarter的BUS 4100还有没有要每个礼拜线上小考(quiz)

      3. 随堂测验:4.结构设计原理课程完成了考核手段改革,吸收国外教学经验,引入随堂测验(Quiz)计入总分,改变学生临时抱佛脚的不良学习状态.

quiz 双语例句

      1. The quiz will probe for comprehension of the central concepts discussed in each lecture, and will be pass/fail.


      2. To increase the show's appeal, KTN invited six celebrities to compete against each other in a preliminary quiz.

      为了提高该节目的收视率,KTN 特别邀请6位艺人在预赛中捉对厮杀。

      3. Take a quick etiquette quiz and learn how much rudeness may be affecting your bottom line.


      4. quiz的翻译

      4. A built in trivia quiz player enables everyone in the room to join together and play a fast-paced quiz game.


      5. Coupled with value added offerings like Interactive quiz and Quick revision tips, it provides an efficient and effective learning platform.


      6. Coupled with value added offerings like Interactive quiz and Quick revision tips, it provides the most efficient and effective learning platform.


      7. Quick quiz: What vital nutrient may protect against cancer, heart disease, stroke, bone fractures, and a host of other diseases?


      8. Following the quiz, papers were exchanged, corrected, and turned in.



      9. Here we go again, yet another quiz programme on television.


      10. quiz

      10. Seat After the three contestants were seated, we started filming the quiz programme.


      11. The first shot were fired in the TV quiz show ratings war last night as TVB filmed the first episode of The Weakest Link, offering the biggest prize in Hong Kong television history.


      12. You can take the quiz referenced in the resources at the bottom of this page.


      13. After you have scored your quiz, and determined your profile, read the descriptions of each management style.


      14. quiz的近义词

      14. Events include the first standard Mandarin or Putonghua competition for citizens of all ages, a quiz about Chinese diplomacy for middle and high school students, Chinese traditional culture performances, regional cuisine lessons and a Chinese food competition.

      事件包括第一标准普通話或Putonghua 共同的讲话竞争为所有年龄和一次测验的公民关于中国外交为中间和高中学生和中国传统文化表现和地方风味教训和中国食物竞争。

      15. Trivia Quiz Game - This is a simple trivia quiz.


      16. quiz的反义词

      16. MoxQuizz - MoxQuizz is a multilingual IRC quiz/trivia script for eggdrops which acts as a game master.



      17. Topic: WWW/HTTP, Browsers, Dynamic Content5945. MoxQuizz - MoxQuizz is a multilingual IRC quiz/trivia script for eggdrops which acts as a game master.


      18. quiz是什么意思

      18. Quiz time. One of the students presides this section.


      19. No, no. I mean to get them involved in today's award-giving quiz.


      20. quiz的意思

      20. And the presence of migrant workers have also actively participated in the course of prize-winning quiz are scrambling to answer questions.


quiz 词典解释

      1. 问答竞赛;智力竞赛

      A quiz is a game or competition in which someone tests your knowledge by asking you questions.

      e.g. We'll have a quiz at the end of the show.


      2. 询问;查问;盘问

      If you are quizzed by someone about something, they ask you questions about it.

      e.g. He was quizzed about his income, debts and eligibility for state benefits...


      e.g. Sybil quizzed her about life as a working girl.


quiz 单语例句

      1. Basically, " seckilling " operates like a quick buzzer round in a TV quiz.

      2. Quiz styles change from bar to bar and largely depend on the quizmaster.

      3. To help you understand the clips better we have designed a quiz to test your comprehension.

      4. Clothes Horse sells retailers an algorithm and quiz so they can advise customers what size will fit in the retailers'apparel.

      5. The online quiz takes about 10 minutes and the embassy hopes participants " will discover unknown facts about our country and perhaps become our lucky laureates ".

      6. Audience and viewers of this program will learn more about this important legislative body in an educational quiz we conducted in the studio.

      7. Broadcast at 9 pm every Wednesday, the new general knowledge quiz show features two teams of five contestants from one college.

      8. Test your knowledge about the environment in this pub quiz, dedicated to all things green in Beijing.

      9. Another show that's creating a buzz with its overseas segments is Zhejiang Satellite TV's quiz show Heartbeat Argentina.

      10. The quiz show was designed to illustrate the welcome that more friendly visitors can expect, with six teams of police officers competing to show their knowledge of procedures.

quiz 英英释义


      1. an examination consisting of a few short questions


      1. examine someone's knowledge of something

      e.g. The teacher tests us every week

      We got quizzed on French irregular verbs

      Synonym: test