[英 [pəˈlaɪt] 美 [pəˈlaɪt] ]


polite 基本解释

      形容词有礼貌的; 有教养的,文雅的; 上流社会的; 应酬的,客套的

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      1. polite的反义词

      1. You should be polite to everyone.


      2. She is fond of polite literature.


      3. He's always so polite to people.


polite 网络解释

      1. polite的意思

      1. 有礼貌的:课上我教育学生对病人要宽慰体谅,多说安慰话,千万不要夸大病情吓唬对方,这时,我就教给了他们病人(patient)、有礼貌的(polite)等单词. 在教育学生主动给老、幼、病、残让座时,就教给了他们残疾的(disabled)这个单词,而且他们基本上都记住了,

      2. polite的近义词

      2. 礼貌的:对学生来说,把座位让给这位老年妇女是最礼貌的.(polite) 46. 与汤姆打赌是没有用的,因为他永远不会改变他的想法.(no use) 47. 我宁可失去这场比赛,也不愿意伤害他.(would rather) 48. 除了请医生外,似乎没有别的事可做.(nothing but) 49.

      3. 礼貌:董事长林煌隆先生秉持微笑(Smile),礼貌(Polite),耐心(Patience),效率(Efficiency)&创新(Creativeness)的SPPEC企业文化,提供来自海内外最高品质,最好价格及最快交期的不锈钢产品,备受各界肯定.不锈钢产品因为优越的抗腐蚀性及延展性,

      4. polite

      4. 有礼貌:英、美人家庭一般比较民主,家庭成员之间称呼也是非常随意(free). 例如:一个几岁的儿子可直呼其父亲的名字. 尽管称呼随意,但他们之间特别有礼貌(polite),礼貌用语thank you在家庭中经常使用,即使晚辈帮了长辈,长辈也要致谢.

polite 双语例句

      1. In Japan, it is polite to bow to people you greet.


      2. polite的意思

      2. We talked with each other until the diner time unconsciously. We worried about that he could not bear the long time speaking. We all knew that he has the acute diabetes so polite to turn down the invitation to the supper and farewell to the couple.



      3. He is a very polite little boy.


      4. I can see from your speech you is a very polite boy.



      5. He's a polite boy.


      6. From the context of your letter, I can infer you are a polite boy.


      7. I think the boy a polite fellow.


      8. Even if} you don't like him you can still be polite.


      9. She ran out of the room before Mr. Audley had time to utter any polite remonstrance.


      10. polite

      10. And our young friend, who was forever dashing from bawdy-house to gambling-den, from tea-house to eating-place, on one errand or another, day and night, would, whenever he had a free moment, squat down by one of the tables and listen to whatever story was being told (he was always obsequiously polite to the tea-house proprietor, and as a result was never chased away).


      11. polite在线翻译

      11. So it is important to know what is regarded as polite and impolite before you go to a region.


      12. It's always important to be polite.



      13. Do not forget: you should always be polite to everyone.


      14. My mother told me that I should always be polite.


      15. polite

      15. To be polite is always good manners.


      16. As a result, we should always be polite to our teachers.


      17. Regardless of whom you are talking to, you should always be polite.



      18. I always try to be polite.


      19. Good communication skills, Professional and polite demeanor in order to get things done well from managers.


      20. polite

      20. He is, so to speak, well versed in both polite letters and martial arts.


polite 词典解释

      1. 有礼貌的;客气的;文雅的

      Someone who is polite has good manners and behaves in a way that is socially correct and not rude to other people.

      e.g. Everyone around him was trying to be polite, but you could tell they were all bored...


      e.g. It's not polite to point or talk about strangers in public...



      'Your home is beautiful,' I said politely...


      Learning difficulties, as they are politely called, make children a target for bullies.


      She listened to him, but only out of politeness.


      2. 上流的;高雅的

      You can refer to people who consider themselves to be socially superior and to set standards of behaviour for everyone else as polite society or polite company .


      e.g. Certain words are vulgar and not acceptable in polite society.


polite 单语例句

      1. " People are so polite in Hong Kong, " the caption said.

      2. He said this was usually only a courteous formality, and the employee should decline with a polite excuse.

      3. SF Express has made a name with its customer service, and that means couriers are expected to smile and be polite.

      4. I tell him you don't have to be this deferential, this polite.

      5. The two men were pointed but polite, although at least once McCain sought to depict his rival as naive on foreign policy.

      6. A lot of people have difficulty separating personal insult from dissension, especially when polite language is eschewed.

      7. Chinese kids can be forgiven for thinking Japan is a nation of " devils, " a slur used without embarrassment in polite Chinese society.

      8. Holding a picture of the three siblings on her front steps, she said she remembered how they were always polite and energetic.

      9. I am sure most Shanghainese mean no harm when engaging in less polite behaviours, but it is subconscious actions that undermine a city's image most.

      10. He was enlisted in the Special Armed Polite Force for three years in Xinjiang.