n. 树胶, 橡皮, 橡皮糖, 牙床, 老天
      vt. 涂以树胶, 用胶粘, 使有粘性
      vi. 分泌树胶, 发粘
      【医】 树胶, 龈
      gum up
      by gum
      gum n (usu pl 通常作复数) firm pink flesh at the base of the teeth 齿龈; 牙龈; 牙床
      The dog bared its gums at me. 狗呲著牙冲我叫. =>illus at tooth 见tooth插图. gum n 1 [U] (a) sticky substance which oozes from certain trees, used for making glue 树胶; 树脂. (b) glue used for sticking light things (eg paper) together 胶(用以粘轻的东西, 如纸). 2 [U] = chewing-gum (chew). 3 (also `gum-drop) [C] transparent sweet made of a firm jelly-like substance 透明软糖: fruit gums 水果软糖. 4 [C] = gum-tree. gum, v (-mm-) 1 [Tn,, Tn.p] ~ A to/onto B; ~ A and B together; ~sth (down) spread gum on the surface of sth; stick (one thing to another) with gum 在(某物表面)上涂胶; 用胶粘(一物於另一物)
      gum (the edges of) a piece of paper 往一页纸(的边)上涂胶
      gum down the flap of an envelope 用胶粘住信封的盖口
      gum paper to/onto card 把纸粘在厚纸板上
      Cut out two pieces of cardboard and gum them together. 割两块硬纸板, 再把它们粘在一起. 2 (idm 习语) gum up the `works (infml 口) make a machine or system unable to operate 使机器不能开动; 使制度不能实行; 弄坏; 搞乱. 3 (phr v) gum sth up fill sth with a sticky substance and stop it moving 将某物粘牢. gum n [U] (Brit infml euph 口, 婉) (used in oaths, etc, esp in N England 用於誓语、 咒语等中, 尤用於北英格兰) God 上帝: By gum! 我向上帝发誓!