[英 [pəˈli:s] 美 [pəˈlis] ]


      过去式:policed;   过去分词:policed;   现在分词:policing;

police 基本解释

      名词警察; 警方; 警察部门; 治安

      及物动词(警察、军队等)巡查; 维护治安; (委员会等)监督; 管制

      形容词警察的; 有关警察的


police 相关例句


      1. The army policed the conquered city.


      2. They can not police the whole area.


      3. United Nations forces were sent to police the troubled area.



      1. police的解释

      1. We must inform the police.


      2. police的解释

      2. There were over 200 police on duty.


      3. The police are on his track.


police 情景对话



      A:Should we get out and (help/ offer assistance/ help them out)?



      B:No. There’s a police car behind us.


      Car Crash-(车祸)

      A:That looks like a bad accident.


      B:Yeah, should we get out and help?


      A:No, there’s a police car behind us. He’ll stop.


      B:Looks like the one guy lost control in all this rain, and the other one hit him.


      A:Yeah. It’s pretty bad, that car looks like a coke can.


      B:These accidents always cause traffic jams on rainy days.


      A:Yeah, it looks like we’re in for a long drive.


      B:Ah, well. Put on the news. I got up late and missed it.


      A:All right.



      A:Hello, Elizabeth. How are you?


      B:Fine, thanks.


      A:Are you sure you’re all right? You look a bit worried today. Is anything wrong?



      B:Well, yes, there is something wrong actually. Perhaps you can give me some advice.



      A:Of course, if I can.



      B:Well, last night when I returned from the theatre, I found that I’d lost my wallet.



      A:Oh dear! That’s terrible! What was in your wallet?


      B:Well, some money, of course, my visa, all my identity cards and some photos.



      A:Well, if I were you, I’d go to the police station straight away and report it.



      B:Yes, I’ve already done that, and they said they’d look for it. But we’re leaving soon and I need my visa and identity cards badly.



      A:Oh dear! What a pity! Are you sure you lost the wallet in the theatre?



      B:Yes, quite sure.


      A:I think you should put an advertisement in the China Daily, saying when and where you lost it.


      B:But that takes too long.


      A:Wait a minute! My uncle lives in Beijing and he lives very close to the theatre. I’ll telephone him and ask him to go there to inquire about it. You’d better have breakfast now and I’ll meet you later.


      B:Oh, thank you. I hope he finds it.


police 网络解释

      1. police在线翻译

      1. 警:随后,桑德里娜又和发掘她表演天分的导演皮亚拉合作,在1985年的(Police)中与德帕迪约和苏菲.玛素配戏,并于1987年主演了获得戛纳电影节金棕榈奖、却备受争议的影片(Sous le soleil de Satan),

police 双语例句


      1. The police ran him to earth in Sydney.


      2. A black man shouted an ethnic slur while trying to steal a 16-year-old Jewish school girl's purse in Crown Heights yesterday, police reported.


      3. Her boyfriend, a police officer in Canton, is being charged with two counts of murder.


      4. police的解释

      4. Police:Here is a copy of the report form.


      5. Nonetheless, in France, Great Britain, gipsy still regarded as a foreigner, people may be detained by police.


      6. He was potted by police in the train.


      7. A clampdown by the army and police, with Mr Ahmadinejad brazening out his critics, would wreck the Islamic Republic`s democratic pretensions for good.


      8. Watch out for John; I'm sure he's a stool pigeon for the police.


      9. You are the only woman in Britain serving life for murdering a police officer.


      10. This is my service card with the telephone number of our police station.


      11. A week later the telephone rang in the police station, and somebody said, You are looking for Bill Cross, aren`t you?


      12. The Duchess of Cornwall is seeking planning permission to build a police office at her family home.


      13. police的意思

      13. Again, this is the police officer in the bar joking as he discussed this murder investigation.


      14. In Itlaly, the activists helped the migrants in the dentention center to run away; in Germany, the police raid the camp where they occupy.


      15. Another police offcer, Raja Umer Khatab, said some in the crowd began firing shots into the air in protest.


      16. The U. S. government aware of this matter later, and sent a named police officer went to the findings of Lyon, Lyon, go there after, they found where the town's residents have been infected may not know it was Lyon who infected long - looks like to do, a result, he went to an ordinary house to ask whether, Lyon just a question of circumstances, to see him behind and in front suddenly have a lot of strange people coming forward themselves, Lyon suddenly felt wrong, This to General Telephone, can be more surprising thing is even here, there is no signal, step by step, those who went to the Lyon, This is a woman, just get behind a motorcycle Chuang broken glass, Lyon mobile phone signal in here, Lyon immediately raised his cell phone and asked how it is one thing, the headquarters said: This is the city's residents have been infected with, and you must immediately destroy them, otherwise the virus will spread to the United States lead to disastrous consequences in various cities, Lyon has just a cell phone down and immediately picked up the pistol with the woman escaped with the tight encirclement half an hour later, they finally died Lyon is very pleased to this woman asked: What's your name and that name woman said: My name is Clayton Er, I have come to me brotherCosta Rica, and your brother What's your name called Chris Lyon asked she said.


      17. I once made a report, but everyone here is is of the Kongluo minority, so the police have no way to work here.


      18. Justice must be seen to be done, and the feeling in Deir Jarir, is that police justice and village justice are not the same thing at all.


      19. police

      19. Traffic management is combination functions used to police and control the cell stream on the virtual connection in ATM networks, including connection admission control, usage parameters control, traffic shaping, frame discard, priority control and Available Bit Service flow control.


      20. police

      20. Police discloses, cui true suicide before today, ever received the telephone call in the rumormonger on the net.


police 词典解释

      1. 警察部门;警察机关;警方

      The police are the official organization that is responsible for making sure that people obey the law.


      e.g. The police are also looking for a second car...


      e.g. Police say they have arrested twenty people following the disturbances...


      2. 警察

      Police are men and women who are members of the official organization that is responsible for making sure that people obey the law.

      e.g. More than one hundred police have ringed the area.


      3. 维持…的治安;守卫;保卫

      If the police or military forces police an area or event, they make sure that law and order is preserved in that area or at that event.

      e.g. ...the tiny UN observer force whose job it is to police the border...


      e.g. The march was heavily policed.



      ...the policing of public places.


      4. 管理;监督

      If a person or group in authority polices a law or an area of public life, they make sure that what is done is fair and legal.


      e.g. ...IMRO, the self-regulatory body that polices the investment management business.



      Policing of business courses varies widely.

      对商业行为的监管差别很大。police 单语例句

      1. While Li said he had not had contact with Wu in the past, police discovered they had done business together when Wu operated a television media company.

      2. Police would not comment on the information the man provided to the West Business News.

      3. The investigation was ordered by police for " damaging business reputation ", though Qiu was later exonerated due to pressure from GAPP.

      4. Police said the September 19 blast was likely related to business rivalry.

      5. Earlier, the police said business rivalry is being suspected behind the explosion.

      6. Police said Wang initially posed as a businessman and conned the family into letting him spend the night so he could scout their home.

      7. Local police found a group of workers employed by a businessman surnamed Wang digging in the reserve last July and immediately stopped them.

      8. The businesswoman disappeared after her chain of karaoke bars went bankrupt in June 2011, the police said.

      9. The bust came two days after the police had learned that a Myanmar gang had snatched wild animals near Myanmar's border with China.

      10. " Police should especially bust gangs and hooligans that hang around the campus and causing trouble, " Liu said.

police 英英释义


      1. the force of policemen and officers

      e.g. the law came looking for him

      Synonym: police forceconstabularylaw



      1. maintain the security of by carrying out a patrol

      Synonym: patrol