n. 条, 棒, 酒吧, 栅, 障碍物
      vt. 禁止, 阻挡, 妨碍
      【计】 棒形图
      【化】 棒; 条; 杆; 巴(压力[压强;应力]单位)
      【医】 连接秆, 秆, 巴, 栏, 板, 隆起
      【经】 同业交易
      bar n 1 [C] (a) piece of solid material 棒; 条: a long iron bar 长铁条
      a bar of chocolate, soap 一条巧克力、肥皂. (b) narrow piece of wood or metal placed (often parallel to others in a grid) as an obstacle in a doorway, window, etc, or to act as a grate in a fire, furnace, etc (门窗等的)闩或杠; (炉灶等的)格栅
      There´s a strong bar on the door. 门上有一个很坚固的闩.
      They fitted bars to their windows to stop burglars getting in. 他们在窗户上加了窗条以防盗贼进入. 2 [C] narrow band (of colour, light, etc) (色、光等的)带, 条
      At sunset, there was a bar of red across the western sky. 日落时, 西边天空有一道红晖. 3 [C] strip of metal across the ribbon of a military medal to show service in a particular area or an additional award of that medal 军功奖章绶带上面的金属横条, 表示曾在某地区服役或曾再次获得该奖章. 4 [C] (a) vertical line dividing printed music into sections of equal value in time 乐谱上划分各小节的垂直线; 小节线. (b) one of these sections and the notes in it 乐谱的一个小节
      Hum the opening bars of your favourite tune. 哼一哼你喜爱的曲子的开头几个小节. =>illus at musical 见musical之插图. 5 [C] (a) bank or ridge of sand, etc across the mouth of a river or the entrance to a bay (河口或海湾入口处的)沙洲
      The ship stuck fast on the bar. 那船牢牢地搁浅在沙洲上. (b) (usu sing 通常作单数) (fig 比喻) thing that hinders or stops progress; barrier 影响或阻碍进步的事物; 障碍
      Poor health may be a bar to success in life. 健康不佳可能成为人一生中取得成功的障碍. 6 [sing] barrier in a lawcourt separating the judge, prisoner, lawyers, etc from the spectators (法庭上将法官、囚犯、律师等与听众隔开的)围栏
      the prisoner at the bar 受审讯的刑事被告
      (fig 比喻) She will be judged at the bar of public opinion. 她将受到舆论的制裁. 7 [sing] (a) (Brit) railing where non-members of Parliament stand when answering or addressing members (国会中非议员在接受议员的谘询时立於其後的)栏杆. (b) (US) similar place in the US Senate, House of Representatives, and State Legislatures (美国参议院、众议院以及. bar v (-rr-) 1 [Tn] fasten (a door, gate, etc) with a bar1(1b) or bars 闩上(门等). 2 [Tn] obstruct (sth) so as to prevent progress 阻碍(某事物)
      Soldiers barred the road so we had to turn back. 士兵挡住了去路, 我们只好折回.
      (fig 比喻) Poverty bars the wayto progress. 贫穷妨碍了进步. 3 [] ~ sb from sth/doing sth prevent sb from using sth or from doing sth 阻止某人用某物; 阻止某人做某事
      She was barred from (entering) the competition because of her age. 她因年龄的关系而被禁止(参加)比赛. 4 [usu passive 通常用於被动语态
      Tn,] ~ sth (with sth) mark sth (with a stripe or stripes) 加条纹於某物
      a sky barred with clouds 有一条条浮云的天空. 5 (phr v) bar sb in (sth)/out (of sth) keep sb from leaving or entering (a building, etc) by fastening the door, windows, etc with a bar or bars 把门、窗等闩上使某人无法出入於(建筑物等)
      He barred himself in (the house). 他把自己关在屋里. bar prep 1 except; not counting 除外; 不计
      The whole class is here bar two that are ill. 除两人生病外, 全班都到齐了. Cf 参看 barring. 2 (idm 习语) bar none with no exception 无例外
      That´s the best meal I´ve ever had, bar none. 那是我吃过的最好的一顿饭菜, 无与伦比. bar n unit of pressure used in meteorology 巴(气象学所用的压强单位).